Issue#2256: Blackberry - How to acces Textfield text property on another qml page

  • Hi,

    I started BB 10 development recently and need some help. I searched this forum but couldn't find some information that exactly is related to my problem (the opposite way only), or I missing something basically. From my main.qml I want to access the textfield's text property from the InputControl.qml to use as a parameter in my SQLQuery (attached object). I tried to use the property alias fieldname method, but it doesn't work. I can't feature it out. Here is my code:



    import bb.cascades 1.4
    import bb.cascades.datamanager 1.2
    import bb.system 1.0
    import 1.0
    Page {
     id: root 
     titleBar: UIControls { 
     //! [0]
     content: Container {
     leftPadding: ui.du(2)
     rightPadding: ui.du(2)
     topPadding: ui.du(2)
     bottomPadding: ui.du(2)
     InputControl { 
     // The ListView that's used to display the artist data
     //! [1]
     ListView {
     id: myListView
     //property variant dq: defaultDataQuery
     // Associate the list view with the data model that's defined in the
     // attachedObjects list
     layout: StackListLayout {
     headerMode: ListHeaderMode.Sticky
     layoutProperties: StackLayoutProperties {
     spaceQuota: 1.0
     horizontalAlignment: HorizontalAlignment.Fill
     verticalAlignment: VerticalAlignment.Fill
     listItemComponents: [
     ListItemComponent {
     type: "item"
     Container {
     Label {
     text: ListItemData.Japanisch
     layoutProperties: StackLayoutProperties {
     topMargin: 5.0
     textStyle {
     base: SystemDefaults.TextStyles.TitleText
     fontWeight: FontWeight.Bold
     color: Color.create("#7a184a")
     Label {
     text: ListItemData.Lesung
     textFit.maxFontSizeValue: 9.0
     textStyle {
     base: SystemDefaults.TextStyles.TitleText
     fontWeight: FontWeight.Normal
     color: Color.create("#ff1818e9")
     Label {
     text: ListItemData.Deutsch
     textStyle {
     base: SystemDefaults.TextStyles.TitleText
     fontWeight: FontWeight.Normal
     multiline: true
     textFit.maxFontSizeValue: 8.0
     Divider {} 
     }// Container 
     // Use a standard list item to display the data in the model
     } // end of ListView
     attachedObjects: [
     //! [2]
     // One of the default provided DataModel's
     GroupDataModel {
     id: dataModel
     grouping: ItemGrouping.None
     DataSource {
     id: dataSource
     // Load the data from an SQL database, based on a specific query
     source: "WadokuJT.db"
     //query: "select Japanisch, Deutsch, Lesung from WadokuJT where Deutsch like '%Wasser%'"
     query: "select Japanisch, Deutsch, Lesung from WadokuJT where Deutsch like '%" + stext + "%'";
     onDataLoaded: {
     // After the data is loaded, insert it into the data model
     type: DataSourceType.Sql
     } // end of DataSource 
     ]//! [2] 
     actions: [
     //! [8]
     ActionItem {
     title: qsTr("Search")
     imageSource: "asset:///images/ic_search.png"
     ActionBar.placement: ActionBarPlacement.Signature
     onTriggered: {
     myListView.dataModel = null
     //myListView.dq = defaultDataQuery
     myListView.dataModel = dataModel 
     ActionItem {
     title: qsTr("Settings")
     imageSource: "asset:///images/ic_settings.png"
     onTriggered: {
     ActionItem {
     title: qsTr("Help")
     imageSource: "asset:///images/ic_help.png"
     onTriggered: {
    } // end of Page

    And here is my InputControl.qml


    import bb.cascades 1.4
     Container {
     property alias stext: txtSearchText.text
     Label {
     id: lblSearchText
     text: "Searchtext\r\n"
     TextField {
     id: txtSearchText
     layoutProperties: FlowListLayoutProperties {
     hintText: "Enter Searchtext" 

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

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