Issue#2358: Blackberry - Transfer BBM to used Z10

  • Hello, I have a Z10 that was not working properly and was given a newer one. I transfered the contacts and documents etc but cannot trasfer my PIN to the replacement phone. The newer one now recognizes only the previous owner. I would like to delete his BB account and replace with my account - how can this be done?

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  • Issue#2367: Blackberry - unable to get past bbm setup on z10

    Trying to set up bbm on the z10 but it won't go past the setup, it just says associating bbm with your blackberry ID. can anybody please help as unable to figure out what to do thank you. 

  • Issue#206559: Blackberry - Assessing BBM on my Z10

    My Z10 phone requested for my BBiD a few days ago. I got through to resetting the password on the phone as I know the recovery question. However i'm unable to sign-in on the phone using the new password. I keep on getting an unsuccessful login message. I am able to sign in to with the same credentials online and on other devices but not on the BB. Hence I have no access to BBM or any of the other related features. The actual message is "The Blackberry Protect anti-theft feature is on. Please sign in with the Blackberry ID that was used to set up this device. Please assist

  • Issue#269044: Associating BBM with Blackberry ID Issue

    I am getting the "Associating BBM with Blackberry ID" with rotating waiting indicator after a BMM update today. Unfortunately, I cannot reinstall the BBM application or roll back the update. To rectify the problem, I have tried the following solutions that have worked for other that had this issue before:Install BlackBerry Channels. It's not in the Beta Zone or in BlackBerry World.Install Beta Zone and install a beta version of BBM. There is no beta of BBM in the Beta Zone.Change my BlackBerry user ID and the BlackBerry ID. This does not resolve the problem.I tried resetting the date on the phone and it didn't work as of yet. I will give it more time.So, the phone is stuck in the "Associating BBM with Blackberry ID" message cycle. A reset and system wipe is not an option for me as I do not want to spend a day setting up my environment and reinstalling applications. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

  • Issue#384044: Blackberry - BBM doesnt transfer to new device (PP to PP)

    I have a similar question. I had a  passports which damaged this morning, Needed to tranfer the information. Everything has been tranferred through app an dbackup. to chekc eventually bot devices, The BBM remained active on the old passport. I just wiped it when notticed that one BBM can be active. still cannot get BBM at my new device. i guess the pin needs to be forced to my BBID

  • Issue#530088: Blackberry - Transfer Remember files to new Z10

    Z10 touchscreen crapped out. Bought new Z10 and transferred files from BB Blend backup of old files. No "Remember" Files showed up! Is there a way to get them transferred or access them, or should we retitle the app "Forget It"?

  • Issue#578116: Blackberry - Z10 issue

    Hi, my Blackberry Z10 will not finish starting up, it comes up with the box that gradually goes around to joinat 100% and then stops with just the Blackberry DOTS logo in the box and a little statementat the bottom that says 'finalising Device setup' but removing the battery several times,holding down the power button for 10 seconds and/or both up and down volume keys independentof the power button and then with power button, none of these work, I have left in on chargefor days to no avail, does anyone know how to solve this issue?

  • Issue#707330: Blackberry - Transfer Data from Z10 w/broken screen to Priv

    I have a z10 that the screen broke and is completely unresponsive and i need to transfer my data to my new Priv. I tried transfering my data to another bb10 phone but that didn't work, What would be the best way of transfering my data? Thanks.

  • Issue#726728: Blackberry - BBM issue

    Dear Team,When i open my BBM application on my balckberry z10 STL 100-2 then my bbm app is shows an error (No blackberry deta BBM is unable to connect to the sever. Please try again) so please look into the matter and solve it as soon as possible. Thank

  • Issue#734153: Blackberry - iOS content transfer issue

    I have just moved from iPhone on to the PRIV. I'm using the content transfer app to copy my pictures to my Google Drive as it suggests. There are almost 4000 pics (Should really trim that down...) and it seems to go through and (Eventually) copies them all across. I can go in to Google Drive and look at the folder and see the last photo I took. BUT, when I try and use the content transfer app to pull them back on to the PRIV it just sits there telling me that "Your previous device is transferring your data to Google Drive." Problem is that it's not, it's finished and closed the app automatically (I say that but I left it going over night and when I looked at the iPhone in the morning it was just sat on the main screen so maybe the app crashed but I don't know.) So the question is, how can I trick the PRIV in to thinking it's good to go? From copying the contacts I noticed there were some XML files to indicate the backup had started and finished so I tried recreating them

  • Issue#822187: Blackberry - Z10 Reset issue

    Last time when I going to reset my BlackBerry Z10 it get too mucg time for reset......its is about more than 14hr..Please help mi too solve my problem

  • Issue#849729: Blackberry - BBM ios privacy issue

    Trying to send someone on BBM a photo using the media button but it asks to go into settings on iOS and change it to alllow photos to be selected and when I go to my photo settings there's no BBM  showing up in the list... how can I fix this  thanks in advance...

  • Issue#851728: BBM Invite Probelm Blackberry Z10

    Hi Everyone, I am using BB Z10 right now, The problem is If someone invite me, i did not recive any invitation on my phone, and if i send someone invitation they are reciving my invitation but can't accept, when they press accept than nothing happen, still same invitation still there. 1) I have tried updating my BB software Done.2)I have tried updating BBM from My World its Done.3) I have tried Wipe to Factory Reset my Mobile Done.But Still Can't Work anything. Thanks

  • Issue#1086864: Blackberry - Add a second BBM account to Z10?

    Hi there,Hoping someone can help with a suggestion.  We are a Blackberry family, with mom and dad having Z30.  Mom's old Z10 works great (upgraded a couple of years ago to Z30), but it is currently not attached to a network provider.  Kids still use the apps and games and wifi.  I was hopping to set up BBM for our young son, to communicate on wifi only with parents.  The Z10 is still set up with mom's Blackberry ID and her apps.  Is there any way to set up a second BBM account on the Z10?  Or, is the only solution to wipe the device and set up new with a brand new blackberry ID for son?Thanks for any tips you can provide.

  • Issue#1093749: Blackberry - cannot use my BBM on my Z10

    I just got the BB Z 10, and everything works fine (emails, internet, etc), but not the BBM. All I get is "BBM cannot connect to server. Try again later". Just for the record, there is no blackberry logo next to the network bar. Anyone knows how to fix it? Please I need this fixed asap, as whatsapp will not be made available to we again on BB10 platform, let me have my BBM to fall back on

  • Issue#1113376: Blackberry - Issue settled: Z10 to DTEK50

    Solution found (content transfer app)!  Hi all, I recently purchased a DTEK50, but cannot find a way to transfer my contacts from my Z10 to the DTEK50. Just so you know: there are no exchange servers, no cloud services, no; just Windows 7 (64 bit) and both a wifi and a USB connection. Any ideas or suggestions? Thank you. Regards,admundi(Germany)

  • Issue#1127448: Blackberry - Z10 Display Issue

    Hello friends, My Z10 phone starts behaving abnormally from last few days. When i turned it ON, it starts and Display start getiing low slowly and Display goes off and only light visible.But it restarts many times and within 3-4 times it boots and works fine for some time and randomly any times display goes off only simple light remains in screen. i also noticed that my battery is also somewhat thickker like having slight air in it. Is it due to battery or any other problem?? Please help guys. Thanks in advance

  • Issue#1170149: data transfer - from Blackberry Z10 to Samsung Galaxy S6

    When transferring data from a Blackberry Z10 to Samsung Galaxy S6, can i transfer text messages and capture pictures that are within the text messages?  

  • Issue#1170548: BlackBerry z10 text issue

    Hello sir, I have BlackBerry z10 and i'm facing a problem with one number... when he send me text I received but BlackBerry can't notify me, no bell, no light blinking etc, when I open inbox and go to his number the i'll see tha text

  • Issue#2374: Blackberry - Z10 not Charging!

    Hi Everyone. I just got a used bb z10 from a shop and i am afraid its not charging. The lighting bolt appears and it shows as it is charging but instead of gaining battery percentage it keeps dropping even though the bolt keeps flashing. At 0% the mobile turned off and started charging while off till it reached to a point to have the power to turn back on but then turns off again at 0%. I think the mobile cant charge while ON but does charge when its OFF (explains where it gets the juice to turn back ON again). I have removed sim card and memory card and used different chargers of samsung,bb bold and its own fast charger but nothing seems to help. The OS is 10.3 btw. Plz help. Do i need to replace the battery or something 

  • Issue#2729: Blackberry - File Transfer Over WiFi Asking For Password

    The USB port on my PlayBook is damaged, so I have to transfer files over WiFi, mainly music from my computer. Today, when I try to open the network Media folder, Windows (10) Security is asking for a password.  It's not the password I created to do the file transfers, the password for my BBID, nor my network password. Please advise!

  • Issue#4950: Blackberry - Z10 Wont charge

    Hello, I am using blackberry z10, STL100-1. I recently did an upgrade to and my phone cant charge again. before the upgrade i was using 10.2 and it was charging perfectly but after the upgrade it cant charge.It has an equivalent sign at the left end of the battery and it doesnt charge.I want solution, pleaaaassee. Thank You

  • Issue#7352: Blackberry - BBM only working undirectional

    Hello, since yesterday ( 2016-01-26 ) the following error accured:Messages send from a BlackBerry device are received, but messages I am sending to a BlackBerry device get only the check mark, but no D or R marking. I am using BBM on an Android phone, with the most recent version Trying to fix the problem I did the following steps - but none of them changed anything in the behaviour:.Restarting BBM.Restaring the Phone.Reinstalling BBM.Trying BBM on two other Android devices.Trying to establish a group - for this my invitation was received by the BlackBerry device, but could not be accepted.Trying to join a group - I receive the invitation and I could accept it, but the group does not appear.Trying a prlvate chat.Trying an other account The only thing which works is the exchange between two Android devices.An other curiosity: yesterday and today just one message was send - only one ! I have no other ideas what I could try to fix the problem - does

  • Issue#7463: Blackberry ID issue

    I have attempted to sort this too many times and support on Twitter... which I do use, keeps saying they do not understand. I have a blackberry Z10, when I first set up my ID the contact e-mail address was for the business I worked for. I have not worked for that business for 4 years. I keep being asked to verify my Black Berry ID, the e-mail address is no longer valid, I will not see a reply, I now have a warning saying if the next attempt is incorrect, I will be unable to use black berry ID for 15 minutes???? All I want to do is change my ID e-mail address How do I do it?

  • Issue#7681: blackberry z10 error

    it shows a link while turning it with a caution sign. help me out pleass wht should i do now .

  • Issue#9564: Blackberry - auto turning off of bb z10

    my BlackBerry z10 turn off randomly and automatically after getting hanged(stuck) showing message "turn of device" there is no heating of battery. 1.5 year old phone. battery health is good as per bbve and battery app. battery juice decrease is fine if it doesn't hang. 2 times I notice some kind of sound from phone before turn off, sound was like patting a few time and then turns off. after turn off there is fall in battery level sometime direct empty from 50-60%. please help me. my device info z10 stl 100-1 of is software release

  • Issue#13362: Blackberry - BBM messages not delivering

    Hello BB Team, The day before yesterday I was messaging on BBM and for some reason my messages stopped delivering. I get the check next to what I typed but neither D (delivery) nor R (Receive) is seen. After several hours I get the red crossed sign. I can receive their messages at once from all my contacts.I have checked with my service provider and all my data settings are fine, and my whatsapps gets delivered. Below are information to help you assist me.Installed BBM version: Release: ClassicThanksNana

  • Issue#13642: Blackberry - Wifi proxy problems for apps for z10

    Whatsapp application isn't working on my device when connected through our institutes Wifi. Institutes Wifi runs using the proxy. People with android devices using applications like Psiphon to come around this problem which by the way bypasses the proxy. Do we have any applications like Psiphon? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,Sathwik. 

  • Issue#18057: Giffgaff - Transfer number page issue in Chrome

    One for the Giff Gaff Web Dev Team:There appears to be an issue in Chrome when submitting the transfer a number page: I attempted to submit the form on this page last night and nothing happened. No error message nothing etc. So I tried again this morning at work and I got the same (at home I'm on v48 and at work i'm on v47).Upon trying in Firefox (v43.04) the form submits fine.Thought I'd give you a heads up in case other people are experiencing the same issue in Chrome.Regards,Damian

  • Issue#19530: Blackberry - BBM down in many places across the world

    BBM's delayed, BBM's not delivering, new BBM signups not happening on iOS BBM (BBM setting up error). Is the BBM team aware? berry has got about 3 threads describing BBM issues since three days.