Issue#1682: Skype - problem with playback device

  • I have just updated my toshiba laptop from Win 7 to 10.


    Then when I just ran Skype it did its usual update!  Its now on Ver


    Now when I Skype call someone (Call or Video) it fails and says on a line across the top of the screen "Problem with Playback device"


    When I recieve a call it shows the answer window but this does nothing when I click to answer.


    Can anyone help??



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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

  • Issue#272542: Skype - Problem with playback device on Windows Surface with Windows 10

    I cannot make or accept calls on Skype due to 'problem with playback device'. If I try to make a call it drops it before the dial even starts. This was happening in my windows 8 before I updated to windows 10 which momentarily fixed the problem (for 2-3 calls) and now I am getting the 'problem with playback device' alert again. My microphone drivers are all up to date.

  • Issue#514187: Skype - Problem with recording/ playback device with Corsair Vengeance 2100 USB Headset

    This has been happening since I formatted my hard drives and did a fresh install of windows 7 professional. When I try to make calls, it immediately drops the call and says either "problem with recording device" or "problem with playback device. I use a Corsair Vengeance 2100 USB Headset. I have no problems with using the microphone and headphones in other programs, but in Skype it doesn't seem to work. When I go to my audio settings and choose the headset as my microphone and another pair of speakers as the speakers, the microphone works. If I disable the microphone, the headphones work. It seems that they can work independently, but not at the same time. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I cannot connect and get an answer problem with playback device

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    As the title says, whenever I start/join a group call on Skype, it says "Problem with playback device" under their names then closes immediately.I have updated my driver, I have updated Skype, I have restarted my computer. Everything works when in a call with just one person, the problem only appears when in a group with 2+ people.

  • Issue#1005557: Skype - URGENT: Problem with playback device

    I've uninstalled and reinstalled the latest Skype. When I try to make a call or call the test service, the call drops immediately and I get the message "Problem with playback device". I've tried switching the playback devices to one of the other devices listed and I still get the same error message.When I test the playback device inside of Skype, it plays the test tone just fine no matter which device I select.Tried running the Log tool and it doesn't generate a log file (that I can find). Attached is the DirectX diagnostics file.REALLY need to get this working again as I have calls scheduled today that my biz depends on! ThanksMike

  • Issue#1017620: Skype - Inconsistent Problem with Playback Device error

    This has become a new problem.  For months now I've been unable to do group calls, yet if I can call one person, I can add others. NOW there are random cases where if I try to call one person, I get Problem with Playback Device.  Some of these people can call me.  Some can not.  I also cannot do the echo test.  But I can call others just fine. I am on Windows 7 running the very most recent version of Skype.

  • Issue#1136577: Skype - 'Problem with Playback Device' when I try to join a group call

    So every time I try and join any group call, no matter who is in there it won't let me. It just closes and says 'Problem with Playback Device' on everyone's picture. In my Tools all of the right Audio Devices are selected and working. The wierd thing is that when I call someone on their own it works perfectly and we can even add people to the conversation and create a new group call but if I leave and join back, this issue starts again! I've tried uninstalling Skype, using different headphones and speakers and I have even deleted all Skype folders from my PC and started again but nothing works.

  • Issue#54257: Skype - Problem with Recording Device

    I just downloaded the latest version of Skype.  I cannot make video or voice calls now.  The video cam works in the setup but when I try the Echo Test or try to make a video call I get the banner message "Problem with recording Device".  The cam is an HP 3110.  Windows 7 OS.

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    can not make a video call on skype as it says problem with playback

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    iI  donot understand what i have to do?

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    No sound and no comunication because of 'problems with playback device". What can I do?

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    So recently I have been having problems with my recording device. It has happened before and I have fixed it however none of my previous ways of fixing it are working. Every time I try to call someone it instantly drops. When I try to call Echo it fails and says "Problem with recording device". I have searched and searched and no solutions have worked for me. PLEASE help.

  • Issue#447503: Skype - Skype Problem with recording device

    I am Using Skype and MP3 Recorder to interview guests for my podcast.  My recordings were working fine, now when I play back my recording its not in stereo.  I hear my voice in one ear and their voice in the other ear.It must be a setting but not sure???

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    When I call someone the call rings for a little while and then it ends and then it says "problem with recording device". What does this mean and how do I fix it? Thanks!

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    been working but now call drops immediately problem with recording device

  • Issue#785053: Skype - Problem with play back device & recording device in windows 7 Ultimate

    When I make a call,call automatically getting cut.And pop-up shows  "Problem with play back device " also some times shows "Problem with recording device". I checked Tools-options-Audio settings: There Microphone & Speakers is none. I couldn't select anything though I'm having Microphone(Realtek high definition Audio)/Stereo Mix(Realtek high definition Audio)  for microphone & Speaker/HP(Realtek high definition Audio) for speaker,when I click on show advanced options. Plz anyone help me to solve this issue.I'm having windows 7 ultimate & installed skype7.24. Plz help. Thank you.   

  • Issue#814304: Skype - Skype Call Failed: Problem with recording device

    Hi there, can someone please help me with this problem? I have tried everything from installing updates to resetting my internet explorer but nothing seems to work.  

  • Issue#924580: Skype - My playback device isn't working, and I only have one option to change!

    So I went to tools > Options > Audio Settings > Speakers, but NOTHING works, I even did the drop down box thing, but I only have ONE solution, so does that mean I have to buy a new computer? And the same thing is happening on everything else, I have no audio in anything, can't even watch youtube with that playback error message. Here is a gif showing only one of my options:

  • Issue#939005: Skype - Skype audio playback streaming issue

    Hello, Skype used to let me stream whatever my computer was playing through my microphone to the person I was skyping with. For example, I could play a youtube video and she'd hear my youtube audio through my mic. This is no longer the case. How do I go back to this? If I plug out and plug in my USB microphone again, she can hear both me and the youtube audio(or any audio I'm playing). However, then I can't see her (video freezes) or hear her. Basically, I want her to be able to listen to the audios I'm playing on my computer through my microphone. Even if I get the mic real close to the speakers, skype samples that audio and gradually mutes it for her. HELP? 

  • Issue#997957: Skype - 'Problem with recording device' Drops out of group calls

    Hi.For ages now, I have been unable to join group calls. If this group call has already been used, and is used to call the participants that were in the previous call (If that makes any sense at all) I will instantly be dropped from the call, with the message 'Call ended'. If I press 'Accept', it will say 'Problem with recording device' under each of the participants' names. However, the app is completely fine when I either call an individual, or they call me.I've uninstalled, reinstalled, visited every page related to this topic. Nothing has helped.If you know anything that could fix this, please reply. Thanks in advance. ( Windows 10 Professional. )

  • Issue#1110343: Skype - skype issue; A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the

    Every time I login to skype it works for less than a minute then I get the following message: A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. Anyone have a solution. Already tried reinstallation and still having the issue.


    problem with recording device but i dont have a mic so idk whats happening it doesnt let me in the call please help me

  • Issue#1135512: Skype - Help how to fix problem with recording device windows 7

    This is like the only day this happened and i think it will keep on going but anyways I was calling a friend and the call dropped instantly as he picked up and it says problem with recording device and i'm using windows 7 I dont know what version im using of skype though and I looked into other topics but I dont have the same options or tools i can use in my "sound" or "recording" and please help! )))))

  • Issue#1931: Skype - Problem with chat

    I am having this problem, I was in a call with a friend and a random overlay thing kind of appeared and it looked like me and my friend were sending messages back and forth. However we were just in voice chat. These fake messages didnt appear in the chat log, just as an overlay over the call. If you would like any more information regarding it I will be happy to provide it if I can. Help would be much appreciated.

  • Issue#3963: Skype - Sound problem: my friends can hear me, but I can't hear them

    I have looked briefly throughout the forums and have not found something similar to my issue. My Skype version is I'm using a desktop not a laptop, and if I attempt to call someone who is also on a desktop or laptop I can hear them perfectly and they can hear me. There are no issues. but, if I attempt to call someone who is on mobile, I cannot hear them, but they can hear me. I have tried to switch headphones and mic and the issues persists. I also own a laptop and the issue is not present.

  • Issue#4088: Intel - NUC6i5SYK 3D Blu ray playback problem (same as NUC5i5xx)

    It is frustrating and embarrassing for me to post that the exact playback issue I had with the NUC5i5RYK exists in the new generation. I don't have incentive to repeat my problem so here's a link to the UNRESOLVED thread I created months ago. It describes exactly the current problem. Figure this out Intel.

  • Issue#5015: Skype - downloaded problem

    i have downloaded the skype 7.18 and i keep deleting and re-downloading.. but the program itself is blue. why can i not see the login or anything at all???

  • Issue#5688: Skype - Skype white screen problem

    hello , when i run skype it gives me this window Gyazo link , i am using newest version. please help

  • Issue#5887: Skype - White noise/Static problem only when using Skype

    As the title says, I just can't get rid of white noise/static in the background of a call. I tried everything I could think of and googled all possible solutions, updated my driver, done 50 Echo/Test calls, still no fix. There is no white noise/static in my headphones, not when I voice record myself and play it back... Tried ticking and unticking everything I could find... Nothing works... Can someone help please, this is so infuriating?!?