Issue#2904: Dell Precision M4600: Screen Flickering when start from Cold

  • Dell Precision M4600

    My Laptop Screen flickers with fuzzy pixels when it start from cold and still flickering until it warm up then i should close the lid and open it again to disappear and back to normal state.i attached external monitor to check if this from graphics card but external monitor worked fine without any problem.i want to know if this problem from the screen itself or problem with the motherboard?

    this video show how it`s`s not my laptop but just for clairfying the problem.

    Thanks in Advance.

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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

  • Issue#518602: Dell - Dell 7559 screen/display flickering issue

    I've recently bought a Dell 7559 refurbished, with the Intel core i5 and GTX 960m. Within a day or two of use, the screen began to flicker upon booting up or waking from sleep mode, and it seems that the longer the laptop was in sleep/off mode, the worse the flickering is upon booting up.

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    I can log on, the Start screen gets up, but I cannot move past it. Nothing will open or respond. Windows 8 is installed.

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    Hi, To all NVIDIA administrators or the team whoever handles the driver development, may I ask for you to read carefully and completely the conversation between me and an NVIDIA support technician below, hoping you can assist us: Chat Terminate the Chat Disconnect Print the Transcript Mute sound. Status: Connected Zia (Listening) Zia: Hi, my name is Zia. How may I help you? Paul Chan: hi, regarding the geforce video card Paul Chan: still there? Zia: Sure, I will be glad to assist you with this Zia: Yes, I am here Paul Chan: delay? Zia: Please accept my sincere apologies for the inconvenience, we are assisting other three customers in parallel, hence it may take some time to respond, we appreciate your patience and cooperation while we provide a response Paul Chan: alright, so summary of my problem, after i install my nvidia graphics card updates from the nvidia geforce experience, everytime i play ANY game, about every 2-3 minutes, my monitor flickers for 2 seconds

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    Hi everyone, Is there any way to make a nVidia Quadro K2100M card work in a Dell Precision M4600 laptop? The card fits in the slot properly so that's not the problem. I am running the latest A16 bios on the machine. All chipset drivers are up to date as well. The card I am trying to use came out of a M4800 machine, so I would think it should work fine, but apparently not. The bios says "unknown video card" but it lists the correct memory size for the card. Windows will not load and gives... Can nVidia Quadro K2100M run in a Dell Precision M4600?

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  • Issue#87882: Screen Flickering Issue? DirectX?

    I am having an issue when launching games that use direct x 11 like Splinter Cell Blacklist and Sleeping Dogs. When I launch and use 1920x1080, i notice flickering on certain areas of the screen. My performance also noticeably drops. I can change to dx9 in blacklist, but not in sleeping dogs. Is there any way to fix this issue? I have never had it happen in the past.

  • Issue#153857: Geforce - flickering black screen on start up when all monitors are plugged in

    I have a race sim with 3 27" 1080p monitors and a 3440x1440 monitor on my desk. This is a reasonably new setup and has been working fine until the last week or so. Now when I start the computer the screens are black and occasionally flicker. Sometimes they briefly display correctly then go black again. If I unplug the 3340x1440 the surround display comes on correctly and the same happens the other way if I unplug the 3x1080 monitors. To get them all working again I have to open Nvidia control panel, go to "setup multiple displays" and then plug my other monitor in. I can then get it all working as it should and sometimes it will stay working for a couple of restarts and then it goes back to not starting up correctly. Can anyone help with this? It is really annoying! Is it a driver issue? Setup is: 2x EVGA GTX980 SC ASUS Sabertooth Z97 mk2 I7 4790k CPU 16GB Ram Windows 10 Up to date grapgics driver (361.91)

  • Issue#188761: Dell Inspiron 3520: turns on but screen doesn't start

    I hope yall can help me with this, i'm a little desesperate about it. So here's the thing: I just installed windows 10 on my laptop, everything was fine. I shutted off the pc and then turned it on, but nothing happened. It was only a black screen. Power lights turned on as usual but nothing happened with the other ones: wifi, hard drive. After doing it several times os charged but just like after a minute with the black screen and trying a lot. I tried to turned on and off again several times but the result was the same. I even tried reinstalling windows, but this time i used windows 8, but the problem stayed the same. I kept doing the turnin off and on thing but then three short beeps started. I took it to some friend of mine and he restarted the bios but the first problem stayed the same. I researched in some forums and found out that it could be a problem with the mother board but i'm not sure at all. I wish it's not that. Anyway, please, help me :( ⟐ Commented February 27, 20

  • Issue#336718: Dell - Dell XPS 15 9550 flickering white lines on screen

    Hoping that the issue has been resolved. Should you need to contact us again, you can contact us via the phone, this forum or for faster communication via Twitter - @dellcarespro

  • Issue#337997: Dell Precision 5510 Network Dropping Issue

    I have this new Dell Precision 5510 and it has from the start been giving me network issues. When trying to transfer from a local server on same network, a 3GB PST file, the file transfer would start at around 95MB and considerably slow down toward the end of the transfer to the point it hangs and disconnects without ever completing. It's running Windows 7 x64 all patches up-to-date. Latest Dell drives and firmware.To simplify the troubleshooting, I disabled wireless adapter and only used the USB-C dongle for WIRED connection. I used different known good cables and different switch ports all together with same results.After contacting Dell support, they opted to replace the motherboard. After the swap, same issue still persists.I just received the TB15 docking station which also has an ethernet port thinking it could be the dongle that...

  • Issue#339209: Dell - XPS 15 9550 With Black Screen Issue

    Seems to be stable. 1.1.15 available here

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    tested the new bios and seems to resolve the bitlocker issue.

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    I am having this exact same problem with my XPS 15 9530. I've carried out the suggested diagnostics. Here are the results: Safe Mode: STILL VISIBLE External Monitor: NOT VISIBLE LCD BIST: Visible on the gray screen only From reading through the rest of this thread, these results seem to indicate a

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    hello after swapping the screen on the dock it was clear the issue came from the screen im trying to get a replacement lcd from dell Regards

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    I also just purchased a 7510 and am experiencing the exact same issue. Any help in resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated.

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    I am getting blue screen with stop code 0x0000007E on amdkmpfd.sys while imaging Windows 7x64 via SCCM task sequence. I am using the Precision System CAB file of T7910 Windows System CAB A04 (12/08/2015) drivers from Dell. Does anyone have any solution to share? Thanks, Brian.

  • Issue#368854: Dell - Inspiron 5558 screen issue

    The screen will display multiple flashing colors. Look for lines, distortion, or any other video issues you have observed.

  • Issue#370283: Dell - Dell Precision M4800 blank screen even after undocking

    We've got a Dell Precision M4800, recently with a fresh install of Windows 7 64-bit, and the laptop's built-in LCD display panel just... doesn't display anything anymore.

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    I received my laptop YESTERDAY. It is running the latest drivers: for Intel Graphics 530, v.; and for the audio, v. The specs are as follows:

  • Issue#378989: Dell - Precision 4700 laptop, microphone issue

    Hello. This IDT driver is supposed to be for 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 on a dozen models including yours, however as it was written in 2013 I suspect that it is the 7/8/8.1 driver that has been re-labeled for 10.

  • Issue#380498: Dell - Precision M3800 yellow area appeared on the screen

    Hi, Thank you for writing to us! We would suggest you to connect an external monitor to check if the same yellow patch comes up. Kindly also private message the service tag to the system. Thanks Robin

  • Issue#389534: Dell - Dell XPS 15 (9550) subtle screen flickering at 0% brightness

    I have the same, can also slightly notice it one step up from minimum brightness

  • Issue#398727: Dell Inspiron 1750: Won't go to start up- stuck on blue screen

    Won't go to windows screen- stuck on blue screen- how do I fix it? ⟐ Commented April 3, 2016 at 9:00 am -0700

  • Issue#426478: Dell - Inspiron 15 7000 (7559) screen flicker issue (video linked)

    That's the opposite of my experience with their service... They offered to send a technician to my house the day after I called them, and he replaced the screen within five minutes... (I live in Israel so I guess the service varies between different countries). Good luck with that!

  • Issue#445262: Dell - Dell Precision T3600 Power Supply (PSU) amber light issue

    Manual indicates it may be PSU cable related: 1- Blink 2- Off 3- Blink 4- Blink PSU Cable Failure All PSU cables may not be properly connected to system board. (PS_ON asserted, missing a main power rail) Did you try to reseat the motherboard's PSU cable(s)?

  • Issue#457673: Dell - Laptop screen flickering- pink and green!

    This happened to me twice. I'm not sure what causes it, but I've figured out how to fix it each time. Just call the Dell Service Center number in your country and they can link you the compatible video card drivers which you can install.

  • Issue#470426: Dell - XPS13 9350 (6th gen intel) flickering screen

    I'm on my second XPS 13. Literally delivered an hour or so ago, and within 10 minutes of starting it up, it crashed twice to black screen and in between those crashes, flickered. Returning it and will not make the same mistake a third time. Done.

  • Issue#480566: Dell - XPS Studio 435 MT start up issue

    Hi. This concerns my friends desktop computer. I wanted to run this situation past the forum and get some feedback. The computer is a Dell XPS Studio 435 MT running Windows Vista.