Issue#10: Tableau - Additional Permissions Controlling What User Can See

  • Implementing more granular controls around what a user can see would alleviate potential security concerns and points of confusion for end users that don't know what certain aspects of the UI do.

    Specifically: When viewing a Workbook, you see Views, Data Sources, Refresh Schedule, etc across the top. The ability to deny a user access to see Data Sources and Refresh Schedule would eliminate confusion for most of our end users if they were to get to that screen.


    Tableau currently lacks this level of granularity in its permissions

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  • Issue#486676: Tableau - User filter issue

    Hello, I am facing issues with user filters.Can you please help me resolve the issue.  User filters are being created using "Account" Dimensions.   We have 5 user on tableau server, out of which "two users" have access to all the accounts and rest three users have restricted access and can access few accounts only.    When new accounts are added , these accounts doesn't come part of the user filter automatically. It needs to be manually selected every time.  Can you please let me know who to handle the above issue.Thank you

  • Issue#632294: Tableau - Send report embedded code with different user level permissions

    Hi AllMy requirement is to share the Tableau report by sending the embedded code to the application.These requests should be sent with different user level permissions.For an example, I have tableau report that shows area wise sales. The user A is permitted to see area1 & 2 only where user B is permitted to see area 3 & 4 only.I need to pass the Tableau report embedded code with these user permissions to my application.How to do this. Please help me on this. Thank YouRomal

  • Issue#824602: Tableau - Embedded view considering 'All Users' permissions instead of the individual user permissio

    Hi, When the User X opens the dashboard, he was unable to view the Web Edit option.  Permissions for this dashboard are: All users - Viewer Access                                                         User X - Editor Access  Note: Guest User does not have access to this dashboard. Embedded link of that dashboard: http://Server_name/views/Dashboard_name/View_name?:embed=y&:display_count=no&refresh We are on Tableau Server 9.2.0 Am I missing something? Or is this an issue with Tableau Server? Thanks,Suve

  • Issue#20: Tableau - Aggregation issue

        Hello all, I just want to begin by saying how much this forum has saved my job! Thanks everyone! I am having an issue getting my values to aggregate properly. I have attached two pictures below to help explain:BEFOREAFTERThe problem is that when I remove a dimension, the values are not aggregating properly. Each Facility and Cost Center should have 1 App attached to it and taking away Summary Pay type should not aggregate those Apps. Once I take away Cost Center, then they should begin to aggregate. I can use MAX() but then it keeps the same value when I get rid of cost center and I would want that to be Summed. The end goal of this is to track Dollars/App By facility and able to drilldown to cost center, then summary pay type and another layer of fidelity that I may add in. Thanks!

  • Issue#86: Tableau - Additional date time number formats

    I calculate time variances in some of my KPI dashboards that result in negative time values (e.g. if a procedure starts early it will be a negative variance from the planned time). Extending the custom number formats to allow for things like this would be great: "h:mm:ss;(h:mm:ss)". I currently have to color encode the values to be able to tell the difference between positive and negative values. It would also be great if this format worked like it does in Excel: "[h]:mm:ss". The brackets allow the hours to extend beyond a base 24 hour period. Currently 25 hours renders as "1:00:00". With my proposed format it would render as "25:00:00". [A related feature request is to support an actual TIME data type, that idea is at] [Edited 20150810 to add the TIME data type reference - Jonathan Drummey]

  • Issue#3915: Tableau - Colouring & User Specific Views

    Hi All, I was hoping someone could give me a few options to compensate for one of our clients requests. It's a perfectly reasonable request from their point of view but I get the feeling it's quite difficult from a Tableau/my point of view. The Background: This is just an example but describes the issue I've got a workbook that filters by a dimension call it 'Person'The workbook itself is based on their access so Michael have access to 'Person 1', 'Person 2', 'Person 3' whilst John might have access to 'Person 2', 'Person 3', 'Person 4'. This restricts data based on a column that matches up with their Tableau UserName. The issue is that when Michael views it his colours are:Person 1 = BluePerson 2 = GreenPerson 3 = Red When John views it his colours are:Person 2 = BluePerson 3 = GreenPerson 4 = Red These people are from different departments within the same organisation so they will need to communicate about the data, they will often just use the

  • Issue#11647: Linux - how to add or remove a user to a folder for permissions / replace a existing user with anoth

    Hello Everyone, Question..... I created a new folder called "test". On the folder for permissions it has "root" for owner, group "wheel", and "everyone" for read only access. Let's say I wanted to create a new user named "bob", but I wanted to add "bob" to the permissions on the folder "test", how would I do this ? Also, if I wanted to remove "everyone" from the folder permissions and replace it with "bob", how would I do that ? Thanks !!!

  • Issue#12678: Autodesk - Report showing details of the user who closed the issue

    Hi thereI’m trying to find a report in Field which will show the date the issue was closed as well as the details of a user who closed it.The person who closes the issues is considered as the approver so it is very important metadata to present at the end of the project.Info of who closed the issue is already in the history tab so the metadata is there I just don’t seem to be able to view it in a report.Please can you advise?  Many thanks,Karolina Molenda

  • Issue#13616: Tableau - 7th Polish Tableau User Group meeting

    Dear all, I would like to invite you for the 7th Tableau User Group Meeting "Dashboard tips & tricks" on 28th January 2016 (Thursday) at  Prosta 51, IX floor ,room 953. More details on our meetup website. If you want to attend register at   Best regards,Patrycja

  • Issue#42522: Additional User Question

    I have set up a user for my son - I keep getting asked for the keychain login and then it wants to login with apple id - I did this already for my admin user.

  • Issue#48985: Logitech - issue with controlling a Samsung SMTS-5140 digital box via harmony hub and ios app

    The Samsung SMTS-5140 supports on-demand media when connected via fiber. Via the Harmony iphone app I can search for and select the media but all play controls are greyed out so I cannot pause, stop, rewind or fast forward. I guess that Logitech needs to upgrade the profile for the Samsung box so media control buttons are always live. 

  • Issue#57575: Problems delegating non-admin user permissions to Unlock-ADAccount

    All,I am probably missing something very easy here. I am trying to allow our Director of Operations have permissions to unlock AD accounts for his team when they lock their accounts from too many failed attempts. Due to compliance restrictions, we do not allow lockout time to reset, it must be unlocked by someone who has permissions to unlock it. I followed the steps for creating a new security group in the OU with the employee accounts, added my non-admin account to it, and then went through the Delegate Control Wizard on that OU. I added the group, I specified custom, then checked the options for Read/Write lockoutTime, and finished that. I closed out ADUC, rebooted the PDC, then I logged off my workstation with my daily non-admin account and then logged back in. When I start the Powershell ISE with my non-admin account and execute...

  • Issue#78085: Tableau - Why does the Backgrounder fail though there seems no memory issue ?

    Hi All, I have Tableau Server version 9.2. Data sources are extracts and MySql data connection. I have 3 backgrounders. The system is of very high configuration (64bit, 32 Gb RAM, 7.5 TB memory). MySql Db is on different server than Tableau (which is also with good config) Sometimes there seems error as Lost Connection-com.tableausoftware.nativeapi.dll.TableauException: [MySQL][ODBC 5.3(w) Driver][mysqld-5.5.39]Lost connection to MySQL server during queryin background status of extracts although the refresh extract query is not heavy and executes in seconds. When I look at show processlist there was no memory issue/lock or anything during the execution. Also the system memory on both the servers seem fine too during the error time. I have seen in some threads where it is mentioned that the backgrounder restart itself in some interval.Is that true?  I am getting this issue in this version only. Din't get in previous version. Also, not every time same extract gets fai

  • Issue#81095: Tableau - Cincinnati Tableau User Group Event #8 (Mapping)

    SIGN UP HERE: Cincinnati Tableau User Group Event #8 Tickets, Wed, Feb 24, 2016 at 5:30 PM | Eventbrite  Please join us for the Cincinnati Tableau User Group Meeting #8 on Wednesday February 24th hosted by University of Cincinnati Center for Business Analytics. 5:30pm Introduction5:45pm PresentationsSpatial data preparation using RMapbox integrationDual axis mapsCustom polygons+ Other map related topic7:30pm Q&A and Closing Comments Agenda Details:The event will be focusing on the topics of spatial data, geography & geographical analysis, cartography and custom mapping.  We will have brief presentations on how to use different resources for spatial data, how to process different types of data, and tips & tricks on how to produce visualizations for map related data in Tableau. Some of the topics are listed above in the schedule, but if you have additional topics or material you would like to share with the group, please contact me as I would like to inclu

  • Issue#82723: New Domain Server issue with temporary roaming user profile

    The Quick and dirty. New Domain setup with roaming profiles. Windows 2012 r2. Profile gpo is setup \\dc\User Profiles$\%USERNAME%\. The folder is shared with access enumeration off and the everyone group has full control and the Administrators and Domain Admins have full control. Every new user comes up with a temporary user profile, but Admin accounts are fine. What did I miss? The logs suggest that it either cannot get to the network share or the user profiles are corrupt. Well there are not profiles to be corrupt. Its not even making them. I do have access to the shared even from the temp profiles. 

  • Issue#92830: Send-as permissions for a user's alternate email address

    I had a user come to me with this problem, and have found it occurs to me too. I gave myself permission to send-as a user: fine. No problem. But when I try to send-as them, but from one of their alternate emails, it fails, saying that I do not have permission. "You do not have the permission to send the message on behalf of the specified user." Now I've added my name on the Send-as, and Send-on behalf. I've also closed/re-opened outlook.  Any other ideas? I tried this with another email as well.  Microsoft Exchange 2013, Outlook 2010. 

  • Issue#94630: Tableau - Sizing issue

    HiNeed help with server sizing issue.30~ datasourcesAll datasources are liveDB is Hive/Hadoop100~ users – means 10~ concurrent usersA lot of data – 500~ Tara

  • Issue#110803: Autodesk - User Issue

    I can't add any users in my acount for my AutoCad software so ultimaltely can open the product. Can anyone help me. Is there a number I can call to get assistance? I am going throught the support channels but it just goes in circles.... Really frustrating. 

  • Issue#126310: Tableau - Parameter Issue

    Hi All, I got issue with parameter where iam trying to find 'sales' of Sub-category for Last >15days,>30days,>45days from today date. So i created a parameter for 15days,30days and 45days and i wrote calc like if [Days] = "15 days" and DATEDIFF('day',TODAY(),[Order Date])< 15 then "Show"elseif [Days] = "30 days" and DATEDIFF('day',TODAY(),[Order Date])< 30 then "Show"ELSEIF  [Days] = "45 days" and DATEDIFF('day',TODAY(),[Order Date])< 45 then "Show"ELSE "Hide" END  but above calc is not affecting view and i attached twbx file so can someone pls look into my issue and correct me where iam making erro (twbx file is in 9.1version)  Thanks

  • Issue#131748: Tableau - Aggregation Issue (Part II)

    Hello all, Some time ago I was having an issue with my data due to the level of fidelity it was being joined on. I've since gotten a solution for it which can be seen in my attached work book's calculated field. I have an incremental ask to this issue now. Now, I am able to aggregate properly by pay period but When I try to sum up the year, it is aggregating only the values that are there instead of by the cost center. Example attached. When you remove the Pay Period pill, each value on the stage should be the same as long as it's in the same cost center, regardless of the pay type or job class. QA: The sum of A Cost Center 6000 should be the ball park of 8563. Thank you!

  • Issue#133818: resolving client user name issue

    Hi Apologies for a numpty questions, this is all new to me and i am learning 'on the job'  I am trying to overcome a thorny issue at work whereby we need to redirect connections to a back end service based on the AD group the user is a member of. I have managed to get this working in a test set up with 2 IIS instances in seperate pools and using and LDAP lookup based on the authentication header. However, transition to the 'real' service is not so simple, as it turns out the application makes an anonymous connection to the back end service by default.  Although it appears it is capable of using windows authentication and that is enabled on the backend IIS, I am not allowed to turn off the anonymous authentication - which I think would fix the issue......... Therefore I have been trying to work out how I can bounce the first, anonymous,  connection attempt and force it to use authentication.  I have tried several different approaches based on sea

  • Issue#134265: Logitech - Issue controlling Krell KAV-300i amp

    I recently bought a Harmony Smart Control to controll our living room TV/AV system which includes a number of components - Samsung HDTV, Apple TV, Sony Bluray, Wii, TW Cable DVR, and a stereo Krell KAV-300i amp.  I can control all of the components with the exception of the Krell amp.  I have tried a number of similar Krell amp codes, hoping one would work, but I cannot get any response from the amp (power on/off, change source, volume) - even when moving the Harmony base unit and IR extender in multiple positions in proximity to the device's IR sensor. Part of the reason I bought the Harmony unit was that it claimed compatibility with this older Krell amp.  I do not have the original remote, so now I am stuck not being able to fully control my system. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Issue#147748: User Login Issue

    We're currently having a go at setting up some products on one of our servers, specifically Inventory and Network monitoring. I'm having an issue where one of the invited users is completely unable to log in to Inventory, despite using the same credentials, on the same box as Network monitoring, which they can access successfully. They've been invited as agents in the normal way, but can't get past the login screen despite changing passwords, and all the other usual checks. I feel like this is more of a one-to-one support request than a 'put it to the forums' kind of resquest, but I didn't see any option for that, so please do point me to this if that's the case. Thanks in advance!

  • Issue#153773: Skype - Skype Screen Sharing on windows 10 issue Black screen for other user

    Im having trouble streaming videos on skype screen sharing. There is a black screen for the video im trying to stream for the other user on skype to watch on my computer. Youtube works but netflix and movies and tv wont show the display of the video for the other person. They can hear the video but not see it. Please Help me.  Please and thank you.

  • Issue#154425: Linux - New debian install - what permissions to give the user

    I've installed a new OS and have come across the 'file permissions' issue. I moved folders from a different partition onto the home directory of the new install using the GUI. A window appeared asking for the root password which I put in. But when I wanted to move a folder from the home directory to the partition, the GUI did not ask for the root password. Instead it gave the message 'The folder cannot be copied because you do not have permissions to create it in the destination'. It seems I'll now need to give permission for the user to do normal stuff on this new install. For this particular example, I believe it would be Code: chmod -R u+rw /home I think I also need to give permissions for use of the mediaplayer etc, although I was able to play vlc player as user without any error messages. So once a new install is done, what permissions are necessary so that the new user can properly use all the functions of the OS? Also, if my new user has no permissions yet, and root passwo

  • Issue#161889: Tableau - How to add additional column to my charts

    I've got kind of a tricky issue: I have 5 Tableau files showing answers from a survey.In each file I made a pivot field out of most of the data columns, then made groups from the pivot field names.Each file has about 120 groups Each file's dashboard has about 30-50 bar graphs.Each bar graph shows the responses for one of the survey questions.Some respondents didn't answer all questions, so my spreadsheet has blank cells sprinkled all over it from these null responses.The Excel files are kinda big - 600 column, 700 rows.Here's my problem: For every bar graph, I need to show the % and number of null responses. This could be shown as an additional column for each graph, or a text item somewhere in the graph, maybe below the title.To add a column to each graph I'd have to:Go back into Excel and make a "Not Answered" column for each of my 200+ questionsThen add them to my pivot fields, and drag each one into its corresponding pivot field group. The problem with this approach is, b

  • Issue#162583: Tableau - Tableau Dashboards User Research Participants Needed

    Hi all! First, thank you for being part of our incredible Tableau Community! It’s because of people like you that we can ensure our product is awesome for everyone. We are looking for a few Tableau users to participate in a study focusing on the new Tableau Dashboards interface. You might have heard about our plans for this during the Tableau Conference 2015 keynote. We're trying to make dashboards even better for authors and viewers. If you're interested, read on! Who are we looking for?We need users with a range of experience with Tableau. If you do any one of the following, we want to hear from you.Create or edit dashboards for others to viewNeed to customize dashboards for different screens (e.g. phone, tablet, desktop).What is involved?The study will be about 1.5 hours long, and you will be asked to do the following: Discuss your current experience with Tableau Dashboards (common tasks, issues that you are having, or questions that you have).Perform a series o

  • Issue#174951: Tableau - Rank calculation issue

    Hello Friends,Quick question here- On the attached, I'm trying to display the top N customers based off my parameter "Top Customers 1". Everything seems to work correctly until I begin to filter my view. For instance, if I select "STS" instead of "All" on the Business Segment quick filter, Tableau doesn't display the specified number of customers based off my Top Customers 1 parameter. Any idea how to resolve? Regards,Mikey

  • Issue#180108: Tableau - Issue of Adding Reference Line...

    Is anyone aware of an issue when using Adding Reference Line...(and selecting Line, Per Cell, Total, Value)? I would like to show the totals, but it turned out it only displayed the "$" -- only when you hover over it, it will show the total values. Does anyone know why the values were cut and how to resolve it? Many thanks!!