Issue#132: Lenovo - New T520 Function Key Not Working


    Hey forum,

    Just got my first ThinkPad, a T520 and after updating the UltraNav driver it appears some of my function keys no longer work. I've seen similar posts about this issue but all stem from different problems.


    My volume keys work, but there's no on screen image to show mute/up/down. My mic mute button does not seem to work at all, nor does the ThinkVantage button.


    As per the function keys, F2,F3,F5,F6,F7,F8 all do nothing when used with the function key, however i can use F4 to sleep, F12 to hibernate and the brightness and PgUp light all work.


    I tried BIOS to see if I could affect anything there but I didn't see any way to do that.


    Any help on getting the function keys working properly again would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks so much in advance,


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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

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    I have a Carbon X1 (V2) with Windows 10 Pro loaded.  I suspect it may be missing some software and/or a device driver; Device Manager doesn't seem to know about the adaptive keys.When I start up normally, the function keys work (F1-F12) but the Fn key seems to do nothing, The keyboard backlight key works, none of the others appear to do anything.  

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    Hallo,i have problem with my YOGA500-14IBD Windows 10. Into January everything worked. From January not working function keys after sleep mode. When I turn on the notebook, everything works. But after returning from sleep mode, some of the function keys do not work. F5 (refresh the page), F6 (touchpad on/off) and F10 (second screen mode). I re-install windows and installed all drivers, but no change.After restarting, everything works into sleep mode. After waking up not working. Does anyone have any idea? Thank you very much.

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    Dear Community, since a few days I have several problems with the hardware keyboard of my notebook. The on-screen keyboard works well!When I hit spacebar no blank is inserted in the text but all open tasks are opened in small windows (similar to pressing ALT+TAB, but with the task windows staying on screen). It is also not possible to use the Function keys (Increase / decrease brightness, loudness doesn't work) or to use the F-keys (ALT+F4 for example has no function). I opened a few websites, which visually show, which keys are pressed on the keyboard. All standard letter-keys work well. When I press F1 it says "F5", some F-Keys are shown as normal numbers or a letter. I am running Win10 with automatic updates. I tried to restore some older update-points but without having the problem solved. I tried to reinstall touchpad and keyboard drivers -> no results!There is maybe a problem with the keymapping or somekind of driver, which is perhaps not 100% compatible with so

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    T420, upgraded to Windows 10 Pro via a clean install ... Works great ... had to find Conexant audio drivers so the audio would work while in the docking station ... Only remaining issues are that: a)The Bluetooth light below the LCD is always on, even when I've turned off the Bluetooth interface in the W10 settings. b)The special Thinkpad key combinations (like FN+F5 to turn the wireless off or on) don't work. Any suggestions about what software or driver installs to try?

  • Issue#248884: Lenovo - Issue with Windows10 OEM Product Key

    To whom it may concern at Lenovo,I am deeply aggravated by your quality of customer service.  I had a problem with my computer, MSO and Windows10 to be specific.  Lenovo had nothing to do with this problem, nor do I want them to fix it.  The problem was user generated and I believe Lenovo is completely unaffiliated with this specific computer issue. The reason for my distress is not because of the computer problem, it is because Lenovo is holding my property hostage for ransom.What property? My Windows 8 Product Key that became my property when I bought the laptop. I need this Product Key because in order to fix the computer problem I need to:Format my HDD, remove all Windows_OS and data.Install a free Linux OS (Ubuntu)Reinstall Windows from USB installation media, which I will need the Product Key for.Since I will be completely removing my old copy of Windows and then reinstalling it, I will need my Windows8 Product Key that came with my laptop.  This inf

  • Issue#299704: Lenovo - [Thinkpad T410s] wifi not working - HW issue

    Dear all, I changed fan and I disassembled my thinkpad. Since I put it together my wifi does not work. If I want to enable wifi via Fn-F5 I am getting error NO WIFI ADAPTER FOUND. I tried to switch wireless button and also I did change in BIOS. Nothing helped. It seems that some HW issue (cable disconnected, modul unplugged etc.). Does anybody have idea what to do with this issue? Regards

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    In early 2015 I installed Windows 8.1 Update 1 on my W520 for a couple of months, knowing that Windows 8.1 was not officially supported on that model, but I still wanted to see how it would work. It worked quite well, but 1) repeated crashing of the Nvidia video drivers at boot (IRQL not handled, etc., in contrast to a rock stable Nvidia behaviour in Windows 7)) and 2) absence of implemented function key shortcuts (F3, F5,, etc.) which I've grown used to using all the time on Lenovo's utilities on Windows 7, meant that I eventually reverted back to a standard Lenovo installation of Windows 7. Recently, I tried the same thing once more (helped by the acquisition od an eSATAp external drive enclosure, which meant I did not have to sacrifice my current Windows 7 installation), and discovered the following: 1) I was obliged to install Windows 8.1 using the "Legacy BIOS" setup (to be able to dual boot into my Windows 7 C: drive installation), and this installation required a

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    Hello Folks  I bought A7010a48  mobile 2 weeks back and i updated system update(device software) , for while cam was working good suddenly got hang not in action and not allows me to close window  , i try to acess all possiblities from the web , certain time rear side cam work but not front side. Pop up error window camera isn't responding Do you want to close it ? Please Requesting for the better solutions so that i can fix my mob smile ( cam ) Thanks for your kindness and patience !!!

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    Hi , i brought my laptop a few week ago and i'm using window 10 ,now i was got this issue with when i login with my password and found my keyboard of left Shift key and can't using Caplock key . after change my password using my email and check with manually on setting , can't find this issue and i'm working on singapore and no time to going service center to check issue cause was servcie center not working with sat and sun , and need help with anyone how can solve this issue and who also got this issue before ?

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    So my Lenovo (B560) has become super slow and I want to wipe the hard disk and reinstall Windows 7. But when I looked around the Microsoft website and attempted to verify my key I received the following message : "The product key you've entered appears to be for software which was pre-installed by the device manufacturer. Please contact the device manufacturer for software recovery options" The product key I was using was from the COA sticker underneath the laptop which was indeed different from the one I receovered from the registry. In any case I tried both and neither worked. Any ideas for how I can proceed???

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    Yesterday the sleep function on my E560 began to behave strangely. I pressed the round power button on the upper right hand side of my keyboard, which doubles as the sleep button, and the computer didn't go into sleep mode immediately (which would be indicated by the red light in the letter "i" in "ThinkPad" slowly blinking on and off). Instead, the screen turned black and then the fan made a loud blowing noise before the computer went into sleep mode. When I pressed the power/sleep button again to wake up the computer, the screen remained black for 5-10 seconds before it came on.  Normally, it would come on immediately. Prior to yesterday, the sleep function worked normally.  What happened?

  • Issue#392996: Lenovo - Restore to earlier time function not working

    Hi! I recently repaired my SL510 Lenovo Think Pad laptop, using a restore disk to do so.  I have Windows 7.   Things are going well, although there are some problems I'm working on trying to fix after the restore. One problem that I also had before the restore, is that my restore to earlier time function is not working.   I try to turn it on by going to the Protection tab in the System folder in the Control Panel.   And before doing anything - I notice that all of the 3 protection options are turned off.  When I click on the C folder and then on the Configure button and select the top option - it does nothing.  I am able to select the middle option.  And to move the slider.  But when I hit the Apply button it refuses, saying it is unable to apply the changes I am asking for. What do you suggest that I do about this?  Thanks in advance, for any efforts in helping me to solve the problem! Debby 

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    Hi everyone, eversince recieving my new laptop a few days ago, I found out that headphones do not play correctly once connected to the 3.5mm jack. they only play music from the right bud (It is not a balance issue).  I tried checking various headphones, and they all have the exact same problem. I updated my drivers to the latest versions (including the one located in the product page on Lenovo site), and the problem doesn't seem to be fixed.... I would appreciate any help. Thank you.

  • Issue#535324: Lenovo - T530 F1 key not working in Windows 10 and cannot enter BIOS with F1 during boot

    F1 key does not appear to be working on a T530. All other keys (including other function keys) are ok.  In Windows 10 (in word processor for example) F1 does not work while other functions keys are ok.  Ran the Lenovo keyboard diagnostic tool which found no problem.   Ran the online keyboard testing tool ( ... all keys (including other Fn keys) register in the tool except F1. I attempted to use F1 to enter BIOS setup during boot ... it failed ... but I can interrupt boot uisng F2 or F12.Any suggestions?    

  • Issue#546959: Lenovo - Thinkpad Edge e550- Function Key is always depressed

    Hello, I have a Thinkpad e550 that I bought last year. Yesterday while typing my term paper I realized that some of the keys(s,k,d) were not working. Then i realized that the entire function keys row wasn't working either. Upon closer investigation I realized that this was because of the fn key always being depressed(not physically). So I went to the BIOS and swapped the control and the fn key. After a reboot I found that all my keys are working, but the fn key(which is now mapped to the ctrl key) isn't. Is there any fix to this? It seems weird that the function key is always depressed when mapped to fn but doesn't work at all when mapped to ctrl. It's been only a week since my warranty expired and I'm hoping to avoid replacing the hardware. Thanks

  • Issue#559461: Lenovo - T540p: Microphone & F4 Key stopped working

    Hi, I have a T540p with Windows 8.1. I did all configurations needed, Windows is working. Also internal Microphon and F4 key were working fore month.Problems:- Internal Microphon stopped working- F4 key does not function any moreHow can I solve these problems? Thanks a lot!

  • Issue#562282: Lenovo - Yoga 700 14 ESC key is not working, but toggles paper-display instead.

    Dear Lenovo, When the function keys are set to just f1~f12 in the bios, or in the Lonovo windows settings, the 'esc' key gets the function of paper-display toggle.This problem was also present in Yoga 3, but fixed with a bios update recently, as I may believe from other users. Many other users have described this problem. The ideapad-laptop handles most special keys on various Lenovo Laptopsincluding the Yoga line. Unfortunately, the Yoga 3 11/13/14 models haveone important exception, which is the Fn-ESC combination.On other Lenovo Laptops, this is FnLock, which switches the function keysbetween the primary (Mute, Vol down, Vol up, ...) and the secondary (F1,F2, F3, ...) behavior. On the new machines, FnLock is only availablethrough BIOS setup (possibly through a yet-to-be-implemented featurein this driver) but not through Fn-ESC, but in

  • Issue#582287: Lenovo - F7 Function Key airplane mode doesn't works in Lenovo Z70

    I update my lenovo Z70-80 to windows 10 and the F7 Function Key Airplane Mode doesn't work. In past I had installed Windows 8.1 but my original S.O was 8 by factory default and when I update it to Win 8.1 the funtionality of this F7 Funtion key I did not care. But now when I recently update it to W10 I remember that this F7 Fn key doesn't works. I was looking for an inmediate solution by web and I tried with diferent options and nothing. I used this options I attach a couple of pictures about system properties where is posible to see some diferences between W8 and W10. I can see special devices called like: Lenovo Pointing DeviceLenovo Virtual Keyboard DeviceDDP UMDF driver and more that in Win 10 is imposible to see installed. I

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    I have used the Logitech G13 game controller for some time, going on years now. For myself I have always loved this product. As of late however I am considering with going with a different company as I have had my G13 replaced atleast three times within a few months for the same reason, and the problem has just occured with the most recent replacement. The button key just under and slightly to the right of the joystick has stopped working yet again. Whil;e I was assured this most recent time that it "had to be an issue with that lot of controllers" they issued me another one from a different lot. Once again however the product continues to stop functio9ing with only this one button. I have attempted reinstalling/updating the device software for the product to no avail. While I have always enjoyed Logitech products if this issue either can't or won't be resolved as much as I hate to say it I may be forced to go with another company for all of my comp[uter needs as it seems "quality

  • Issue#631669: Lenovo - T420s fn key screen brightness controls not working

    Fn-Home and Fn-End no longer adjust the screen brightness of my laptop.  The home and end keys alone work fine, as do other function keys.  A suggested solution on another thread was to roll back the video driver - I tried this and lost the video driver altogether, and had to reinstall it manually.  (This may be because I recently had to restore the system to a two-year-old image as a result of another problem, which was apparently caused by updating to Windows 10 and then reverting back to Windows 7).  The video driver (Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000) is up to date.  I am running Windows 7 64-bit edition.  Any idea what could be causing this?Thanks!

  • Issue#639094: Lenovo - W520 Optimus not working -- only intel gpu will function

    I have a ThinkPad W520 with an i7 i2720QM employing optimus to switch between a stock intel and an NVIDIA Quadro 1000M gpu. Optimus no longer appears to be working and I cannot get the Nvidia card to function even after reinstalling stock drivers cleanly in safe mode. For several months I have attempted to resolve this issue without success. I am running windows 10 but had the issue before making the switch. On one attempt I was able to get the nvidia control panel to deploy so that I could access the nvidia controls but that only lasted for a week and reverted back even after attempting the same configuration. When attemping to install current lenovo nvidia updates the installer displays an "installation package is corrupt" message. When attempting to launch the nvidia control panel the icon flickers and then does nothing. When I right click on the desktop only the nvidia desktop manager icon is displayed and then does not launch either. This problem started w

  • Issue#646040: Lenovo - Yoga 500 14ibd flight mode key not working

    Hello all, I have a Lenovo yoga 500 14IBD. It came with windows 8.1 and I upgraded to windows 10.My problem was that flight mode key didn't work after the upgrade and I had a look on Lenovo website and found a recommendation to install power management drivers for windows 10. So I searched for these and found the ones in this link didn't see my device as supported ! however I thought I give it a try (have already tried resetting the system about 8 times and updating all drivers and so on). I installed this Power management and voila the flight key works !! However, when the laptop comes from sleep, It stops working ! so I tried reinstalling and so on. Long story short, after a lot of experimenting I found what seems to be the reasonIf I turn on my laptop with the charger plugged in, flight key doesn't work !! and I have to restart and remove charger, same thing goes for walking from sleep mode! Also there's

  • Issue#685311: HP - The Function Key are not working

    Hi, In the past two days I have noticed that the function (multimedia)keys for this notebook is not working.  I am unable to figure out if there is a setting that has got changed in between, kindly advise. Regards Ajay

  • Issue#693300: Lenovo - A7000 Turbo-Alarm function not working properly

    Alarm working not according to the set time. Sometimes doesn't work and shows missed alarm notification.Hope Lenovo looks into this matter seriously.