Issue#20: Tableau - Aggregation issue

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    I just want to begin by saying how much this forum has saved my job! Thanks everyone!


    I am having an issue getting my values to aggregate properly. I have attached two pictures below to help explain:



    The problem is that when I remove a dimension, the values are not aggregating properly. Each Facility and Cost Center should have 1 App attached to it and taking away Summary Pay type should not aggregate those Apps. Once I take away Cost Center, then they should begin to aggregate.


    I can use MAX() but then it keeps the same value when I get rid of cost center and I would want that to be Summed.


    The end goal of this is to track Dollars/App By facility and able to drilldown to cost center, then summary pay type and another layer of fidelity that I may add in.



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  • Issue#131748: Tableau - Aggregation Issue (Part II)

    Hello all, Some time ago I was having an issue with my data due to the level of fidelity it was being joined on. I've since gotten a solution for it which can be seen in my attached work book's calculated field. I have an incremental ask to this issue now. Now, I am able to aggregate properly by pay period but When I try to sum up the year, it is aggregating only the values that are there instead of by the cost center. Example attached. When you remove the Pay Period pill, each value on the stage should be the same as long as it's in the same cost center, regardless of the pay type or job class. QA: The sum of A Cost Center 6000 should be the ball park of 8563. Thank you!

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    All, I am having trouble creating a calculated field, where my the values will not aggregate when the differentiator is removed. Example:CASE attr([Month]WHEN "Jan" THEN ([Total]*(1.035))/[Den]WHEN "Feb" THEN ([Total]*(1.0375))/[Den]END When I add the [Month] pill in the rows, the values are correct, but when i remove the month pill, the result is blank. I've tried wrapping them in sum functions/Total functions/etc. Any ideas what may be happening here? Thank you. I am trying to create a sample workbook to share, but i'm not even sure which level of fidelity is causing this. Does anyone know how to anonymize entities and accounts? Thank you all!

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    Hi All,  I think I have an issue with the aggregation of my data and I know it's because of my unfamilarity with DAX. Here's the situation, I need to create a goal metric based off of my past year's sales but only for two functional groups in my company. I can successfully build the formula, but when I drag all of my functional groups to the view with my goal metric the measure is the same for all of my functional groups ("2015 IC Sales Goal" below). Here's a screenshot: Here's the formula that I used, which is obviously wrong:2015 IC Sales Goal = CALCULATE ([FY2014 SALES($)]*1.12, OR('MyTable' [Functional Group] = "IC - CENTRAL AND WEST", 'MyTable'[Functional Group] = "IC - NORTHEAST AND SOUTHEAST"))Any help would be appreciated! And if you can find a post to link to the answer of WHY I would greatly appreciate it! I'd like to learn how to fish, so to speak.

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    Hi All, I have Tableau Server version 9.2. Data sources are extracts and MySql data connection. I have 3 backgrounders. The system is of very high configuration (64bit, 32 Gb RAM, 7.5 TB memory). MySql Db is on different server than Tableau (which is also with good config) Sometimes there seems error as Lost Connection-com.tableausoftware.nativeapi.dll.TableauException: [MySQL][ODBC 5.3(w) Driver][mysqld-5.5.39]Lost connection to MySQL server during queryin background status of extracts although the refresh extract query is not heavy and executes in seconds. When I look at show processlist there was no memory issue/lock or anything during the execution. Also the system memory on both the servers seem fine too during the error time. I have seen in some threads where it is mentioned that the backgrounder restart itself in some interval.Is that true?  I am getting this issue in this version only. Din't get in previous version. Also, not every time same extract gets fai

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    HiNeed help with server sizing issue.30~ datasourcesAll datasources are liveDB is Hive/Hadoop100~ users – means 10~ concurrent usersA lot of data – 500~ Tara

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    Hi All, I got issue with parameter where iam trying to find 'sales' of Sub-category for Last >15days,>30days,>45days from today date. So i created a parameter for 15days,30days and 45days and i wrote calc like if [Days] = "15 days" and DATEDIFF('day',TODAY(),[Order Date])< 15 then "Show"elseif [Days] = "30 days" and DATEDIFF('day',TODAY(),[Order Date])< 30 then "Show"ELSEIF  [Days] = "45 days" and DATEDIFF('day',TODAY(),[Order Date])< 45 then "Show"ELSE "Hide" END  but above calc is not affecting view and i attached twbx file so can someone pls look into my issue and correct me where iam making erro (twbx file is in 9.1version)  Thanks

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    Hello Friends,Quick question here- On the attached, I'm trying to display the top N customers based off my parameter "Top Customers 1". Everything seems to work correctly until I begin to filter my view. For instance, if I select "STS" instead of "All" on the Business Segment quick filter, Tableau doesn't display the specified number of customers based off my Top Customers 1 parameter. Any idea how to resolve? Regards,Mikey

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    Is anyone aware of an issue when using Adding Reference Line...(and selecting Line, Per Cell, Total, Value)? I would like to show the totals, but it turned out it only displayed the "$" -- only when you hover over it, it will show the total values. Does anyone know why the values were cut and how to resolve it? Many thanks!!

  • Issue#185647: Tableau - Dates Issue Aggregate and Non-Aggregate Arguments

    I took over a few reports and have been checking them over.  They used  IF [Cont Begin Date - Formatted]< Date(‘2/1/2016’), that being the date of the source date, which is a manual pull.  I would like something similar to  IF [Cont Begin Date - Formatted]< MAX([Date of Action]), MAX([Date of Action]) would return 2/1/16 as there are actions every day.  Of course this won’t work since it is doing aggregation and non-aggregation.  Any ideas on a work around?   Desktop 9.0 and sample workbook attached.    Thanks

  • Issue#198296: Tableau - SQL Server impersonation issue

    Hi All, I've a small issue with SQL server impersonation configuration. To give the details, I'm using live connection to a MS SQL Server Database in one of my workbooks (published with impersonate via server run as account) and the tableau service account has db owner permissions to that database. When I grant a user access to that database, his access to the tableau workbook on the server works fine. However when I remove his access to that database on SQL Server, he is still able to access the workboook. Pls let me know if this is a limitation or am I missing some setting anywhere. Kindly help me.  Thank you!Surendra

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    We are in the Process of Setting up Tableau Server 9.2 with Active Directory Authentication. We have created a generic AD for that as well. Our AD team is not allowing us to provide Admin Privileges to that AD ID. They are asking for specific rights to be given to that ID. In Tableau documentation, it is not clearly mention regarding list of permission to be given to the id. Can anybody please specify that what all privileges / Access rights / Permission / Group an AD ID should have to configure that AD ID as the Administrator of  Tableau while initial setup of Tableau ?

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    We have a landing page where a supplier is selected via a parmeter. This then highlights the supplier on the subsequent dashboards. When we add a rank via rank formula or index the supplie we originally chose displays as rank 1 even when they are not ranked 1st. How can this be updated so the selection is ranked correctly    

  • Issue#257856: Tableau - Data blending Zip codes performance issue

    I am looking for the best / most efficient way to blend or join a secondary data source which contains a master zip to territory mapping. Primary data source: (live connection tableau online) each row has a zipSecondary data source: (excel) master zip file with ~40k rows (all US zips) - each zip is tied to a territory I am looking to add the territories from the master zip to territory file as a filter. I tried data blending using the zip codes as a common field but I am facing very slow performance. Is there a better way to do this?

  • Issue#276716: Tableau - Data Blending Left Join Issue

    Hi All, We are currently developing a customized usage dashboard for our business users. We are blending data using multiple data sources and both data sources are connecting to PostgreSQL databases. In the second data source we are using custom SQL which basically pulls the users who are in Usage and Admin AD groups. All sites contains corresponding Usage and Admin AD groups accordingly. Our aim is to provide the users logged in with their sites usage data. For example, user X is only part of site A and when he logs in he should be viewing only site A's usage statistics and if user Y is part of site B and C, he should be viewing both sites B and C's usage statistics. For the security piece we are capturing user login information using GetUserName() function. But we have a issue here with the Site Name filter. When a user X logs in, he is able to see only his sites corresponding data getting filtered but the site name filter shows all sites within the environment. we want to

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    Hi Every body, I am facing with 1-many logic, I am connecting to a SQL database with multiple tables. One of the joins has a "one-to-many" relationship to the other tables. However, I don't want to duplicate the data in the "one" table based on it's connection to the many table. For example:  This is really urgent, so I would if someone can help me on this.thank you

  • Issue#316127: Tableau - 53 weeks issue

    I have a purchase date field in database. When I use week(purchase date) in my report , I get 53 weeks on x axis. How to trend a measure for 52 weeks only. Kindly let me know what formula should I use to handle this year end issue.

  • Issue#339632: Tableau - issue with CAGR calculation

    Hi All, we have create a CAGR calculation by using Lookup(): (LOOKUP(SUM([Month Totals]),LAST())/LOOKUP(SUM([Month Totals]),FIRST()))^(1/(SIZE()-1))-1 Formula will only work, if all years are visible.Now I am searching for a way, how to adjust the formula to be able to display only a few years.Can I refer to value for 2012 and 2016 and also lookup the specific years instead of using SIze() within formula?  Thank you very much in advance for any hints. Best regardsSabine

  • Issue#361239: Tableau - SAP HANA Connection Issue

    Hi everyone, I am facing issues while connecting Tableau to SAP HANA using native connector. I am getting the below error:  I am using Tableau Desktop 9.2 version. I have installed SAP HANA client and Studio on my system . I am not able to find HANA driver name with Registry Editor (no folder found for ODBCINST.INI ) . Do we need to install drivers separately for SAP HANA?Please advise if anyone knows the resolution. Thanks,Rekha Bathla

  • Issue#401955: Tableau - Data Blending Issue

    Hi All, I am working with two data sources and I need to blend some data fields from both data souses to create some dash boards. I did data blending but it does not give me correct results what I expect. I have attached a sample workbook by enclosing similar example which I faced. For your convenience, I have attached two screen shots of results what I expected and observed 1. This kind of figure I am expecting to have. In my two data sets one have 5 ICUs(A, B, C, D, E) and 3 for other(A, B, D) . But this figure shows 3 ICUs(A, B, D) which are in data set 1. But I need to show rest ICUs though those do not have data (C and E) 2. When I blend Data I observed this figure. This figure shows rest 2 ICUs(C and E) But failed to show discharge type correctly as in figure 1 when dragging discharge type into color shell Can anyone please kindly help me to getting this problem solved. I have attached my tableau workbook as well. I can work upto tableau version 9.2. 

  • Issue#449060: Tableau - Conditional Formatting issue

    Hi, I used the below formula for the conditional formatting but, I am getting a issue like when data is 0.0.I want it to reflect Orange color. The problem happening is Tableau is probably considering more than 1 decimal points.Hence reflecting Red.Plz anyone with quick solution. IF   SUM([Qtr/YTD])>0.04999 THEN 'Green' ELSEIF SUM([Qtr/YTD]) < -0.04999 AND LOOKUP(SUM([Qtr/YTD]),1) < -0.04999 AND SUM([Qtr/YTD])> LOOKUP(SUM([Qtr/YTD]),1)  THEN 'Pink'ELSEIF SUM([Qtr/YTD]) < -0.04999 THEN 'Red' ELSEIF (SUM([Qtr/YTD]) < 0.04999) AND SUM([Qtr/YTD])> -0.04999 THEN 'Yelow' ELSE 'white'END

  • Issue#462940: Tableau - another open/close date issue: overdue tickets, aka count # of tickets open more than X da

    Hi all, I've spent the last few days working on trouble ticket data, using the excellent FAQ on open/close dates.  But, I've got a twist on the issue that I can't figure out.  I can count the number of open tickets, but I also need to count the number of tickets that are open, and have been open more than X days (where X will likely be 14 and 90, but which is 2 in the attached for simplicity). I've attached a simplified workbook to show what I want.  the basic open tracking sheet is working for open ticket.  If it was working, I would want another page that would show 1 overdue at the end of 1/2, 2 at the end of 1/3, 1 on 1/4, 1 on 1/5, and 0 on 1/6.  the actual data source will be an SQL database, but I'm using excel for this example. Since i have to track this at the individual ticket level, I'm not sure how to track that over time, or how to handle dates that don't exist in the data, like 1/5.  Any help would be REALLY helpful. I've been

  • Issue#469688: Tableau - Sparkler Configuration Issue

    Hi All, We are trying to configure SPARKLER Connector to integrate Tableau with SFDC i.e. to embed Tableau views on SFDC canvas. During this process in Task 3 “Configure Sparkler” on page no 23 in sparkler configuration guide, its required to configure the Salesforce field to map to the Tableau User. We have a valid Tableau User as well as valid Salesforce user and have done the required mapping as well. But still on sparkler status page, we are getting error. What should be the format of value which has to be given in sparker.xml file for the below given string.   Any help in this issue will be much appreciated. Regards,Arun

  • Issue#483303: Tableau - Calculated field causing issue while publishing - all filters greyed out.

    I have a calculated field as a filter in my reports. It is working fine in the desktop preview. But when I publish my dashboard online, all my filters are greyed out (look at the picture). Is there any wrong that I am doing. Appreciated your help here. 

  • Issue#486676: Tableau - User filter issue

    Hello, I am facing issues with user filters.Can you please help me resolve the issue.  User filters are being created using "Account" Dimensions.   We have 5 user on tableau server, out of which "two users" have access to all the accounts and rest three users have restricted access and can access few accounts only.    When new accounts are added , these accounts doesn't come part of the user filter automatically. It needs to be manually selected every time.  Can you please let me know who to handle the above issue.Thank you

  • Issue#491380: Tableau - Percent of Total issue in a USA dashboard

    Hi, Attached workbook version: 9.1 Background:1. I created a superstore worksheet to show Sales as a Percent of Total across the United States.2. I duplicated the worksheet but filtered the States to only Arizona.3. I put these sheets in a dashboard. Problem:1. The actual Percent of Total value for Arizona is 1.54% But on the Arizona sheet it shows up as 100%. Note:- I know the reason as to why this is happening. It's because when filtered on Arizona, the Total Sales is the same as the Sales for Arizona location.- I want to know if there's a solution or a workaround to this problem.- My actual dashboard has Alaska and Hawaii but I couldn't find that in the Superstore database. Help will be much appreciated.Thanks in advance,Suraj.  

  • Issue#529368: Tableau - Trusted Ticket issue with site

    Hi, I'm facing an issue with trusted ticket setup. If I publish a dashboard on Tableau Server default site and try to embed it in Salesforce,its working fine.If I publish the same dashboard on a site on Tableau Server and then I embed it in Salesforce page and try to access it, its giving below mentioned error:  An error occurred on the server. The details of the error are: Could not locate unexpired trusted ticket sGig9qxxAMkbJG2upondXQ9kClick the Refresh button in your web browser and try again.If you continue to receive this error please contact your Tableau Server Administrator.  Any help in this issue will be much appreciated. Regards,Arun

  • Issue#567243: Tableau - Issue with Calendar Month vs Client Month

    Hello All, We are facing issue with Calendar month Vs Client Month. Please find the below screenshot.    As per the client month, 1st may comes under April but as per the calendar it comes under May month. we have kept a logic to calculate Prorata sales. Month(Client month)=Month(today) then sales. But as per this logic, 4<>5 . I place of month(today) we need to use Client calendar. Kindly help us out. Regards,Koushik.

  • Issue#593851: Tableau - Issue with the extract file if i add a new column into the extract to append

    Hello Team, I have the existing extracts which I used to build the report. its around 2.5 GB of extract. abnd I have around 30 reports created using this extracts. now the requirement is to add one more new column to the extract. but when I add the new column to append the existing extract the new column not displaying in the column list. please let me know if anybody come across this scenario and how to resolve this. Regards,Raghu

  • Issue#599488: Tableau - Data blending summation issue

    I am facing one issue while aggregating the data from date to month rollup on data blending of two different sources. When I am rolling up data which is % based from date level to month level, It is not aggregating based on date at month level. See below requirement to get clear idea.  Month of Date opened, Day of Date Opened, Full/Partial & Percent impacted user are coming from EXCEL data source (Primary Data source). The Total User is coming from Google Analytic (Secondary Data Source). Whereas “User impacted by percent” is the calculated field created based on these data source. Here is the formula of User impacted by percent:  if SUM([Percent impacted])=1THEN SUM([GA (GA_Dataset)].[User])ELSE (SUM([GA (GA_Dataset)].[User])*SUM([Percent impacted]))END I tired ATTR in above formula instated of SUM(Percent impact) but didn’t help me. See attached workbook sample for detailed understanding. Data at date & month level:Month of Date Open