Issue#1359: Lenovo - problem with vibe UI 3.1

  • hello, I have a problem with my lenovo K3 rating:
    I am French and I did the update to 6.0 but we do not have the playstore.can I reinstal the android 5.0? if you can help me please! ( is "Vibe UI 2.5")

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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

  • Issue#3490: Lenovo - Contact manager problem p1a42 vibe p1

    I am facing some issues with contract manager1.when use sim card to save contacts in Arabic it only save 8 digits .it workes smoothly till first restart then contact show only 8 Arabic digits2.Numbers get dublicted in one contact3. Very slow in call log to update last call4.looking froward implement option to limit search in spasfic account I/o search all accounts ,-contacts to search -

  • Issue#12263: Lenovo - Lenovo vibe p1m WiFi problem

    I tried to turn off wifi many times but My phone WiFi keeps turning on and on...even after reboot. Software problem?

  • Issue#18105: Lenovo - Dialler log sorting issue in Lenovo Vibe p1m

    My brother bought Lenovo Vibe p1m mobile recently. Dialler log does not sort out based on recent calls. I think it is based on date. There is no option to change this. This setting is not user-friendly so far. I don't know why Lenovo didn't lookup and provide solution for this issue until today.

  • Issue#18554: Lenovo - Lenovo vibe P1 Gyroscope problem

    I am user of lenovo Vibe P1 and facing issue with gyroscope in my device. because of that i am not able to use any virtual reality headset or Google cardboard. Build number: P1a42_S147_151228_ROW.

  • Issue#23770: Lenovo - Battery drain issue lenovo vibe p1 after 38mb update

    I bought VIBE p1 phone last month , it was working fine untill I updated to latest software updates . There were three updates 38,42,215 mb . Now battery drain is quickly ,1%  per 2 minute  even on idle and flight mode.I checked Powe consumption details in settings , I find Software is using 81.1% and hardware 18.9%.Now there are two android settings there consuming 15% each . Also , i observed phone getting hot while charging and lot of call drops. Kinddly let me know how to fix these issues. Inspite of 5000mah battery , It discharges within 4 hrs without any activity 

  • Issue#27435: Lenovo - Lenovo Vibe shot USA band problem

    I can not  sent empty sms and also when downloan  handcent sms program please resolve this thank you

  • Issue#30579: Lenovo - Recently bought Vibe P1 - wi-fi problem

    Dear Team, I bought Lenovo Vibe P1 recently on 1/27/2016. Since then I have been trying to connect to my Home wi-fi but it says "Obtaining IP Address" and stops there. It does not get the IP nor connects. I have tried connecting to a wi-fi hotspot setup in another mobile's data connection. I have recently applied two updates as well but in vain, it still does not connect to my home wi-fi. I had also tried to connect to a Free wi-fi available at a nearby McDonald outlet but again it does not connect. My phone details:Model Number  : P1a42Android Version: 5.1.1Build No.            :  P1a42_S137_151028_ROWBaseband Ver. :  MPSS.DPM.2.0.2.c1-00086 Please let me know if there is any resolution for this issue. It is frustrating to note that it happens to any wi-fi that is being setup from a router or a wi-fi modem. Also, this is eating up on my Mobile data capacity. Thanks & regards,Prashanth M

  • Issue#35620: Lenovo - Vibe p1 heating issue

    Vibe p1 heating browsing time,charging time please help me

  • Issue#41317: Lenovo - Lenovo vibe p1 issue with rocket charge (fast charging)

    After getting an update from lenovo, my vibe p1 not charging fast while phone is switched on. But it works well when I put my phone switched off. Does this issue faced by someone or I am the one who is dealing with this problem.

  • Issue#50410: Lenovo - VIBE SHOT signal problem

    I have problems with my mobile phoneMy cell phone suddenly lost the signalIt's not just the internet signal, but the cellular signal go missingso I could not call or sms even checks pulse what should I do? * notesI never had to root my mobile phoneMy cell phone never crashed or scaldedI never install antivirus or other strange applicationI use the latest software update

  • Issue#56423: Lenovo - Lenovo Vibe P1 SIM issue

    Hi All, Bought a new lenovo P1. Inserted small size SIM (hope that is nano sim) without using that tray (2 sim container..). Mobile is not detecting SIM as well as unable to take SIM out. How can I take out the SIM? Any Lenovo service center near by Electronic City in Bangalore? Thanks,Palani

  • Issue#82325: Lenovo - Lenovo Vibe K4 Note Tethering & Portable hotspot issue.

    I have just got K4 note last Monday. I had taken 2 updates 238 MB and 40 MB.But I noticed below issues not sure device itself is defective or it is due to faulty system software.In Tethering & Portable hotspot.USB tethering : I can connect phone to my laptop but can not share internet.Portable WLAN hotspot : When I make K4 note a wifi hotspot other devices can connect but internet is not getting shared (same time internet is working in my mobile it is not network issue) Also Wifi gets disconnected sometimes.Bluetooth Tethering - We can connect device using  bluetooth but again internet is not getting shared with those connected devices. At last I have observed  slow internet speed using same network(same sim card &  same place) in some other mobile devices. I am getting speed of 2G even though I am on 3G (H+) network.Seems last 40 MB update included some update in Baseband that may have created Wifi and internet sharing issues.Now I am planning to retur

  • Issue#82874: Lenovo - Lennovo vibe p1 network issue on LTE

    Hi Team, I recently upgraded to Baseband version - MPSS.DPM.2.0.2.c1-00105. (4-5 days ago)Since then ive been having network issues when im on 4g/LTE.i have uesd the sim card on other phones and no isses. ive tried using only one SIM in the phone and the problem still persists. (i use 2 sims) . Basically What happens is that the network bars drop to single or just two bars and though the 4g indication is on im not able to send receive any data. The problem goes away when i manually chose "WCDMA/GSM" under preferred network type. (but then im devoid of 4g network sppeds) Also this problem is ever since i ve upgraded to the latest baseband version. It was working fine all this time. _amit 

  • Issue#106466: Lenovo - Vibe K4 Note Wifi Issue

    I recently purchased Vibe K4 Note. It gets connected to Wifi, however the speed is much slow as compared to other mobile mobiles connected with same Wifi.  I also posted my comments in another thread with no response. Please help ASAP. 

  • Issue#130911: Lenovo - VIBE X2 PROBLEM with factory reset data

    Hello friends, I'm facing the following the problems: I can't use my smartphone vibe x2 anymore because an app is opening all the time which says: " virus detecting" and " Security always protecting you!'   I decided to try factory reset data but when I did, appeared a message " open SYNCit"   ANYONE HELP ME PLEASE?? 

  • Issue#138584: Lenovo - Lenovo Vibe X3 network issue

    Hi All, I have Lenovo X3 Phone. Facing lot of issues releated to network signles. Week network signle every time.  As I am comparing with my other Mobile phones and I am using same SIM (Airtel Delhi) on others mobile.  It is bug or some hardware issue???. Can anyone please guide me for same.

  • Issue#141513: Lenovo - Vibe p1 WiFi problem

    Hi,Vibe p1 wifi is ON by itself when restarted/reboot phone.This is happening after latest 258mb update. Please look at the issue asap.Scenario: long press power button and select Restart. Check WiFi after phone restarted.

  • Issue#142699: Lenovo - Lenovo vibe z sound problem

    I have bought Lenovo mobile on Nov 2014 after 6 months, I started facing the sound problem. Mobile sound is not coming even its not in mute. And Mobile network is gone, mobile automatically restarting. I went to Lenovo mobile service center and fixed the problems...Now again I'm facing the same issue. I bought this mobile for 33k. But I feel like I bought the defect product.

  • Issue#164486: Lenovo - Push Notification Problem in Lenovo Vibe S1

    HI After using Lenovo Vibe s1 for 3-4 Months I have noticed that the Push notofication from apps doesn't come when you are connected to wifi. As soon as I go outside the wifi network and shifted to MObile DATA all pending notifications from all apps automatically started coming. I went through some Android blogs and found that our handset do a handshek with the netwrok at a fix interval to check the heartbeat of the data or internet. There is a code to check this process is working or not. I have checked that on wifi this process doesn't work and as soon as i switched off the wifi the pricess started automatically. I think there is some Bug in the firmware or if there is any setting to do same please let me know. ThanksAditya

  • Issue#166562: Lenovo - lennova vibe s1 heating problem

    Hello,I have purchased lens a vibe s1 last week n have updated to latest firmware. Simple browsing in 3g network is heating my cell alot. No other apps were running. Pls help

  • Issue#170829: Lenovo - Vibe P1 touch screen issue

    while typing, for few letters i have to press multiple times for the letter to appera. Changed keyboard app checked then also the issuel is there. its the problem with touch screen. no touch screen calibiration option is available in settings.  please help how can i rectify this issue.

  • Issue#173694: Lenovo - Vibe X3 sound problem

    Hello everyone,My vibe x3 sound just gone. No games sound, no YouTube sound. When I insert headphones the sound is back on, but if I remove them - again is off. I've checked settings - everything is on max!!!! Restart the phone is back to normal... For now...So do you know where the problem is????

  • Issue#189303: Lenovo - Really weird network issue on Vibe X3

    Hey i recently purchased a brand new lenovo vibe x3. everything has been perfect since day 1.The only bug that im facing is that whenever i disconnect a call, for a period of 1 minute or so i lose the network completely. It shows a cross and 0 signal bars for a full one minute before the network is back.This issue happens in both sim slots and with any sim(ive tried airtel and vodafone sims).Got a new update today and updated my phone but the problem persists. Whats so weird about this issue is that i never face any signal related issues otherwise. Ive hard crystal clear 1hour calls on my phone as well and there is always no dosturbance at all while talking on the phone but the moment the call is disconnected either by me or by the other person the signal lost issue occurs for a minute.Kindly let me know if this is a software issue that will be fixed or is it a hardware issue and i have to get my phone replaced.Thanks

  • Issue#193296: Lenovo - Vibe X3 heating issue

    While charging, mobile goes above 108°F. Is this normal? And also while playing games and using camera, it goes above 105. Is there any issue? Can I go for replacement? Normal idle too, the battery is in 90s. It's good or not?

  • Issue#195700: Lenovo - Contact manager hanging problem in vibe p1

    HelloI have been using lenovo smart phones for past two years. Earlier I had p 780 which started showing slowing down of contact manager and u thought it might be due to the phone getting old.On 20 jan 2016 I purchased vibe p1 with an expectation of better performance but within first 15 days I started experiencing contact manager h hanging problem ...For a new phone never expected as my earlier phone such problems after 1 and half years.I had completely reset my new vibe p1 and then the contract manager started working properly, but just 20 days have passed and the problem of contact manager hanging and slowing down the phone has started from last week again and this time it is very server and the contract manager almost takes more than 3 mins min to show the contacts.This thing happens every time I open contact manager . with this kind of performance and the phone not being able to perform the basic function of calling is coming to nerves.I did not spend money for this kind of an exp

  • Issue#198352: Lenovo - Lenovo vibe p1 fast charging problem

    After updating to latest version... S142.. My phone nearly take 2 to 3hr to fully charge. N wen i unplug d phne frm the charger... After few min it drops frm 100% to 90%..please any1 tel me what's the solution for this,It was working well befre... Will look forward to you. Thank you.

  • Issue#198543: Lenovo - Vibe X3 Battery Backup Issue after Update

    Howerver before update i used this handset to play songs for more 6-7 hours , now i battery drop rate is too high 2 hours of music palying is drop from 86% to 26 % , its very crucial battery backup was main reason to buy this handset 

  • Issue#198769: Lenovo - Microphone problem on Lenovo Vibe Z2

    Hi, i have lenovo vibe z2, Model K920.I have microphone issues. When i speak to the people on phone they cant hear me, when i make with loud speaker they hear me. When i make a video in 4K on the loud place with loud music the sound it is too much noise i cant hear nothing on the video after playing back. i have replace the microphone but nothing happend. How can i resolve this problem.

  • Issue#213053: Lenovo - Lenovo vibe x3 issue urgent fix needed

    When using the heart rate monitor 3Rd party app,the flash doesn't turn on.which is supposed to switch on when measuring the heart rate ,this issue needs to get fixed asap