Issue#2243: Blackberry - start / stop NFC programmatically

  • I'm able to start / stop Bluetooth from cascades


    Is there a way to start and stop NFC programmatically ?


    it's for a business app in work perimeter where NFC should automatically enabled /disabled.



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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

  • Issue#778: G5 2.5Ghz start up issue

    hello tried starting my Powermac G5 dual 2,5ghz mac. I had given up on this for almost a year. Here's what is going going on and what I tried. I rebuilt the LCS with new O rings and new coolant. I tried booting with ram and video card out but still got the same result. The white power button LED does not stay lit. It boots with no chime, and the fans eventually ramp up after awhile. The battery is at 3.6V. Tried the pmu reset. I tried a different power supply and another LCS/cpu combo as... G5 2.5Ghz start up issue

  • Issue#2730: Blackberry - Set-up app won't stop

    Hello... I need help here. I just recently bought a Blackberry Classic. I am using it as a phone only. My Carrier is Rogers Wireless. I do not have internet/wifi access to this phone because that is what I chose when choosing a plan with Rogers.My question is: How do I remove or shut off the set-up app. I keep deleting the set-up prompt but it keeps returning and alerting me to continue set up.  I cannot continue because this phone cannot connect to internet/WIFI. Is there any way around this. I bought the phone outright. I love my phone except for this annoying set-up issue....Please help Your help is much appreciated

  • Issue#6132: Unity - particle collision 2d never stop colliding, help need to solve this issue

    hi, i'm working on a 2d game and i'm using the new particle collision 2d available in the new unity 5.3.1 (i'm using patch 1), my particle is colliding in the right way with my player character, but after the first collision, the particle remain colliding, don't know why, this is the code that i'm using to detect the collision: Code (csharp):     public int[] DamageAmount = new int[3];   public float[] RestoreTime = new float[3];     private PlayerHealth PlayerScript;   private bool bBurned = false;... particle collision 2d never stop colliding, help need to solve this issue

  • Issue#6184: Blackberry - Possible to stop OS from sending Play Signal to App with ownership of NowPlayingConnect

    Bit of a weird one, my Application uses the NowPlayingConnection, now if I pause the Playback in my App then make a phone call, do my buinsess then end the call the OS is telling the NowPlayingConnection to play without user interaction. For example, Playing Audio from App,Manually pauses Playback,Makes and ends Call,Playback is started without user touching the App or the Notifications Pane Not really sure how I could handle this, I thought about watching the call state but that would be a overkill and security concerned user nightmare.. Saw this in the docs:"With no audioManagerHandle specified, the now playing service will automatically call play() when no longer preempted. If an audioManagerHandle is specified, the now playing service will only call play() if the audio routing has not changed to a more public device while preempted." Not sure what to think of it, though

  • Issue#7463: Blackberry ID issue

    I have attempted to sort this too many times and support on Twitter... which I do use, keeps saying they do not understand. I have a blackberry Z10, when I first set up my ID the contact e-mail address was for the business I worked for. I have not worked for that business for 4 years. I keep being asked to verify my Black Berry ID, the e-mail address is no longer valid, I will not see a reply, I now have a warning saying if the next attempt is incorrect, I will be unable to use black berry ID for 15 minutes???? All I want to do is change my ID e-mail address How do I do it?

  • Issue#22555: Blackberry Hub needs to know if email was already read on another device(PC) and stop LED notificati

    Hi all, I set up Gmail and Outlook email in Blackberry Hub.  When email arrives, I see LED notification, which is good.  If I check and read that new email using PC, Table, then phone's notification light still blinks. Basically Hub doesn't sense that email was already read on another device. I would have to go into Blackberry Hub and then it would refresh and stop the light. Hope that Blackberry team can make an update to the Hub, so it would know that message was already read on another device and would stop the notification.

  • Issue#22705: Blackberry Hub needs to monitor if email was already read on another device(PC) and stop LED notific

    Hi all, I set up Gmail and Outlook email in Blackberry Hub.  When email arrives, I see LED notification, which is good.  If I check and read that new email using PC, Table, then phone's notification light still blinks. Basically Hub doesn't sense that email was already read on another device. I would have to go into Blackberry Hub and then it would refresh and stop the light. Hope that Blackberry team can make an update to the Hub, so it would know that message was already read on another device and would stop the notification.

  • Issue#24063: Blackberry - Issue with

    Hello upgraded my Z10 to latest OS release and saw that in App Manger the option allow to install 3rd party apps is blocked? It states blocked by administrator? This is a personal phone from day one. Has anybody else seen this? On Passport SE from ShopBlackBerry purchased a month ago holding out to install this latest OS!

  • Issue#25392: Blackberry - Messenger Emoji Issue

    I am experiencing an issue where emoji are shown in the hub view but when you open the SMS message to view in greater detail or reply, then emoji are not recognized in Messenger.I have tried a few different text apps as well to see what happens and the same effect is seen.I have tried a few Web sites that show emoji and confirm what can be recognized by your phone and all emoji are recognized by my phone.Any suggestions. This is more annoying than functional...Regards...

  • Issue#37728: stop / start Kodi enough for activating new AS.xml ?

    Hi guys I'm wondering whether i have to entirely reboot my RPi2 or if Code: systemctl stop kodi systemctl start kodi is enough to activate a new/fresh edited AS.xml Thank you and have a nice weekend

  • Issue#47687: Blackberry Classic Headphone Port Issue.

    Hi, I had been using my favorite BB Q20 Classic for 3 months.I got my handset from the Singapore Mobile Carrier M1 and the handset is said to be brand new,  legal and authentic. Previously the earpiece is working pretty well. But Just a week ago, I use a local brand earpiece; as of I prefer the in ear type. Afterward, I noticed that the original earpiece that provided with the device is not working.The earpiece itself is confirmed not defect. I found that the earpiece came into operation intermittently but soon turn off while calls still ongoing.The assumption of the problem is pointing to the Audio Out Line and Port.Hence, kindly address this issue to respective technician to fix this. MBS  

  • Issue#49959: Blackberry - Priv battery and heating issue solved for T-Mobile users

    After scouring the internet and opening tickets with Blackberry I can confirm 100% that the battery drainage and heat issue with the Blackberry Priv for T-Mobile users is due to: The My T-Mobile app.  When you go online you read lots of replies and gets lot of people offering advice (turn your display down, turn off your location, turn off sync, etc, etc). I tried them all.Once I disabled and uninstalled the my tmobile app (I actually deleted all t-mobile apps) the problem was solved. It was like I had a new phone. I highly recommend this for T-Mobile users. Good luck!

  • Issue#50175: Blackberry - update issue

    can any one pls pls tell me how to update my z10 .i am still on 10.2 .pls help

  • Issue#52042: issue with my blackberry Q10

    I upgraded 2 a new version of os through blackberry link, and the upgrading was successful, but the major problem is that every application that I install on it after the upgrading usually delete after every restart of the phone and the SQN100-1. Please am seriously disturb about it. Need solution please.

  • Issue#53826: Blackberry - delete email issue

    Dear All, my boss have experinced with deleted email on microsoft O365  . when we delete email on first time email has gone but no longer email comeback again in inbox. and we deleted again to make email truely dissapear in inbox.why must deleted email 2 times to make  email really dissapear deleted from Inbox. can anyone advise for this issue.

  • Issue#54635: Blackberry - issue with bb id

    hi. i have a second hand passport device and when i update this device to latest version, its required bb id info. and we havent email and password. what is the way? 

  • Issue#54636: Blackberry - PRIV battery heat issue solved

     I spent the better part of 2 hours with bb level 2 tech support. Read this through before you start NetworkTMOBILE OK we had to reset the entire phone Then we updated the standard apps / using playstoreThen updated the OSOS / using TM Then loaded the apps I was using Then updated these /using playstore  We backed up the phone .. Using Super Backup Took some time .. Battery life now awesome including surfing web.. All day plenty battery to go.  I did turn off a lot of the unnecessary features on the MyTmobile app. Shut off all the advertising push ****bleep** * as well and the continuous TM usage notifications. I did leave the security and health monitoring set to 24hrs operational.  I did change the network setting to LTE 4g3g no 2g  I dis turn off the auto connect for wi-fi .. But that's  just me making my phone more secure. I want to control.  This is one way to fix the two issues. Go

  • Issue#58239: Blackberry - Restart wipes the start screen

    When a perform a restart on my Priv... Hold the power button chose "Restart"... When the phone completes the restart and comes back to the today screen all the apps and widgets I had setup are gone and I am back to the original factory setup. Everything still works all the apps sign-ins keyboard shortcuts everything I set up everything works like nothing has changed only the start screen is back to the original.  Is it supposed to work like this? Its anoying every time the device slows down and needs a restart I have to set all my apps and widgets back up. 

  • Issue#60355: Stop Lurking, Start Working! Media / Craft Den

    So after several months of lurking and learning (and wrapping up other projects), ready to start putting together my multi-purpose den. Learned a ton here and hope to get some more tips on making this space work! Have some photos of the space, but I'll likely need to make a few posts before I share them, so I'll start with the basics. The Space: The room is approximately 15'4" x 20'12". There is a corner opening to the kitchen to the left of the desired screen placement; two windows and a door are located at the rear of the room- opposite the planned screen placement. Between the windows is a fireplace (rarely used). My wife will be using one half of the room as a sort of crafting area. Sunlight is minimal most days, with little direct sunlight making it to the screen area, but lamps and craft lighting will be an issue. At some point I plan to install some sort of down lighting- but I've already got the projector and since there's no attic access, I'm willing to wait a bit

  • Issue#60769: Stop HP Support Assistant at start up

    I have upgraded to HP Support Assistant 8, v8.1.52.1.  How do I stop the HP Support Assistant from starting automatically.  I have tried disabling various scheduled tasks, but every time I restart it appears again.  It's now more annoying that Donald Trump.  How do I stop it?

  • Issue#61663: Blackberry - exchange polling issue using BB Hub

    hi there,using BB PRIV Build AAD444 Kernel 3.10.49 latest patch 1st feb 2016. i configured exchange email in BB HUB with our corporate mail server exchange 2010. since then syncing is on, the device is hot and, this is more terrifying, our exchange logs explodes. active sync is polling estimated 8-50 (!) MB logfiles per minute when sync is on. when turning off the sync on the phone, logs getting normal. configuring other options like sync interval or others make no difference, polling is extreme high. if you need more information, please let me know. thanks in advance Swen

  • Issue#68575: Skype - My calls stop in 20-50 seconds after start

    Any time I start talking with someone in a short time sound stops, we can't hear each other, then it acts like it lost the connection and tries to reconnect, while we still can send messages to each other. In group calls I am the only one who drops out, it's fine for the others.After it tries to reconnect it shuts down the call, it looks like when you simply click on someone, the phone icon is blue, like if I could call him, in group calls too (they are still talking). But if I press the call button, nothing happens.After some seconds it tries to recall the other person (it doesn't matter, if I pressed the call button, or not), then he answers, but none of us can hear the other, then it shuts down the call again.This is the last step. From here it happens again in this order if I start a new call or he calls me back. Skype version 8.1I have administrator rights (I am the only account), my internet is constant 80-100mbps. I'm looking forward for any answers,

  • Issue#69018: Blackberry - LED indicator won't stop blinking

    I'm having a weird problem.  For my work email on my device, the LED indicator always blinks for notifications, even in Sleepmode and Do Not Distrib. For all other notificaiton, as expected in Do Not Distrub, I get nothing.  BBM, personal email, etc, nothing, as expected, but work email account blinks. I've reviewed the customer nofications but can't find anything that would distinguish work email versus personal email so why is the one blinking and not the other. This didn't used to be an issue and it started about a week ago.  May or may not be related but around the same time, the device had somehow crashed.  Pulled it out of the case and it was off.  I didn't turn it off, it was just off.  Turned it on and everything seemed okay. Any help is appreciated.

  • Issue#77370: Blackberry - CSK/Signing Password Rejected - Server Issue? CRITICAL

    Hello, I am unable to get Momentics to accept my CSK Password when uploading a debug token to device. I have not made changes to the password. It has been working fine for months. Password has not changed.Device is connected properly to Momentics. Is the BlackBerry server which handles verifying the password and issuing the debug token running?Please ADVISE. Critical disruption to development. Thanks.

  • Issue#77982: Blackberry - My Z10 Stop Vibrating Suddenly

    Dear Fellows                       i am facing a problem that last 2 days ago suddenly stops vibrating on calls and as well as on all notifactions .this problem was noticed on last friday and then i checked all setting in notifaction tab and also done reloading a os and this problem is facing after update to and also done vibrator test in BBVE but no vibration .please tell me what i have to do to re start vibration

  • Issue#85721: Blackberry ID Login issue

    Hello. A child accidentally deleted BBID account of what I accidentally discovered after flashing the device. I create a new account on the same email, but the protection manager does not activate the phone. It requires credentials were used to configure the data I remember. Help please, do not want to lose such a good smartphone

  • Issue#87064: Ubuntu - [all variants] Linux based Medial Player that allows setting start/stop of track???

    Are there any linux based media players that allow the user to set start/stop time on tracks the way you can in itunes??

  • Issue#101196: is it possible to record tcl commands (between a start and stop recording command)

    Is it possible to 'record all tcl commands' to a file, something like 'startrecording_to_file somefile.tcl' and 'stoprecording' ? (without all the output/feedback to the commands)   This would for example be usefull to record additional items that were added to a block design (instead of manually having to copy/paste all commands).

  • Issue#102740: Since the Lollipop upgrade, I have to stop/start wifi a number of times to have voice over WiFi

    Hi,   Since the Lollipop upgrade, I have to stop/start wifi a number of times to have voice over WiFi.   ===== Symptoms.   After getting wifi connected, and watching the Republic notification do its thing, it seems random if the