Issue#1356: installazione photoshop cc2015 ferma al 42%

  • Ho un po' di problemi nell'installare i prodotti cc2015 nel mac.

    Provando con l'installazione di photoshop cc2015 arriva sempre e solo al 42% poi creative cloud si blocca.


    Premesso nel mac che sto usando era installata la vecchia versione della suite adobe ma non era installato creative cloud desktop

    ho provato ad installare creative cloud desktop per poi installare le versioni aggiornata dei software ma non riuscivo mi dava un errore che ora non ricordo

    a questo punto ho disinstallato tutto quello che sul mac era Adobe

    Ho poi provato a far partire il cleaner tool ma non riusciva nemmeno ad aprirsi

    Ho eliminato manualmente tutte le cartelle Adobe

    Ho installato adobe application manager 9

    in automatico si è aggiornato installandomi, solo a questo punto, creative cloud desktop

    da creative cloud desktop ho provato quindi a installare photoshop ma si blocca al 42%, o meglio riesce a scaricare nella cartella temporanea il file dmg di photoshop ma quando lo scompatta per iniziare la vera installazione non si installa e si blocca tutto.


    Spento e riavviato più volte il mac ho provato ad installare anche altri programmi cc2015 della suite ma a tutti insorge lo stesso problema.


    Ho chiesto aiuto in chat ma non sono riusciti a darmi una mano


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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

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    I have a billing issue with Adobe.  They charged me ~$120 for an Elements upgrade, while advertising on their site for ~$90.  Is there truly US phone number for this kind of problem? Chat rep merely 'escalated to next level'. Any advice?

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    Warning. This is going to be a bit of a rant. I just installed the latest version, and checked out the Export As function to see whether it is actually usable for web developers. Yet, after a quick test, it seems to have become the norm that mediocrity in web export is the aim of the developers of Photoshop:Still no preview option to compare the original with the (to be) exported version. Side by Side and in-place comparisons, anyone?No preview for different export sizes.No preview for an up-scaled asset (changing the size to 2x, for example, results in the original layer size to be displayed).Great that the user finally is allowed to select "Smaller File (8-bit). But where is the damn option to control the ACTUAL number of colours for reduction? What if I have an asset which I need to export as an 8 colour indexed version? The current option limits the number of colours to 256 only. Why. WHY?! Even the aging Fireworks has had this for as long as I care to remember.And why is

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    One of our Designers who uses a late imac is having an issue with arrows in photoshop. For some reason when she draws an arrow the arrow becomes corrupted and starts placing gaps between each end of the arrow. I have un-installed then re-installed CS6 on her machine and this problem still occurs. Does anyone know what this is and how to fix it?

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    I have a photo that was edited and saved as jpg using CS6.  And I also took the same file and save it in CS2.  When I have both files printed, both yield a different color result.  The CS6 jpg file yields a higher contract and skin tone is yellowish.  The CS2 jpg file yields a better result, more neutral in color and contrast.  Both are printed in the same printer with no color correction.  Your feedback and advice is most welcome.  Thanks!Above: Scanned print of jpg file saved in photoshop CS2 Below: Scanned print of jpg file saved in photoshop CS6

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    I have Photoshop Elements 14.1 with all the latest updates, working on a Macbook Pro OS X El Capitan 10.11.3, 16 GB RAM, Intel Iris Pro Graphics. After launching the program and working on some photos I get this pop-up box message that freezes the program and doesn't go away, unless I force it to quit: "Invalid message sent to event "NSEvent: type=AppDefined loc=(869.855,571.02) time=117949.2 flags=0 win=0x0 winNum=0 ctxt=0x0 subtype=15 data1=1 data2=1" This has become very annoying, as I've paid for the product and cannot properly use it in my work. How can this issue be resolved?

  • Issue#299332: After Effects - Photoshop, Bridge and Illustrator randomly crashing after latest update (CC2015)

    Problem signature:  Problem Event Name: APPCRASH  Application Name: Bridge.exe  Application Version:  Application Timestamp: 568e423e  Fault Module Name: StackHash_8b78  Fault Module Version: 6.1.7601.19160  Fault Module Timestamp: 56bcd74c  Exception Code: c0000374  Exception Offset: 00000000000c0aa2  OS Version: 6.1.7601.  Locale ID: 1033  Additional Information 1: 8b78  Additional Information 2: 8b78329737e44a86c857f5596bf7d1fc  Additional Information 3: 8656  Additional Information 4: 8656e88b5fe19d8d7cf8083e4008697a This continue to happen while leaving the program idle. Happening since the last update from yesteday... I cannot get anything done and I'm starting to become very short with this software.

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    I was using my elements 9 yesterday with no issues. Today it will not open and says I should reinstall. I have the disk and but when I go to reinstall it says remove first and a note says to deactivate and remove s first. How do I do this if I can't open the program????

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    I have just bought photoshop CC 2015 but I am unable to load files into Bridge as my camera (Nikon D800) doesn't show in the device list. I have updated the plugin but it still doesn't seem to work

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    I have just bought photoshop CC 2015 but I am unable to load files into Bridge as my camera (Nikon D800) doesn't show in the device list. I have updated the plugin but it still doesn't seem to work. Please can someone offer some help, I have photo's that urgently need uploading and editing. Thanks.

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    Has Adobe said when they expect to address the compatibility issue PSE 14 and el capitan?

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    I am using a Wacom Intuos Pro on my Surface Pro 4 but there is a pressure sensitivity issue which is very random and it seems to be happening only in Photoshop. The pressure sensitivity is on and off randomly with the Wacom Pen. I've installed the latest driver of Wacom Intuos pro. And whenever the pressure sensitivity on intuos pro stops working, I simply make a few strokes on the canvas using the Ntrig Pen that came with with my SP4 (with a working pressure sensitivity) and then when I draw using the wacom pen again, the pressure sensitivity starts to work again. It might be a Photoshop bug worth looking into. Both devices (pens) seems to be working perfectly together with other apps like fresh paint and zbrush, even in illustrator. But not Photoshop. Thanks!

  • Issue#363684: Ya pague por la suscripcion a creative cloud con photoshop CC2015, recibi la confrmacion de pago, pe

    Ya he pague por la suscripcion a creative cloud con photoshop CC2015, recibi la confrmacion de pago, pero todavia no puedo salir de la pagina de prueba terminada... dice en CC comprar, pero ya lo hice, y no puedo activar el servicio...que hacer...?I have already paid for the subscription to creative cloud with photoshop CC2015, received the confrmacion payment, but still I can not leave the page finished test ... says CC buy, but I did, and I can not activate the service. ..what to do...?

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    How to cancel auto renewal adobe photoshop CC2015

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    In Windows 10. Have upgraded from Photoshop Elements 11 to version 14. After catalog conversion, all photos are fractured and cannot be reconnected. Any ideas how to retrieve photos? Have tried to delete from catalog and re-import. Get message itr does not support jpeg file.

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    I am about to uninstall Elements 13 because of a computer issue, do I have to deactivate it first? I cannot see a deactivate option under 'help' as there used to be I intend to reinstall it when the computer issue is fixed

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    I've been using Photoshop CS5 for a while without issue. I even used it yesterday morning and everything worked fine. Today however once I open a new or old file, I can use all of the tools like the Marquee tool, Lasso tool and the Crop tool. However after resizing the image or pretty much doing anything else, all of these tools just don't work anymore. I can't do anything but close the file. I tried resetting all the tools and what not. Didn't help. I uninstalled everything Adobe related from my machine and installed CS5 again and still had the same issue. Then I uninstalled everything again and installed CS6 and I have the same problems. I searched all over Google for over and hour and found nothing related to my issue. I haven't installed anything new, so I can't even go back to that to see if that's what spurred these sudden issues. Does anyone have a clue to why this is happening? Thanks

  • Issue#467711: After Effects - In Photoshop CC2015-how do I automatically apply a style to shape layer as I draw it

    Hi - I'm working in an office with a few different versions of Photoshop on Windows10. On my PSD CS5 I can draw shape layers, like arrows, and have any style from the style palette automatically applied as I draw it.  But fellow workers with PSD CC 2015 have to use 2 steps - draw the shape layer and then select the style from the style palette.  None of the settings along the top of the screen seem to allow us to apply the style as we draw. Is there a hidden setting or preference?Has the automatic application of a style been removed from Photoshop? TIA your reply.J2

  • Issue#508689: Photoshop Elements 13.0 update issue

    This program has been installed and was not allowing me to update. It kept prompting me to update every 1-2 minutes. So I re-installed the program and the same thing is happening. I can't do the editing I want as the prompts to update happen too frequently. How can I get this replaced? This software appears to be defective.

  • Issue#515046: Photoshop Elements 13 issue

    Hi,I have an issue with your product (Photoshop Elements 13) and was wondering if you could help me. I had owned Photoshop Elements 11 for a number of years now and decided to upgrade to Elements 13 some 8 to 12 months ago.  Not sure when … I cannot recall ever receiving a product for the upgrade.  All was going well as I could open the Organizer and the Photo Editor with no problem in my upgraded Elements 13, until recently that is ,as I recently purchased a new laptop and transferred all the programs via Laplink, which is a pc to pc transfer program onto my new laptop, which this included my Adobe Elements 13.  When I opened the adobe Elements 13 on my new laptop, I could open the Organizer option okay, but when I came to the Photo Editor option it came up with an error message 213:19. I went on to the internet to find out what this was and it said that it was a signing in error message and that there was a patch for this. I down loaded the patch thinking this w

  • Issue#561440: Photoshop Elements - PS Elements Organiser - Issue with wrong date order in thumbnails

    I seem to have a problem with the date order with PS Elements 14 Organiser thumbnails and I wonder if this is a known bug.   If I select the order by Oldest then all Thumbnails are in the correct order.   However, if I select Newest then one thumbnail is then positioned in the wrong date order.  If delete this photo from the catalogue it moves another photo from near the bottom of the catalogue into that thumbnail position and leaves a blank space in the catalogue. If I change the date of the wrongly positioned photo thumbnail it then moves several photo thumbnails to the wrong position.  This problem doesn't occur if I set the the catalogue order to Oldest. This only started happening when I added the 2313th photo and edited it which created the 2314th photo.   I wonder if this is related to the size of the catalogue. I have tried  optimising the catalogue and renaming the thumb5.cache file but these didn't help. Note I am u

  • Issue#574782: Photoshop Elements - annoying catalog issue

    Whenever I'm going through a series of photos, and delete one (inc delete from hard-disk), the catalog flicks back to the start of the folder. This doesn't happen every time, but it is really really irritating, always having to scroll down to where you were. It does the same thing I've noticed whenever I've edited a photo - I save it and go back to the organiser - to find my catalog screen back at the start of the image series! Does anyone know how to stop this from happening?!