Issue#2257: Blackberry - [Rant] Bad BB10 API design decision?

  • Hello all,


    Sorry for the rant but I came across a very frustrating roadblock while developing my new app. The app has deep integrations with Remember, Notebooks, Notebook Entries and etc.


    The bad API design is due to value colisions between NotebookId and NotebookEntryId.


    If you have enough Notebooks and Notebook Entries on your Remember app, you'll run into (pseudo-code):


    Notebook nb = (...);
    NotebookEntry nbe = (...); ==; // true! == nbe.parentNotebookId().toString(); // true!

    Which means that if you have only a String representing an Id, it's impossible to figure out if it's from a Notebook or a NotebookEntry. Of course there are workarounds for this kind of limitations but it pisses me off that I have to design my apps around some amateur mistakes. It makes simple things so much harder or impossible which reflects in the quality of the apps


    It also frustrates me to know that the chances of this getting fixed/improved will never happen. I also need a new feature for invoking the Remember app to open an specific Notebook but probably that will also never going to be done either. 


    Anyway, thanks for reading.

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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

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