Issue#305: Just installed Onkyo RZ900, getting 5.1 on blu-ray but not HBO GO or Youtube with PS4

  • As the title states, I just picked up an RZ900 and am having some issues. I'm running HDMI's and use my PS4 for everything, blu-ray, HBO GO, Youtube, etc. I get 5.1 with blu-ray through the PS4 but as soon as I switch to HBO GO or Youtube it will only play the front towers even though my receiver shows all the speakers to be lit up. I'm by no means a pro but I have no idea what I'm missing. My old Pioneer with optical cables played everything just fine. Any help would be appreciated.

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  • Issue#1115: Playstation - PS4 will not play blu-ray movies on a Samsung Smart Class TV

    I cannot get my PS4 to play blu-ray dvd movies on our Samsung Smart Class 3D 1080p TV, it does play the PS4 games no problem. However, if I hook up the PS4 to the inexpensive LG 720p TV it plays the blu-rays movies and the PS4 games. I spoke with PS support and they had me reinstall the software but it did not help. Any ideas?

  • Issue#16796: Playstation - PS4 update issue v3.15 needs to be installed everyday

    My ps4 console already updated to v3.15 of the system software and add part of it I had an error and had to install the version 3.15 through usb.Ayer proceeding according to Sony instruction I was able to make my ps4 work BUT now every time I leave it in rest mode it goes back to the installing error and I have to reinstall the software again.Please help me, I'm really going crazy about reinstalling every time and losing all my saved games and downloaded games

  • Issue#55339: Gigabyte BRIX GB-BACE-3000 capable of watching blu-ray and youtube 1080p with ubuntu?

    Does anyone have one of these Gigabyte BRIX GB-BACE-3000? If so is it possible to watch 1080p youtube videos and blu-rays without dropping frames in ubuntu? One was on special but it runs out in a few hours, have to decide.

  • Issue#118450: Hardware - Can the Xbox 1 or the PS4 handle HDR blu-ray?

    Via firmware update? Or will a future refresh be able to handle that video?

  • Issue#143824: Playstation - PS4 won't play 4K Blu-ray disc

    I just bought Kingsman: The Secret Service, The Martian, and Wild on 4K UltraHD Blu-ray at Best Buy. I put one of them in my PS4 to play on my Samsung 4K TV. It loaded for a minute and a message came up saying the disc was unrecognized. Anyone else having this problem? If anyone else resolved this issue, please let me know how. 

  • Issue#149262: Video Quality - Streaming and Blu Ray quality of PS4 vs Standalone BR Player?

    Hi guys. I'm wondering what the consensus is on the PS4 in the forums vs. a standalone Blu ray player. Primarily concerned with Blu ray playback quality over standalone player say something like BDP-S6500. I have the BDPS6500 and I think it's good but I'm wondering if the PS4 is just as good or better than that player in terms of video quality. Thanks. The

  • Issue#176986: PlayStation 4: PS4 blu Ray drive not responding

    I recently replaced my cooling fan, thanks to your guys video. I followed the instructions to the tee. I also used the follow up episode to reassemble. I am glad to say it no longer over heating but the optical drive no longer responding at all. The button is not working, it is not taking cd., And there is not one in there now. Fix one problem to start another any tips? Or something to check? ⟐ Edited by author February 25, 2016 at 12:29 am -0700

  • Issue#186351: Sony - Sony Blu-ray/ DVD player won't connect to Amazon Prime, Netflix or YouTube

    I have a Sony Blu-Ray/ DVD Player Model BDP-S2100 that has worked fine up until today. When I try to connect to Amazon, Netflix, YouTube or really any service on the box it says that it cannot verify the network connection and never completes the connection. I went to the network settings and tested wifi connection there, which passes and the box says it is OK. I have tested the services on my wii, the services and my wifi are functioning fine. I have also unplugged the Sony player for 5 minutes and plugged it back in and tried to connect. Same issue.Awaiting your reply.Thanks

  • Issue#230367: Sony - PS4 blu ray network

    I don't see the PS4 Forum. How can I default my PS4 so that it never trys to connect to the internet when I put in a BLU Ray Movie? When it is on, it stays on, but I never want it on. Thank you. 

  • Issue#251892: Playstation - PS4 and blu-ray 4k disk

    Can the PS4 read blu-ray 4k ultra hd disks? I know it can stream 4k content from Netflix and others.Cheers!

  • Issue#287503: HP - Installed new Blu Ray player and the playback is pixelated.

    I recently installed a HIGHDING SATA Blu-ray BD-R/RE Drive Burner Writer Replacement for HP Pavilion g7 g7t m7 Series  (it is a replacement for a regular dvd multi writer but it matches the number 682750-001) that I bought on Amazon. It works great playing dvd's but I am having trouble with the blu ray discs. I had bought the Nero blu ray dvd player and installed it, but when I contacted Microsoft Help line thay couldn't figure it out (  I think the guy was in a hurry fir some reason) all they could suggest is to get an installation disc from the people I bought the player from. When I contacted them to return it so I could buy one that came with a disc, they suggested I download a program called Leawo Blu Ray Player. I did that and it playes the Blu Ray dvd's now but the picture is pixelated! The sound is perfect, it's just the picture is the problem, and I am using a brand new disc that I opened just for that purpose. I am going to try other discs as well to make sure

  • Issue#289546: PS4/Xbox versus standalone Blu Ray

    So I need a Blu ray player for a new home theater (120" + Epson 5030ub + definitive technology 6.1) Instead of spending $200-300 on a Blu Ray player, I was wondering if I could use an Xbox or ps4 as a player and if that's satisfactory. I'm not a big gamer, but this seems like a good 2:1 unless there is a major downgrade in picture quality or speed. Any thoughts? And preferred players? Trying to stay under $300.

  • Issue#337002: Playstation - Sony's 4K Blu-ray player NEEDS to be the next PS4 (ONLY the PS4) and here's why...

    So I've been in the market here lately for a 4K blu-ray player; being a fan of Sony products I naturally looked for a Sony 4k blu-ray player to match my Sony 4k Bravia...couldn't find one. so I am scratching my head thinking how is it the proprietors of 4K tech haven't released a 4K blu-ray player to compete with other manufactures like Samsung and LG. Then I catch a rumor floating around about a new Playstation (4.5) with slitghtly more processing power and possibly a 4K blu-ray player and I am intrigued. This gets me to thinking: Sony needs this but they need to do it right, and this is my suggestion based on comparisons to the PS3 and the emerging blu-ray technology at that time. Sony NEEDS to produce a 4K Blu-Ray player (despite their media player) and it NEEDS to be the next generation PS4...and ONLY the PS4. Here's why: -Current 4K blu-ray players start at $399 (more than the cost of a PS4)-If Sony can add a 4K Blu-ray optical drive to the PS4 then it will aut

  • Issue#344038: Hunger Games: Mockingbird Part 2 Blu-Ray Disc Issue

    Has anyone looked at the new Hunger Games: Mockingbird Part 2 Blu-Ray disc? My Blu-Ray disc has an obvious defect, a dent or dimple in the disc. Apparently I am not the only one to have this defect. Some other people have posted their disc has the same dimple... See attached picture... Attached Thumbnails  

  • Issue#371733: Playstation - PS4 Youtube app issue

    In the last 2 days, I've had the youtube app sign me out 3 times while I am watching a video. I am unable to sign back in until I shut off the PS4.

  • Issue#413044: Playstation - Get Rid of PS4 Blu Ray Chapter Box Pop Up

    This is driving me absolutely mad. I have tried every possible button combination and scoured the internet and there is nothing. How do I get rid of the box you can see in the bottom left corner of the screen??? Anyone have any idea? It is crazy how the controls do not tell me how to do this! 

  • Issue#425390: Playstation - PS4 problem with playing blu-ray movies

    From the 3.50 update does not play movies. Always loading but never start 

  • Issue#451149: Blu ray player DVD upscale issue.

    Wizard of Oz looks good, rules of engagement look good but the wiz looks horrible. I would think the Wiz would look better being newer than the Wizard of Oz got them both fom Walmart on DVD. So what can I do if anything to improve the quality or what determines in a particular DVD how the upscaling will look. I had someone tell me it is random how it scales. I have considered getting the wiz on blu ray but not sure how it would look.

  • Issue#572173: Philips - Blu-ray bdp 2205 - youtube 400 error. HELP!!!

    Dear, I have had issues with my bdp 2205 which does not run youtube anymore. I do not know what happened since two days ago. It was working fine. My netflix still runs, but youtube no!! A message saying: "400. That's an error. Your client has issued a malformed or illegal request. That's all we know." It appears every time that I try running you tube using the blu-ray. It is wired and according to the device it is updated. PLEASE HELP !!!!! Thanks

  • Issue#589083: Playstation - PS4 won't play DVD or Blu-Ray movies

    Just bought a PS4 and am overall happy with my experience.  Unfortunately one issue has emerged. When I insert a DVD or Blu-Ray movie the console recognizes it correctly, however, when I try to play it, the screen changes and displays the stand-by "spinning circle of light".  I have left it like that for as long as ten minutes with no change.  It reads my game discs fine. Based on my research into similar problems, here is what I have attempted: I have tried multiple Blu-Rays and DVDs. I have tired changing the hdmi input on my television and changing it back.I have switched on and off the option to have my discs connect to the internet.I have made sure to unplug all USB ports.I have tried restarting the system.I have restored the console to the system defaults.I have initialized the console. I'm out of ideas.I have system update 3.50 Thank you for your time.

  • Issue#660543: PS4 Blu Ray prompt?

    Is there a way to turn of the annoying connect to internet prompt when inserting a Blu Ray on PS4? I have BD-Live and internet connectivity turned off but every time I try to watch a Blu Ray it keeps asking me. I hate that prompt it slows me down getting to my movie. Sorry if this has been asked before I wasn't finding a thread for it and I didn't see it addressed in the tip and trick thread.

  • Issue#723407: Playstation - PS4 controller will not connect to Sony Blu-Ray S1700

    I have a Sony Blu-Ray player S1700 equipped with PS Now that does not support bluetooth (and I don't have a smart TV or even a TV that has bluetooth). I tried to connect a PS4 controller to the Blu-Ray player via USB. The controller light flashes yellow/white once. When I push the ON button for the controller, the light flashes blue a few times, then nothing. I tried resetting the controller. I tried turning off and unplugging the Blu-Ray player in hopes it would magically recognize the controller. I tried fully charging the controller and connecting it, still nothing. I tried a different controller, going through all the same motions, still nothing. How do I get this player to recognize a controller? Does it have to be plugged in with an official Playstation charge and play cable? If anyone has encountered this or has any advice, I'd really appreciate your input!

  • Issue#748435: Sony - Why is youtube not loading videos on my Sony BDV-E390//M U2 Blu ray player?

  • Issue#768847: Playstation - Can PS4 play Blu Ray?

    Hello, I want to buy some DVD for my son but the series of animes are only available in Blu Ray. We don't have Blu Ray player at home but we do have a PS4: will they play on this device? Thanks,  

  • Issue#775175: Cabling my blu ray home theatre to tv, paytv box and ps4

    Hey I just wanted to clarify about the way i have my home theatre components connected. Currently I have a HDMI running from panasonic st50 plasma and panasonic BTT790 blu ray home theatre sound system. This cable is connected to ARC ports of both tv and theatre system. I then have my ps4 connected by hdmi from tv to console and also my pay tv box (foxtel) connected by hdmi from tv to console. When watching a blu ray i get cinema sound with bass and effects. But when watching foxtel and playing netflix /blu rays on ps4 the sound comes out my theatre speakers but its lacking the cinema sound. Have I dont something wrong with cables or is it in the settings of devices. I checked the manual for theatre system and it says I should connect other devices (ie the ps4 and pay tv box) to the hdmi in ports in the back of the home theatre? Does this work. I though these devices would have to be cabled directly to tv? Can I leave the cables as is and use the 'ext in' bottom on remote? I

  • Issue#799087: Question about ps4 xb1 blu ray playback

    Not sure where the best place to ask this, anyway yesterday I bought the dark knight trilogy on blu ray and I was watching the dark knight rises on my xbox one my audio system is 2016 5.1 vizio soundbar system and during 2 different scenes in the movie the audio goes silent for awhile its always in the exact same spots if I change the output to stereo then I can hear it, So I tried it on my ps4 and the audio never cuts out? why would that be? the xbox shows dolby digital where as the ps4 shows dts hd ma. thoughts?

  • Issue#829186: PS4 Blu-Ray Player or PS3 Blu-Ray Player to watch movies?

    Hello Evereyone! Quick question.......Which Blu-Ray player is better? The one in the PS3 or the one in the PS4? I have both hooked up to my ZT60 as I still use the PS3 for older games that I like to play again. Now I know the Oppo Blu-Ray player is among the best but i simply can't afford $500 for one right now so I'll be using either the PS3 or the PS4 to watch movies. So which player handles Blu-Ray movies the best? I tried comparing them last night while watching 13 hours and really couldn't tell a difference. I apologize in advance if this topic has already been brought up. Thank you! Ronnie

  • Issue#934507: Sony - blu-ray BDP S3500: youtube

    Aproximadamente, hace una semana se instaló una instalación y a partir de allí, los videos de youtube se cortan y sale un mensaje "el archivo es demasiado grande". ¿Qué puedo hacer? Este blu-ray lo compré exclusivamente para que mi abuelita pueda ver videos de youtube en la televisión

  • Issue#937739: Help me fix Sony BDP-BX59 Blu-Ray HDMI Issue

    I bought Sony BDP-BX59 Blu-Ray Player (3D) from Costco about 3 to 4 years ago. It's hooked up to my Onkyo Receiver in Media Room and Receiver is connected to Epson projector. Everything was working fine until last month. I started experiencing few screen flickering using Blu-Ray. It was happening randomly in middle of watching a movie. Last week it completely went OFF and my projector complains "No Signal". I initially thought it's my Onkyo Receiver causing an issue, so I directly hooked up BP to Projector and still seeing the same issue. I also hooked it to my Vizio 4K TV and same issue there. I finally decided to hook up BP using Component cables and that worked fine! So my suspect is that HDMI port on Blu-Ray player has died. Any suggestion on how to troubleshoot or fix the issue? Or is this a sign of buying new Blu-Ray player now?