Issue#2262: Error with old integrated graphic in linux

  • Hi everyone, my dad have a computer that it have a integrated graphics, the CPU is a "Intel(R) Dual CPU E2160" the clock is a 1.80 GHz."

    The problem is that sometimes in ubuntu mate 15.10 the screen do "Weird things", and sometimes block fully the screen, i did think that is a problem with ubuntu mate, because is a new distribution, but i remember that in other distributions, fedora etc... i too had graphics problem, for example with openshot when my dad render video, block fully the system, and some times the computer is very very slow, i have try somes DE but is not problem with a DE.

    It's not a hardware problem because my dad have dual boot with windows 7 and windows 7 work fine.


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  • Issue#261277: [PC] AC Syndicate Intel integrated graphic issue not fixed after patch 1.4

    Hi, I feel very frustrated when the issue with dedicated graphic has not been fixed after patch 1.4. This issue is not even listed in the sticky thread "AC Syndicate Known Issues". The game still only recognizes the Intel integrated graphic, not the dedicated one (NVIDIA, AMD). This problem has been existing since game launch, a lot of PC gamers have experienced it but NO ONE knows any proper way to fix it. The supporting team also seems to give up, leaving a number of PC gamers suffer from undesirable fps :nonchalance:

  • Issue#432488: Linux - WINE Runtime Error - isskin.dll issue?!?

    i am using kubuntu15.10_64bit. when i am installing game MAFIA2-BLACK BOX with wine1.6 error occurs. Runtime Error (at - 1:0): Cannot Import dll:C:\users\harsh\Temp\is-DJR4B.tmp\isskin.dll Runtime Error (at - 1:0): Cannot Import dll:C:\users\harsh\Temp\is-EK8QK.tmp\isskin.dll

  • Issue#2315: Linux - Ubuntu error

    Hello all, I am new to linux and I tried to post last night with this problem but I can not find that post so I am posting again. I did a clean install last night of Ubuntu 14.4, it went great, then I installed the cinnamon UI and it was working really well until I downloaded some other features (can't remember what exactly)and did a reboot. Now I get this error after every reboot, system seems to be working fine though /usr/sbin/unity-greeter problem type: crash Now is this because I installed the cinnamon UI? Will this create problems with my system. this is not my main computer but I have gone back to school to get my bachelors in networking and I am taking a linux class. I wanted to use this to get use to linux because I may make it my daily driver at some point. Thanks for your help JCR

  • Issue#2330: Linux - error messages on the LQ site

    When I reverse back through a chain of pages (browser "<= Back" button) on your site, most often I get the following message. Quote: A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will complete. Script: [X Stop Script] [v/ Continue] And a similar message, but less frequently for this script. Quote: d=cm-50385705754_1453541416&adsafe_par&bidurl= The browser will freeze for as much as a minute before the error message actually appears. I have been getting similar messages on several sites recently and blame advertsments and html5.

  • Issue#2336: Linux - Some (only) html pages do not print - error codes in post

    Running Debian Wheezy and an HP Laserjet 4000N, I have always been able to print any HTML page. Today, three pages I tried to print gave me error messages and no output. Other web pages printed fine. Running Iceweasel 38.5.0. The pages print if PDF or text or Libre Office documents, including the above mentioned HTML pages. [I'm puzzled because I don't get a consistent result (most pages print)]. However, the three pages I couldn't print were from the Debian Wiki List, so I would think those should be error-free as far as printer codes go. A sample of the error output is ERROR: invalidaccess OFFENDING COMMAND: filter STACK: /SubFileDecode endstream 0 --nostringval-- --nostringval-- 20 false The error codes varied after the word filter, otherwise the same. The pages also do not print using Opera. The printer is configured using CUPS and the driver is correct (as I said, I have no problems up until now) I have no clue, other than the thought that somehow the pages themselves migh

  • Issue#2423: Lenovo - Thinkpad Yoga 15 Graphic Card issue (geforce 840m)

    I hope somebody can help me with this problem I have with my Thinkpad Yoga 15 (20DQ001KUS).I have upgraded it to windows 10 and all was running fine in the beginning but now I received ‘the blue screen’ all the time and  the computer does not restart normally after it. If I disable the Nvidia Geforce 840M graphic card (and just use the Intel HD graphics 5500) I don’t receive the errors. I have tried already many things with updating and rolling back drivers for the Geforce card. But it keeps giving problems. All other drivers are also up to date…. Thank you very much in advance! I have received the following error messages on the windows 10 blue screen:video_scheduler_internal_errorDPC_watchdog_violationvideo_management_internalvideo_DXGKRNL_fatal_errorAnd here are the results of the diagnostic scan (I also performed the separate motherboard diagnostic scan and it passed fully): ========================================================== Lenovo Solution

  • Issue#3716: Linux - Firefox installation error:

    To all: I recently installed centos 7 minimal and got it up and running. Then one of the additional packages I was trying to install is the current version of firefox. So I download the firefox-43-0.tar.bz2 file. Then I did a: tar xvjf firefox-43.0.tar.bz2 however, i got the following error: tar(child):bzip2:Cannot exec: no such file or directory tar(child):Error:is not recoverable:exiting now tar:child returned status 2 tar:Error is not recoverable:exiting now help! what can I do? cajunchief

  • Issue#4672: Linux - runtime error :cannot link a simple C program

    when I install numpy/scipy/pandas I come across a Problem, as the subject I try all my best to solve it but I fail Can you give me some advice? PS: the os is WIN7 and the python's version is 2.7.11 I can install other package such as requests and so on.

  • Issue#5004: Android - Unknown issue with Google Play Services Error

    I am getting a "Unknown issue with Google Play Services Error" when i open Google Apps like Gmail. I recently Unlocked the Bootloader and Rooted my Turbo. I dont see Google Play Services in Play Store to Update. Does anyone have any suggestions for the issue? Thanks in advance.

  • Issue#5194: Android - [SOLVED] Unknown issue with Google Play Services Error

    I am getting a "Unknown issue with Google Play Services Error" when i open Google Apps like Gmail. I recently Unlocked the Bootloader and Rooted my Turbo. I dont see Google Play Services in Play Store to Update. Does anyone have any suggestions for the issue? Thanks in advance.

  • Issue#5319: Linux - wget error for URLs from a file

    I'm trying to automate as much as possible and I'm using wget to download update .isos for the Red Hat Satellite (its disconnected). I'm able to download individual iso files ok with the following: Code: [[email protected] isos]# wget -V GNU Wget 1.11.4 Red Hat modified wget -c -t 100 "" However I want to automate it since I have to download multiple ISOs, so I've added all of the URLs into a file called rhel_2014_09_28.txt and run the following command: Code: wget -i /tmp/isos/rhel5_2014_09_28.txt Then I get the following: Code: -rw-r--r-- 1 root    root          40802 Jan 25 09:29

  • Issue#5738: Ubuntu - Linux Mint issue

    How do I use a folder for desktop slide show instead of all pictures?

  • Issue#8819: Linux - Packet file(s) damaged - dpkg error code (2)

    Hello, The harddisk where Debian V.7.9 is installed died slowly, i did a complete backup to a new disk with dd, but it seemed that files from /lib/modules and files from the packet management resided already in corrupt sectors of the old HDD. When booting (the old or new hdd) i get several errors from modules and modules.dep.bin Whenever i try to do apt-get install --reinstall packag-xyz i get: "Dateilisten-Datei ("Filelist-File") des Pakets abc fehlt es wird angenommen daß das Paket keine Dateien installiert hat. (File is missing it seems that package abc has not installed any files) (This happens for all package depencies) And the last line saying dpkg returned an error code (2) Is it possible to repair the package system or would a complete reinstall be better. Thanks, tz

  • Issue#9637: Linux - Fortran runtime error: Bad integer for item 1 in list input

    hi, I am trying to run a program called Curves+ I have complied the file successfully, but now I am trying to use the executable and I keep getting this error: Code: At line 164 of file aacur.f (unit = 5, file = 'stdin') Fortran runtime error: Bad integer for item 1 in list input The inputs that I use are: Code: ./Cur+ <<! &inp file=SC1, lis=SC1, lib=/standard, &end 1 15-2 15 1:15 30:16 ! I have no clue how to fix this. Can anyone help? heres the code for the file aacur.f Code: c-------------------------------------------------parse nucleotide input         do k=1,4         do i=1,n3         ni(i,k)=0         enddo         enddo       read(5,*) nst,(idr(j),j=1,4)       if( then       write(6,6000) ' ---- Choose 1 -> 4 strands ----'       stop       endif &

  • Issue#12124: Linux - Fingerprints do not match error using MSMTP- how to fix??

    I am a security newbe and never have run into this iss, so I really would appreciate some explicit suggestions on how to fix the problem. I installed msmtp (a lightweight, send only mail server) on opensuse 13.2 using yast from the package repository. My intent is to use this send only mail program to send a fax that I get from my fax server via google relay. I configured the resource file msmtprc file according to the most general set of directives in some examples, and it looks like: defaults tls on tls_starttls on #tls_trust_file /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt tls_certcheck off account default host port 587 auth on user [email protected] password my_pw from [email protected] logfile /var/log/msmtp.log When I have the following in the mstmprc file: tls_trust_file /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt I get the following error: cannot load trust file /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt: error:2D06C06E:FIPS routines:FIPS_module_mode_set:fingerprint does not match. I go to the

  • Issue#16107: Unity - Issue with specific graphic drivers

    Hi, I am facing an issue on a specific device that I found really hard to track and I was hoping someone could help me in finding ways to identify the issue. Our game is crashing on a specific device (Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite 7''). The crash seems to be happening within a graphic library of the tablet: at libGAL.computeWLimit(computeWLimit:104) at libGAL.computeWLimit(computeWLimit:68) Sadly, there is not much information about that library, and 0 result on Google on the specific... Issue with specific graphic drivers

  • Issue#18144: Linux - Rsync error 23: some files were not transferred

    Hi, How can I see which files were not transferred, is there an easy way to do this? Kind regards iFunc

  • Issue#18707: Linux - sqstat error

    Hi i have squid 2.6 installed on centos5.3 it is working fine on broadband internet , 2 days before lease line configured on server after that sqtat is now shows error SqStat error Error (1): Cannot get data. Server answered: HTTP/1.0 403 Forbidden i reinstalled the same but same problem

  • Issue#19603: Linux - Error init:Dev/hw_random not found

    I am very new to linux kernel and I think that i am missing the hw-random module, do i need to write it or is it a common file? would it keep my sound from working?

  • Issue#20529: Weird stability issue with intel integrated graphics

     "I've been getting this issue since I updated my motherboard BIOS from it's initial..."

  • Issue#21456: Playstation - FIFA 16 - Error CE-34878-0: Fix for This Issue?

    So so disappointed in the technical support provided by Playstation.  Issue has been with Playstation for 2 months and each time I have to call for an update.   They have provided troubleshooting steps several times but it does not fix the error.   I purchased the Fifa 16 game of disc and each time you score a goal the system crashes and blue screens.  There are many internet sites where it says that Playstation know about this error however they do not have a fix.  Totally disappointed.  They can not guarantee that if I purchase the game online and the same error occurs they will replace my money.  I definately won't be buying a playstation again should the console die.      Mod Edit: Moved thread to support area, updated title. --GrainneNessa

  • Issue#22038: Linux NI-488.2 Application ibdev EDVR error

    Hello All, I'm attempting to compile the example linux 488.2 applications located in the /usr/local/natinst/examples directory (devquery.c and findinstr.c). I've downloaded the latest ni488.2 device drivers (NI4882-15.1.0f0.iso) and installed them on a laptop running the 2.6.32 x86_64 kernel. Both files compile successfully using the provided makefile. I keep getting the runtime errors below. I should mention I'm using the GPIB-ENET/100 interface. I'd prefer to use the GPIB-USB-HS interface but that doesn't work either. ibdev Erroribsta &H8000 <ERR>iberr = 0 EDVR <Driver Error>ibcnt = 3759407141 I double checked the primary address, board index, etc. and everything is correct. I can communicate with the test instrument (an Agilent Universal Counter) using the gpibintctrl utility. I don't understand why the gpibintctrl utility works but not the NI example code. I tried compiling both files separately using the "gcc <fname.c> -lni4882" command which a

  • Issue#24551: Linux - changing the error rate value in aqia-sim simulator

    Hi all, Currently, I'm working on Aqua-sim simulator. I would like to view the error-rate value used by the simulator so that I can change it to suit my scenario. Any one can help me how to change that value? Any suggestions might help. Thank you in advance.

  • Issue#28116: Linux - ls -t command not found error while configuring libtools

    I am trying to configure libtools but i always get the error ls -t not found aborting, check for broken alias followed by newly created file is older than distrabuted files. what can i do to fix this error?

  • Issue#35551: Linux - 14.2-beta and obex-check-device error at boot time

    Hi there, I recently upgraded to 14.2-beta, which works really smooth here. And although it's probably harmess, I wonder, what the following error message during boot is caused by: Code: udevd[260]: failed to execute '/usr/sbin/obex-check-device' '/usr/sbin/obex-check-device 1d6b 0002': No such file or directory Does anyone else get this? I double-checked that I only de-installed the OBEX packages that should be removed according to the Changelog, and installed those that were added. But I still may have missed something. Thanks! gargamel

  • Issue#37923: Linux - run script error

    I have a script as below Code: if [[ ... ]] ; then top fi it works fine , when run it , it run "top" command on the foreground. Now , I wold like to run the command "top" in background , it changed the script to as below , it pops the error "top: failed tty get" , would advise what is wrong , how to fix it . thanks . Code: if [[ ... ]] ; then top & fi

  • Issue#41673: Linux - systemd dependency issue?

    Hello everyone I am running owncloud on CentOS 7. Everything is working perfectly except one. When I reboot server in owncloud I have error: app":"cron","message":"Failed to connect to the database: An exception occured in driver: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket ' In: /usr/lib/systemd/system httpd.service [Unit] Description=The Apache HTTP Server After=network.service mariadb.service mariadb.service [Unit] Description=MariaDB database server After=network.service I have configured start services in this manner, it solved problem but after several reboot owncloud still logs same error. My question, does that happen because of delay of mysql creates socket after httpd service is starting or it is not related with service dependencies? Thank you

  • Issue#44865: Linux - LFS 7.8-systemd 5.7 glibc error: Need linker with .init_array/.fini_array support

    I have received this error on several occasions, having retracked and recompiled from scratch and have been as meticulous as can be. Little hair is now left on my head. I have scripted each section of the build process and can supply the scripts if useful, though I have checked consistency with the manual several times. Two suspicious things have happened in compiling gcc, though this appeared to complete satisfactorily: a) libtool: install: warning: remember to run `libtool --finish /tools/libexec/gcc/x86_64-lfs-linux-gnu/5.2.0' As this location seems to be linked to tools/lib it seemed unlikely to me that it could be my problem. b) cc1: error: no include path in which to search for stdc-predef.h This looks more frightening to me Internet discussions of this problem are few and do not seem to be relevant to my situation. I have confirmed $PATH $LFS and $LFS_TGT to be as expected and symbolic links are in place. The host requirements script ran as expected. My host system is Fe

  • Issue#45042: Ubuntu Software Update Error/Issue

    I installed 14.04.3 on a new laptop at the weekend and when trying to run updates I'm getting an error "Error:Broken Count>0" I've hunted around looking for some guidance but come up empty. I did run 2 commands in Terminal (sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade) following a suggestion on another thread. Results below: Code:                         [email protected]:~$ sudo apt-get update   Ign trusty InRelease   Hit trusty-updates InRelease   Hit trusty-backports InRelease   Hit trusty-security InRelease   Hit trusty Release.gpg   Hit trusty-updates/main Sources   Hit trusty-updates/restricted Sources   Hit http://archive.ubuntu.