Issue#255529: PC (PS4/PC) Delta 20010186 stepping stone?

  • So. Some of us have been getting this issue when we try to connect to the game and we get shut down on the spot. After several very frustrating evenings my roomate and I attempted to bypass the error by using our phones as a hotspot and connecting through them instead of the router that runs our network.


    Instant connection.

    Now some of you are thinking; "Well you didn't try to do all the port forwa-' let me stop you there.

    We did all that. Both of us on our respective operating systems, we did the prescribed fixes. On my PC, on my roomie's ps4. Both. I even sent a support ticket to Ubisoft and my reply was to do all the things on their suggested fixes page (which I told them I had already attempted on my end but, hey, who reads support tickets anyways)

    Now. Our router is a Shaw Cisco DPC3825 DOCSIS 3.0 Data Gateway. We know by bypassing this clunky piece of junk that our respective systems WILL bypass the delta 20010186 error.

    This is the limits of my technical skills and I cannot afford to run a video game through my wi-fi hot spot. I am not a smart person when it comes to networking. I am a beat-my-head-against-a-solid-object-until-it-breaks-asunder type of person when it comes to anything past building the hardware. Can someone put it in stupidese for me what I need to do next?


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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

  • Issue#250247: PS4 Delta error 20010186

    Good morning everyone, So i picked up the game yesterday (ps4) and of course just like the Beta i can not connect to the servers at all this is day 2 every time i connect i get Delta error 20010186 keep in mind that i have done everything on my end port forwarding dns flush and there are no firewalls blocking the game from connecting and i also tried to disable and enable the UPNP with no luck I'm super excited to play the game and having dropped 60$ i would love to actually get a chance please if anyone has any more information on this problem help! I use a wireless connection Asus RT-N66R my provider is Xfinity United States

  • Issue#250253: PS4 delta 20010186

    I have tried everything in the sticky on the connection issues and did all but the upnp thing wich was enabled(couldnt disable it). My isp: Ziggo router: Cisco epc3925 its a wired connection (got nat-2 then and nat-3 when i used wireless) Im from the Netherlands. abnd its just my home network. Hope i can get it to work realy want to play this awesome game!

  • Issue#252450: PS4 Error Delta 20010186

    Tom Clancy's The Division Error: Delta 20010186 On PS4 Tom Clancy's The Division Gold Edition Digital Pre-Order Wired Home Network Connection Modem: Arris TG862 ISP: Claro Colombia Country: Colombia Tried deleting and re-installing the software. Tried opening ports directly with ISP. Tried lifting all firewall restrictions on PS4 through modem with ISP. Tried all the troubleshooting suggested on the Connectivity Issues Thread Still Same Error Pops Up every time I try to play. Thanks for any advice or proposed solutions.

  • Issue#254015: PS4 Possible delta 20010186 fix

    I have been having the delta 20010186 error code for 2 days, today I tried something and now im logged in. Try the following steps. Go to settings select initialize restore default settings (DO NOT INITIALIZE) go back to settings go to account settings restore licences restart your PS4 lauch the division. It worked for me.

  • Issue#263149: PS4 Still unable to log in - DELTA 20010186

    This is a proxy for a friend stationed in Okinawa. He has never had issues with other games. Since the launch of "The Division" he hasn't been able to log on. He constantly gets Delta 20010186 error codes. Error: Delta 20010186 Router: Netgear WNDR3400 ISP: Mediatti ( Things we have tried: ............................. -Restore licenses and reboot ps4 -Forward TCP ports 27015, 51000, 55000 to 55999, 56000 to 56999 and UDP 33000 to 33499 -Plug directly into the cable modem These all still resulted in Deltas. ............................. I asked him to call his ISP to see if they were blocking any ports. The answer was, "No." ............................. He took his ps4 over to his buddies house with a different ISP. He received a Delta. His buddy turned off the firewall and he consistently received Romeos after. ............................. I have tried to make sure his Uplay account is linked properly. He tried to reset his uplay pass

  • Issue#267198: PS4 Delta Error 20010186 Still!!!!

    ISP: Mediatti Broadband Cable • Router model: N600 Wireless Dual Band Router WNDR3400 • Wired/wireless connection: Wireless Connection • Country: Okinawa Japan • Campus/Military/Home/Business/School network: Kadena Air Base I tried everything in the connectivity issues forum that was closed and i still get an error. I called my ISP and they informed me that they don't block anything on this end. I changed everything in my router and on my ps4 for the DNS settings and DMZ server to my PS4 IP and added all of the ports that it told me to. I'm literally at the end of the rope of any UBISOFT game and would almost rather have my money back to put towards something that i can actually play if i can't get any help.

  • Issue#277976: delta 20010186 and to check if its the router or ps4.

    If you get a delta 20010186 this is what you can try. You can use the mobile network of youre mobile Phone and the personal hotspot option to connect the ps4 to the ubisoft servers. If this works its not the settings on youre ps4 but the router. You have to reset youre router to factory standerd settings. so that means a hard reset of the router. My 2 cents. Might it be the p[s4 stil not connecting to the ubisoft servers when you use the mobile network of youre Phone. Then you can try this. go to settings on youre ps4. Initialisation (Do not initialize in this menu) Restore default settings.(Again do NOT use initialise PS4) Then youre computer resets to factory conditions and you need to log back onto youre account. Then go back to settings. into Playstation network/account settings. And then Restore Lincences. Restart your ps4 and you should be playing after it reset.! (thanks DLinman and who ever gave him that option.) Hope this gets alot of you out there on the game and i wish y

  • Issue#289122: PS4 Possible Solution to Delta Error 20010186 and others.

    Hey guys, I made a video explaining a certain method I discovered that by passed the sever error: Delta 20010186 when trying to connect to The Division. Hopefully, it will help with other errors as well. Its really strange, but it worked for me and I was not able to connect at all before. Link -

  • Issue#910408: PS4 Issue Delta 20001082 (UK)

    This damn error message. Every time i go to log on. I thought this was fixed ubisoft!!!

  • Issue#2050: Playstation - PS4 startup issue

    Hello. I purchased my Ps4 system on Black Friday of 2015 and didnt have any issues out of it for the first two weeks. Then one day I powered the system on and a static grey image appeared and flashed on and off the screen. After that the screen went black for a few seconds then the proper image of the ps4 log in page appeared. Since the first inncodent I stated; the system has done it about 6 more times since then. I  just wanted to post this and see if anybody else has had the same issue before and found a fix for it?   Thank you! 

  • Issue#5305: Playstation - screen brightness issue on new ps4

    Hello,Just got  a PS4 and I'm noticing that when the console first comes on, the screen is bright, but then it dims down very dark. It is not my TV, because when I go back to TV or my other ports, the brightness returns to normal. I have tried: 1. Resetting to default settings2. going through the screen and video sections in Accessibility. Still have the issue and can't understand why. Can anyone advise? Thanks!

  • Issue#16796: Playstation - PS4 update issue v3.15 needs to be installed everyday

    My ps4 console already updated to v3.15 of the system software and add part of it I had an error and had to install the version 3.15 through usb.Ayer proceeding according to Sony instruction I was able to make my ps4 work BUT now every time I leave it in rest mode it goes back to the installing error and I have to reinstall the software again.Please help me, I'm really going crazy about reinstalling every time and losing all my saved games and downloaded games

  • Issue#19643: Beta key issue [ps4] - ubi pls help!

    the following: i ordered 'tom clancy's the division' game twice (collector's edtition from amazon & gold editon from gamestop..that's like $250 right there) and used the unique beta code i got from one of my preorders (either from amazon or gamestop..don't remember). i then followed the given instructions and entered the code on and received the beta access code two days ago - problem: it's not working! when i try to enter the code on the us-psn store it gives me the following error message: 'the code you entered may not be correct or may no longer be valid'. well, i used the exact same code as listed under 'beta access' in my uplay account management section though (btw, code's not showing up in my account anymore since yesterday for whatever weird reason). i immediately tried to contact chat support, but it's not working either - it always redirects me back to send out a support ticket. so k, i did that instead and opened a ticket..but +48 hours later s

  • Issue#34052: Playstation - Ps4 power supply issue .

    Not looking to send into PlayStation for repairs. I saw on a video what the duration of the beeps mean . Mine ended up matching a power supply issue . I know what I need to buy to repair it myself . I was wondering if it can also be the cord I'm using for my ps4 or if it's something else that I can try before buying a new power supply .

  • Issue#35652: Radio Control - delta ray issue

    just got a delta ray,but it will only fly in safe mode,will not fly in intermediate or expert mode,when I switch to these modes it turns to the left and nosedives,panic button works but when released in these modes,crashes,any ideas? :confused:

  • Issue#40918: Playstation - ps4 media player issue

    When I try to watch videos on the Web through my system it says I need an update. Yet, I have the newest update installed on the ps4.

  • Issue#43433: Playstation - Deactivate PS4 Issue

      Hi, so I went online to my account page via Sony's website, [] in order to deactivate my old PS4, so I could activate my new one, but when I try to 'Deactivate all devices', I get a message saying :   "You have deactivated your devices recently and cannot use this feature at this time."   I haven't deactivated anything recently, and can't deactivate anything now, and I was wondering if I could get any help to deactivate my old PS4?   Thanks

  • Issue#53662: [PS4] Bug/suggestion: AI issue with player visibility and response

    1. What is the issue you're experiencing? The AI enemies do not respond to player fire, and were killed easily. The enemies should respond to incoming fire they can't return by immediately finding cover from the direction of attack. 2. What were you doing when this issue occurred? I had moved out of cover, but only just enough that I could target an enemy. This was in the mission to rescue Dr Kendal, specifically the part immediately after the restocking crate. I used the doorway as cover, then stepped back and aimed. The reticule turned red and I opened fire, but the enemies stood in place aiming at the doorway, until they died. Occasionally an enemy grenade was thrown, but it was easily avoidable by stepping back. This didn't work in all places - sometimes the wall was in the way despite the red reticule - but it was often. 3. Are you able to recreate this issue? I was able to do this anywhere there was a "doorway". And on occasion, tall cover. e.g. immediately after resc

  • Issue#58930: Playstation - New issue with Blops 3 on PS4

    Was playing some Nightmare zombie mode last night 2 player split screen, kept getting this weird issue. More then half the time when restarting a section of the game we would get an error and player 2's screen would just be blank/black. I was player 1 and had no issues and could see player two standing there helpless as zombies ran towards us, lol. Player 2 could still move around but had no visual information, just a black screen. So I would die and when the section restarted player 2 would get their vision back about half the time. Why does this game have soo many bugs? Playing the 4 player coop zombies (With Heather Graham aka Graham zombies) with 4 players local coop leads to massive frame drops to what feels like single digits far too frequently.  Any time some action would occur the game becomes almost completely unplayable for a few seconds at a time. To save time just know all the rest of the issues I have had with this game are in Graham

  • Issue#65298: Playstation - Ps4 red light issue

    My ps4's blue light just turned red and my ps4 turns off. Is there anything I can do to fix it or is my ps4 dead?

  • Issue#71982: Playstation - Ps4 issue

    Okay so, basically.. The first time i ran Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 on my ps4, my little cousin removed the disc as i was playing it. I started the game back up, and about 10 minutes into the game, i would get a screen with an error saying the game data was corrupted. I immediately went to go exchange the game for a new copy, hoping it'd be as easy as that but no luck. new copy of the game and the issue still remained. So i put my ps4 into safe mode and selected the rebuild database option because i read online about people with similar issues and it worked for them. So, i gave it a try and no luck. But a week or two later, i ran the game and for about two months i ws able to play it with absolutely no problems whatsoever. now again recently i have been unable to even make it to the start screen before it gives me the same message and ejects the disc. I have done the rebuild database thing again and i even went as far as to choose option 6 in the safe mode menu, which is to initialize

  • Issue#96559: Spotify - Issue ps4 (playstation)

    Hello,I have a problem with my ps4 spotify.I cant play any song, if i press play, the song doesnt start or load and it looks like i have no tinternet, it goes instant "PAUSE"(press play,pause,press play,pause). If i press many time "play" AFTER I TRY FOR 2MINS RANDOM SONGS it works. When it works i can hear for ever until i select a new song. If i want listen to a playlist, same problem here sometimes it try to play every song but he can not load anyone.(next,next,next,.....)Things you should know:- since 2 weeks ago everything was ok- the problem came frome nowhere and only on ps- premium spotify user for many years- activate premium with card-code- Actually i have Premium- 26 years old and grow up with pc,software e.t.c- reinstall spotify two times- internet always on, handy and pc spotify n probs.-ps works fine, no other apps have issues- Spotify dont crash you can do anythin exept hear- shuffle, single song, radio.. dont work- the song dont load, nothing moveMany thanks in advance.

  • Issue#106259: EA - PS4 Stat issue

    I seem to be having a stat issue. An interception that was achieved in my offline connected franchise is not showing up. The team stats show it, but the player that earned it does not have it recorded. As this was the first game of the season, and the only one in the game, it is fairly easy to verify that it is not there. Is there any way that this can be corrected? As someone who is quite obsessive about numbers, this is killing my desire to continue the franchise, and this is going into my 5th season.  In case it matters, this is on the PS4 edition.

  • Issue#113746: Playstation - Ps4 disc format issue

    So my dying light has been having issues since I updated my console a few months ago.Basically the single player would work fine but anytime I connected to a friend for multiplayer. It would error out and shoot out my disc.I meant to fix it but other games came out and with work I forgot about it. New dc is out and I wanted to play it. But now whenever I put the disc in. I get an error telling me I have to free up space for different amounts. Some times its 116 mb others its 225 mb it changes. But I've got 17 gigs available.On top of that, when I close the free space window that pops up. The disc tells me I have to format the ps4 disc. I've tried deleting all the stuff relating to the game off my harddrive.And my ps4 plays all other discs perfectly fine. I've tried every other ps4 disc I own and it works flawlessly. I lent the disc to friends to try on their ps4's who also own the game. And my disc works perfect for them and their personal discs work fine also. It just seems to be me.I

  • Issue#129460: Playstation - PS4 HDMI Audio issue

    Okay so I bought a tv for my bedroom, Sanyo TV Model NO. Dp42840, when I plug my PS4> TV via HDMI i get video but NO audio.  Sanyo has 3 HDMI ports. 1 labeled HDMI (DVI Imput/Audio)  labeled HDMI2 and 3 Imput. When i plug into  HDMI2 or 3  imputs i get the vido no audio w/ the error  "Signal is DVI connection. Please use HDMI1 and Audio 3 imput for this AV signal."when i plug into HDMI1 i get video no audio and the error "Use Audio 3 imput for DVI connection." Crazy thing is if I plug my PS4 into my RCA TV Model NO. LED32G45RQ, using PS4>TV via HDMI Imput i get sound and video and if i switch it to the Sanyo TV HDMI1/DVI without turining the PS4 off I get sound and audio. Which leaves me to beleive my tv can receive video and audio from my PS4 i just dont know what setting to alter. the Sanyo TV doesnt have audio settings other than Auto, Dynamic , Mild, Standard and Manual. Manual onlu has Eualizer settings for Bass and such.&nbs

  • Issue#143077: Playstation - ps4 freezing issue

    took 20 hours for an update and now the game wont load 

  • Issue#143724: PS4 carved out of stone for Far Cry Primal

    Far Cry Primal is coming out very soon, and Ubisoft are doing a lot to push the game before release. As you can see in the attached promotional trailer that has landed ahead of the upcoming launch of the prehistoric open-world adventure, the publisher has commissioned an entire gaming setup, complete with PS4, TV and pizza, to be carved out of stone.... PS4 carved out of stone for Far Cry Primal

  • Issue#149419: EA - Red card issue FUT16 PS4

    FUT 16 PS4 - my player received a red card - I have put them in reserves of my squad, and played multiple games and the red card remains ?

  • Issue#153288: DZ Group Issue on PS4

    Tried to take a group of 3 into the DZ this morning. 2 members were level 6 PVE and 5 DZ. I am level 8 PVE and level 6 DZ. Every time we entered the DZ it would separate us..the 2 lower leveled would be together and I would be myself...We could not go in together. Is this an issue or do our levels have to match up to play together in the DZ as a group? Thanks RR