Issue#2261: Linux - My name is wrong on the sign in page how do I change it?

  • My name is wrong on the sign in page how do I change it?

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  • Issue#638155: Xilinx Linux kernel bug reporting: GitHub Issue Page and all reports just gone

    Dear Xilinx,   About a week ago I reported a possible bug on Xilinx's Linux kernel GitHub page ( It was quite some effort to comb through the code and come up with a theory on why the xilinx_vdma driver doesn't work with multiple buffers in a single transaction for me. I used relevant code references and put effort into explaining how the issues I saw in the code coincide with the problematic behavior and issues I'm seeing. So after seeing no activity on that issue as well as others I started a (now deleted) forum thread here today, asking where to properly report such issues. Now, instead of answering that question the Issue page on GitHub is just gone probably without anyone copying the reports over to wherever Xilinx wants them. Obviously I too don't have a backup of my report because why the hell would I.I get it Xilinx wants to do things the same way across their products and if they think forums are a better solution to issue tracking th

  • Issue#694447: Playstation - PS4 sign IN page issue

    Dear network  team hope you doing well  we  face an issue and we need your support in order to solved so the problem is our costumer  can't access to the sign in web page and which is this site!display.action   and  the output when trying to open this is access denied so we trying to change our public ip and its solved and our costumer can access but it;s for short  time after that the site is block again so do you have any suggestion  to solve this issue please thanks 

  • Issue#746940: Linux - Script Issue with Tar Command: Either tar file created in wrong directory or not at all

    I'm written a bash script to do the following: - using find, grab all .aud files created daily in a certain directory - archive them in .tar.gz format in the same directory - give the archive a meaningful name with the hostname, file type and date of files created - using scp/ssh keys, move .tar.gz from the source to a logging server for storage Here is the code Code: find /ora/oracle/admin/RHNSatDB/adump -ctime -1 -and -name '*.aud' | xargs tar -czvf /ora/oracle/admin/RHNSat/adump "$(hostname -s).aud-$(date --date="24 hours ago" '+%F').tar.gz" sleep 30 scp /ora/oracle/admin/RHNSatDB/adump/*.tar.gz [email protected]:/logdata/linux_servers/ameda4aisrx0234/2016/jun sleep 30 rm -f /ora/oracle/admin/RHNSatDB/adump/*.tar.gz Number of issues where the script isn't working. For the xargs piece, if I don't use the absolute path, the .tar.gz file ends up where the cron job is ran from (/usr/local/bin) If I use the absolute path of /ora/oracle/admin/RHN

  • Issue#1130702: Linux - RHEL Page corruption issue

    Hi, I have Java (Java 6) applications running on RHEL kernel versions "2.6.32-573.1.1.el6.x86_64" and ""2.6.32-573.26.1.el6.x86_64".". These Java applications process several files in a day i.e. heavy in IO. The Java application in question connects to an Oracle DB, fetches rows, and for each row does the following: 1. stores the value of a column that has an XML string into a Java DOM variable. 2. writes the DOM variable as XML string to a XML file using the Java IO package. 3. parses the DOM variable for a few XML element values and outputs these values to a text file 1 out of 5 times, i see that the XML file generated in step 2 above is getting corrupted. The corruption spans ~4K bytes somewhere in the middle of the file. The corrupting data appears to be coming from the OS page cache as this data is not related to the Java application in question. The XML file being generated is about 10 MB in size. Appreciate if folks can suggest on how to go abo

  • Issue#1156332: Linux - LAMP - Change webroot to /home/user/www - Permission issue

    Hello LQ, I'm trying to setup a small development server (Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, default LAMP stack) and I wish to have the documentroot set to my home dir, which is /home/wh33t/www/ I have attempted to get this setup myself but am running into this issue when browsing the website on Firefox. Code: Forbidden You don't have permission to access / on this server. Apache/2.4.18 (Ubuntu) Server at wh33tserv Port 80 This is wh33tserv.conf located in /etc/apache2/sites-available/ Code: <VirtualHost *:80>         ServerName wh33tserv         ServerAdmin [email protected]         DocumentRoot /home/wh33t/www         ErrorLog /home/wh33t/wwwlogs/error.log         CustomLog /home/wh33t/wwwlogs/access.log combined </VirtualHost> Just to show that my directories exist and their current permissions. Code: [email protected]:~$ ls -l total 8 drwxrwxr-x 2 wh33t wh33t 4096 Aug 31 23:33 www d

  • Issue#1925: Lollipop issue: Authentification is required. You need to sign into your Google Account.

    I wasted hours yesterday on this "update", only to wake up today and find it's not working again. I now am trying to update my Google Play apps, but upon entering it says, "Authentication is required. You need to sign into your Google Account."  

  • Issue#2340: Linux - change setting but return to original

    I use the command "ulimit -u xxxx " to change the open files setting , it works fine to change . but it is strange that the setting return to the original setting automatically at the night time , I wonder the ulimit -u command is permanent way to config the setting or not ? Thanks

  • Issue#4085: Linux - Preparing for KDE5, the change in session manager and continue using xmonad.

    I tried AlienBOBs KDE5 package the other day and it worked well enough, I was unable to load anything other than plasma, though. I like KDE applications, like Krita and Akregator and so forth, but I'd like to keep using xmonad. As it stands with KDM and KDE4, xmonad loads fine (symlinked xinitrc) and sources .xprofile as it should. SSDM didn't even list it. Does it use .desktop files? If so, could someone help me set one up? Well, I'll probably need help even if it doesn't, but yeah. Hehe. I just want to be prepared, because I do want to switch to it, for Krita alone, really, but I've grown too accustomed to xmonad to go back to a regular DE.

  • Issue#5738: Ubuntu - Linux Mint issue

    How do I use a folder for desktop slide show instead of all pictures?

  • Issue#5798: LXer: Saying Linux Is Fragmented Is Wrong, This Is Why

    Published at LXer: One of the things that some people say about the Linux platform is that it's fragmented, just like Android. The truth is that fragmentation doesn't really apply to the Linux platform, and the fact that there are too many distros to count is actually a good thing. Read More...

  • Issue#8272: Linux - MATE Desktop terminal transparency change?

    Hi all, This is a relatively minor issue but I wonder if it's affecting anyone else. I run a desktop with CentOS 7.2 and MATE Desktop. After a recent reboot, I noticed a change to transparency in terminal windows. Basically, before this reboot/update, transparent terminals showed only the desktop background - which I prefer. Now, they show both the background and any other windows behind them (be it another terminal, a browser, etc). I see that I can choose a background option of "Background image" which is more similar to the old behavior, but then it looks like the image is created individually in each window rather than just showing the entire thing across all windows. My MATE versions are 1.12 (updated around Jan 19) and I get them from EPEL. Thanks for any pointers.

  • Issue#12967: Skype - sign in issue.

    I have a sign in issue. My password is correct however the Skype app is telling me it cannot be opened because I am already signed in and is asking me to sign out and try again? I have no idea on how to sign out as there is no choice.  

  • Issue#13427: Change width of Tab Page Heading

    Hi folks, I have been using the code below so that the selected tab page heading has a different color to the rest of the tab page headings on the tab control. However, when the text exceeds a certain width, the tab Page only show some of the text and not all of it. ie Say the heading is 'Purchase Invoices - Post Invoice', I only see 'Purchase Invoice - Post' on the tab Page heading. private void tabControl1_DrawItem(object sender, DrawItemEventArgs e) { /* The default behaviour of the Tab Control when the font size is made larger is to change the posiitoning of the controls on the Tab Page. The code below changes the font size without the side normal affects. */ Graphics g = e.Graphics; Brush _TextBrush; // Get the item from the collection. TabPage _TabPage = tabControl1.TabPages[e.Index]; // Get the real bounds for the tab rectangle. Rectangle _TabBounds = tabControl1.GetTabRect(e.Index); if (e.State == DrawItemState.Selected) { // Draw a different backgrou

  • Issue#14408: Linux - Change Grub Menu to boot Windows

    Hello, I have my laptop tri-booted with Linux Mint, Slackware and windows 7. I can't remember how to configure the grub menu to select the boot options. I would like it to boot to Windows 7 by default.

  • Issue#15345: Ubuntu - Cant run sudo or get root access on fresh install of ANY linux distro, pw wrong!

    Hi, Ive seen this issue all over the net, with convoluted or few unclear solutions. After a fresh successful install of ubuntu (currently running now within virtualbox), mint, or kali linux, cant run sudo or get root access like to change a password or system settings, or run sudo commands. I know my user, passw I created in installation wizard were 'dev1' and 'easy' I did all the install steps carefully. However no matter what I do the password came up as incorrect. I try switching users and get locked out, the only way into the admin account is through a system restart. This is super frustrating Ive spent hours upon hours trying to figure this out just being pi$$ed off. I cant set a new password because the original I made wont work, and I get denied from any settings changes, even though my account is admin. Any solutions would be great, seeing as all my dev work is at a standstill. Sigh

  • Issue#17009: Skype - You have attempted to sign in with the wrong password too many times. How long until I can s

    I have a SKype interview tomorrow, I must've forgot my password at first because t would not let me sign in and now I cannot log in because it says I have been locked out for entering the wrong password too many times. How long do I have to wait unti I can try again??

  • Issue#18057: Giffgaff - Transfer number page issue in Chrome

    One for the Giff Gaff Web Dev Team:There appears to be an issue in Chrome when submitting the transfer a number page: I attempted to submit the form on this page last night and nothing happened. No error message nothing etc. So I tried again this morning at work and I got the same (at home I'm on v48 and at work i'm on v47).Upon trying in Firefox (v43.04) the form submits fine.Thought I'd give you a heads up in case other people are experiencing the same issue in Chrome.Regards,Damian

  • Issue#23449: Linux - change GUI for xrdp session on centos7

    how can i have my xrdp session use xfce it uses gnome even though the local profile is set to xfce. i have tried a few tutorials but they dont work thanks

  • Issue#38899: Linux - Change volume in vlc via command line

    I am trying to set the volume to max in vlc. Have tried both, but no change in volume. cvlc --sout-raop-volume= vlc --sout-raop-volume=255

  • Issue#39048: Linux - How to change cinnamon panel color

    I'm running Ubuntu 15.10 with the Cinnamon desktop. I'm trying to customize the taskbar panel a bit. I want to change the color from the default #555555 to rgb(170,0,0). In $HOME/.themes/cinnamon.css I have: Code:     #panel {         color: #ffffff;         background-color: rgb(170,0,0);         font-size: 12pt;         font-weight: normal;         height: 40px;     } But it still shows the #555555 color as defined in /usr/share/cinnamon/theme/cinnamon.css, even after rebooting. Why?

  • Issue#39221: Project CARS - Sign-in change = Invisible Car Damage?

    I don't know is this is related or not, but was a very strange occurrence in my game. Was playing a Quick Race Weekend, Formula C @ Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, 60 laps damage/penalties/wear all on. Around lap 40 as I'm nearing the hump just before the corkscrew, I barely brush my right side off the kerb into the dirt. Car slams up and across the track similar to the old landmine bug, then coasts off the track into the wall at the corkscrew. I then swap to chase cam and see no visible damage at all, Dash app shows only 20% damage (80% life) on rear right suspension but nothing else wrong. I start to try pulling out of the dirt but the engine just freewheels as if i'd lost a wheel. Going nowhere, I then use the Reset Button to get back on the track at the corkscrew. Going downhill from there I start accelerating through all gears but could never get past 50 kmph. With the engine at max RPM, 6th gear, 50Km/h. I quickly double-tap guide to grab a record-that, and then an xbox warning pops

  • Issue#41673: Linux - systemd dependency issue?

    Hello everyone I am running owncloud on CentOS 7. Everything is working perfectly except one. When I reboot server in owncloud I have error: app":"cron","message":"Failed to connect to the database: An exception occured in driver: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket ' In: /usr/lib/systemd/system httpd.service [Unit] Description=The Apache HTTP Server After=network.service mariadb.service mariadb.service [Unit] Description=MariaDB database server After=network.service I have configured start services in this manner, it solved problem but after several reboot owncloud still logs same error. My question, does that happen because of delay of mysql creates socket after httpd service is starting or it is not related with service dependencies? Thank you

  • Issue#44789: Does anyone know how to change a submenu link from an internal Muse page to an external link?

    I contacted Adobe and they said it really can't be done. You have to create a completely new manual menu to make it work. This seems ludicrous to me.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

  • Issue#46621: LXer: February 2016 Issue of Linux Journal

    Published at LXer: All of us here in the Linux Journal community have a love for Linux and open source, but even inside our world, there are some topics that are just downright fun! This month is full of articles we're passionate about. Read More...

  • Issue#50190: InDesign - when I try to move a page, computer freezes. Issue?

    Under PAGES, When I add pages --- "create a spread" and then try to move the two pages, the computer freezes.Anyone have a solution?Mel Wayne

  • Issue#50792: Autodesk - OS Change: Win7 > Linux+VMware WS12pro+Win7

    Hello, actually my main pc is running Win7 64bit (i7, 32GB RAM) and Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suite Ultimate 2015 installed. But soon I would like to switch to Linux as main OS on that rig, running VMware Workstation 12Pro and my old Win7 within. Do you see any problems to install the suite there?Or will it work like a charm?Will there be any licence conflicts? Thank you for replying.  PS: I won't use WinX.

  • Issue#53224: Linux - Account details issue on kubuntu

    Hello, I am having an issue with account details on Kubuntu on for some reason on "Password and User Account" where you put your name or email from your user, I try to change information and every time I reboot system information goes back to the one before. So, my question is how I can change this, where I have to go or what file I need to edit so the changes I make on email and name are permanent and dont get reset every time I reboot the machine. Thanks.

  • Issue#54933: Linux - Issue with different version of a library (libX11)

    I have a Debian-derived Linux distro with "libX11-6" installed. Every time I try to configure ROOT (a package), then I get the error: "libX11 MUST be installed". I saw the configuration file log and I found this: " [...] libraries to check for: libX11.tbd [...]" It tries to find these libraries in some dir, without luck. If I try to install "libX11-dev", it answers with "libX11-dev is already the newest version". The version is the same of libX11-6... I think this problem is due to different filesname of different version of the same library. How can I solve this problem? I am a newbie in linux

  • Issue#56933: Ubuntu - How do I change IP on linux?

    Hi how do I change the static ip on linux?