Issue#440: Dell - PC3L Memory

  • The BIOS version is the same on both servers. I believe that the motherboard is the same on both. Will confirm when I get back to work on Monday. I assume I will be able to find that out within the BIOS of each machine? Thanks!

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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

  • Issue#445045: Dell - Dell inspiron n7010 Memory upgrade issue

    I thought after reading that this memory would work fine, IF NOT please provide me with information as to which memory will work for the machine A 1 8gb chip would be cool, but if i need two 4 gig chips that's fine.

  • Issue#484136: Dell - T610 memory issue

    I did not try it yet. I simply removed all but the 2 16gb sticks just to get things going for now. ill have to test that later.

  • Issue#513558: Dell - Dell Dimension memory issue

    Hello, I have a Dell Dimension B110 which had been working fine, until I set it out for a while. I have recently hooked it back up and got a 1-3-2 pattern with the beeps. And the diagnostic lights on the back are D,C,B are yellow, and A is green.

  • Issue#769636: Dell - M4700 memory issue

    hi all I have Dell Precision M4700 and i have the same issy whit the memory. Can you help me to fix this problem ? Thanks

  • Issue#1110052: Dell - Supported Low Voltage Memory (PC3L) Configurations for PowerEdge T410

    I'm noticing that when populating the first DIMM in each channel (i.e. 3 of the 4 memory slots per processor) with PC3L memory, it runs at 1.35V, as it should. When I add a DIMM to the fourth slot, memory runs at 1.5V, thereby disregarding the low voltage benefit.

  • Issue#7048: Photoshop - Memory issue when I tried to render background with lighting effect. I have 4GB of RAM o

    Memory issue when I tried to render background with lighting effect.I'm running win7 and photoshop CC 2015 on i5 processor with 4GB of RAM.

  • Issue#13025: Notebook - Dell 17r SE 3D (7720), Nvidia 650M, EXP GDC Beast miniPCIe issue

    Hi everyone, ppl, I will build a statue for you if anyone can advise experience with similar laptop. I am testing over a week all options in connecting eGPU Beast by miniPCIe instead of wifi module. With help of egpu guru - nando4 - we tried some options but getting stuck in the beginning - my eGPU could not be detected in device manager... - testing NVidia GTX745 with ATX power supply 300W, tested also with "paperclip trick" To be sure if it's not HW issue, I tested it on Dell E6530... Dell 17r SE 3D (7720), Nvidia 650M, EXP GDC Beast miniPCIe issue

  • Issue#18100: Notebook - Dell XPS 15 L501x Screen Issue

    I am facing weird issue with XPS 15 L501X screen. It displays windows image for 10-15 seconds and suddenly flickers and goes off(LED lights still on). Laptop screen display has lights but no image. I bought new laptop screen but same situation. I am little confused between cable problem or screen or Video chip problem. Observations posted is completely on external TV. Here below complete illustration. We have 4 option in laptop. 1. Disconnect Projector (Computer Only) - Laptop shows nothing.... Dell XPS 15 L501x Screen Issue

  • Issue#50291: Dell Optiplex 9020 Power issue

    You have to hold in the power supply test switch and the power button to get the computer to turn on. I have replaced the power supply with no change.,

  • Issue#59222: Ubnt - 5.6.3 Memory leak or other related issue present

    Since upgraded hundreds of our devices on the network from the 5.5.10 release to the 5.6.3 release we have seen a large up-tick in the number of stations that are associated to the network, pingable, but not reachable via SNMP, HTTP, or SSH. The stations continue to pass traffic but are not managable until they are power cycled. I've seen this form of lockup occur in real-time while performing iperf tests using the SSH client.

  • Issue#63691: continually table read memory issue

    hi,         i  continusally ever 1sec ones  read data from data base table.may i know about after long time  it  will creat any memmory issue or memory leakage but now it working no error.

  • Issue#64959: Logitech - m555b Bluetooth pairing issue with Dell Latitude E4300 running Windows 10 64 bits

    Hello, I've been using a m555b Bluetooth for more than 4 years with the same laptop: Win7, Win8, Win8.1 and now Win10 But I currently can't: after the full new installation from scratch, I'm unable to pair it. The Broadcomm "Dell 365 Bluetooth"  module works fine, I've successfully paired an iPhone 5S, a Microsoft Number Pad and an audioset. It properly detects the mouse (including brand and model), when I press the "connect" button under it. But I press the "pair" button on the Bluetooth setting panel on Windows 10, I obtain the warning box "it didn't work - please try again and check your mouse can still be detected" When I press the "close" button and make a new attempt: no further sucess. I remember having suffered such a similar issue with Win8 3 years ago. Please help me!

  • Issue#69037: Notebook - ==Serious response time issue of Dell XPS15 9550 FHD

    guys, I got a serious issue of my xps15 9550, 1080FHD Terrible response time issue! ghosting! I play PES2016 (I played this game on PC and notebook since 2008, and never has this problem) on xps15, and everything showing dragging shadows! when player moving and ball moving, It hurts my eyes really bad. I set my game right, using Nvidia setting, this has been done million times, can not go wrong! updated latest driver no problem!... ==Serious response time issue of Dell XPS15 9550 FHD

  • Issue#72134: [ubuntu] Dell XPS 13 9350 Graphics Issue

    Hello this is my first time using Ubuntu and utilizing the Ubuntu forums. I don't know any rules regarding how to operate here within the forums but I'll preface my issue with a quick story. I am a prospective computer science undergrade and am entering this field with little knowledge. I recently decided to try Ubuntu and installed 15.10, liked it so much i wiped my drive and made it my sole OS. I experienced issues with my network driver for my laptop posted in the title so i upgraded to the xenial development build to utilize the 4.4 kernel. This went well and i had no issues. I had one issue with my laptop not shitting down and sitting at an Ubuntu logo with the dots and tried a fix using gedit /etc/default/grub. Eventually i decided not to change the file because i probably would mess something up and low and behold when i force shut off my computer, i was sent to the grub bootloader (which i had never seen before). With a lot of frustration i eventually figured out i needed to b

  • Issue#72249: HP - Quick Restoration issue with Error no 3 Not enough Memory

    Hello, I am having a problem with a restoration for a Compaq Presario 5304 back to it's original Windows 98. When using the Quickrestore, It gives me an error # 3 and Not Enough Memory. It has 384MB of Ram and a 20GB Hard Drive. That is enough for Windows 98. Any reasons why I am getting that error. I enjoy collecting vintage computers and restoring them. Any Compaq experts?? Thanks.

  • Issue#73152: Lenovo - miix 700 panel malfunction? high memory usage from tast manager issue

    i got my miix700 M5 SSD 128G RAM 8G model like 2days ago and i found that whenever i touch the screen there's a wave? from the edge of screen the wave comes with decoloration, and it appears to very small amount of pressure to pannel is this specific defection just appears to my miix or it is because of lenovo's cheap panel? and also, everytime i use my miix, even though i did not turn on any of process that will affect memory usage(i deleted macafee.) in a minute, the memory usage from tast manager goes up to 4.3 G. i updated my drivers by using driver booster. and i also tried poolmon. the csi2 host controller takes like 2G of memory for nothing. is this a hardware defection? or just win 10 problems?  

  • Issue#78085: Tableau - Why does the Backgrounder fail though there seems no memory issue ?

    Hi All, I have Tableau Server version 9.2. Data sources are extracts and MySql data connection. I have 3 backgrounders. The system is of very high configuration (64bit, 32 Gb RAM, 7.5 TB memory). MySql Db is on different server than Tableau (which is also with good config) Sometimes there seems error as Lost Connection-com.tableausoftware.nativeapi.dll.TableauException: [MySQL][ODBC 5.3(w) Driver][mysqld-5.5.39]Lost connection to MySQL server during queryin background status of extracts although the refresh extract query is not heavy and executes in seconds. When I look at show processlist there was no memory issue/lock or anything during the execution. Also the system memory on both the servers seem fine too during the error time. I have seen in some threads where it is mentioned that the backgrounder restart itself in some interval.Is that true?  I am getting this issue in this version only. Din't get in previous version. Also, not every time same extract gets fai

  • Issue#79208: Unity - iPad 2 WiFi vs Cellular - Crash (Memory Issue)

    Hello, I'm in the process of optimising my App to run on iPad 2 (2nd Generation iPad). The main issue is memory performance, I used to get quite a bit of memory warnings on the iPad2 which would lead to a crash. However, after heavy optimisation it doesn't crashes at all now, and I only get the odd memory warning. Although... This is ONLY the case for iPad 2 WiFi only model. If I attempt to run this app on the Cellular model of the iPad 2, I get a lot more Memory warnings, and it crashes... iPad 2 WiFi vs Cellular - Crash (Memory Issue)

  • Issue#91001: Dell PowerEdge T610 Power Issue

    Hi allI have an issue with a Dell PowerEdge T610. After the server did not boot I bought a new power supply from the Dell agents in South Africa (via India call centre). That was the initial diagnosis from the call centre agent. The server boot up and ran for one day. The server was bought in 2010, so the company decided to replace the T610 with a new one (not the same model though). I managed to extract as much data from the server as I could in the time it was running, and the next day I would have started with exchange exports. Most users had ost files I could recover, which weren't big. Some I could not recover.The company also decided to move to Office365. So most accounts are synced in the cloud, but I still need to recover some mail boxes. I was wondering if anybody could help me with a power supply, which I suspect is the...

  • Issue#120081: Notebook - PC : Dell GTX 675m with samsung memory chips

    Dell GTX 675m with samsung memory chips . thanks !!

  • Issue#125582: Acer - Memory upgrade issue

    The unit originally shipped with two 1M RAM sticks.  I installed a pair of 2M sticks for a total of 6M. Computer properties show 6M installed yet only 3.25M is usable.  What am I missing?

  • Issue#132199: Memory issue in Illustrator CC - Can't finish Previewing. There isn't enough memory. Error -108

    Ive seen this issue asked with no proper resolution found. I'm working on Adobe Illustrator CC 15.2.1 version - just recently have had a pop up display message "Can't finish Previewing. There isn't enough memory. Error -108", the display then changes to outline and Illusrtator needs to be restarted to enable preview mode to be used again.The memory has recently been upgraded so should be no issues here - we had the memory installation checked just incase. The shapes aren't complex. There isn't too many other things running on the machine. ie it's definitely an illustrator glitch. On another post someone suggested it was the fonts used in the file - no fonts are used in these files.

  • Issue#146743: Memory leak issue

    after 8-10 minutes consistently my computer tells me about a memory leak from the division client I have verified the game files, I really do not want to have to reinstall the game as it could just not fix the issue either so I've come here to ask what I could do about it. If I ignore the warning of course my computer just freezes up and the client eventually stops responding. Edit: my apologies, the bug report forum isn't available to those who are not logged in so I never saw it existed.

  • Issue#177304: Strange Memory issue

     "Ok, i think this is the strangest problem I have ever experienced... With my 4 x 4GB..."

  • Issue#180445: ASUS Z170 DELUXE slot/memory issue

     "Hi Everyone. I'm becoming crazy with this motherboard and need some hint about my..."

  • Issue#189319: Corsair - Memory Compatibility issue MSI P55GD65

    Hello, I have a 5 years old PC with an MSI P55GD65 motherboard. I wanted to change the RAM. Here is the old ones: G.Skill , DIMM DDR3,2*2 Go running at 'PC10600' Frequency (This is 1333MHz right?). And here is the new one I wanted: 2* Corsair XMS3 DDR3 1333 MHz, DDR3, 4 Go, 1333 MHz, 9-9-9-24, 1,50 Volts, CMX4GX3M1A1333C9. After change the PC just won't boot. No sound, nothing. I have tried a replacement of the of one with the new ones (one of the DIMM slot is unaccessible due to the cooler) I don't understand why it is not compatible. I have checked on MSI website: The frequency compatibility, type and voltage. May be it is not a memory issue, but in the end it is the only thing I changed. Any idea is welcome

  • Issue#202000: HP - Compaq 500B Memory Issue

    I'm sorry to "beat a dead horse" by asking this question, but I am frustrated. 1. I upgraded my Compaq 500B Microtower from Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10 Pro.  Everything went well, and I enjoy it.  I am currently successfully running two 2GB RAM modules for a total of 4GB of RAM.2. In an effort to "improve things", I thought I would upgrade/increase my RAM to 8GB, by installing two 4GB PC3-10600 (1066/1333Mhz) 240 pin, non-ECC memory modules.3. Once installed, the computer refuses to boot up, and I have a black screen.  I put the original 4GB of RAM back into the computer and it boots fine.  I ensured that I had the latest and greatest BIOS downloaded and installed.4. I tried the memory upgrade once more, unsuccessfully.  I tried swapping out just ONE module (6GB total RAM) with no success.5. The 4GB of RAM that was in there originally works fine. (I'm typing on this computer now). 6. My thought is that: "Even if I was still running Windows 7 Pro; I sh

  • Issue#217612: Lenovo - Memory Ram Issue

    Hello i have recently bought Lenovo Y50-70 39,6 cm (15,6 Zoll Full HD IPS) Gaming Notebook (Intel Core i7-4720HQ Quad-Core Prozessor, 3,6GHz, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960Mwith an option for upgrading your ram to 16bg and once i got it i checked and it is able to run the 16gso i bought this kind of memory cardHynix original 8GB (1 x 8GB), 204-pin SODIMM, DDR3 PC3L-12800, 1600MHz memory modulewhich suppose to run it.. bought them together as well but once i inserted the second card and run the computer it didn't show me that it runs 16g on the my computer details..i tried to switch places with the first card that came inside and still read only one which also probably means the card it goodis the problem the memory slot? or i am lacking some sort of a driver? since the computer is new..regards!

  • Issue#220875: Linux - Dell Latitude D610 DVD issue Mint 17.3

    Hello gang. I have this Dell laptop with Mint 17.3 Rosa on it It works fine But I am always wanting to tinker. I had Ubuntu on a Sony laptop and I liked it until that laptop died I was thinking about putting it on this Dell, but the DVD does not seem to work properly. I know the DVD is fine as it is what I used to install Ubuntu on the now dead machine When I put the DVD in, the icon for a music DVD pops up ( I do have the boot order set correctly as I installed Mint from a DVD) When I try booting to the DVD, it does not recognize it and goes right past it and boots from the HD Any DVD (not music) I put in it thinks its a music DVD and I cannot open it So apparenty there is something wrong with the DVD driver? Any insight? I dont really have to get this to work, all I use this for is for the internet and maybe some of the Libra office and Gimp programs and print from it and all that works just fine Just curious what could be wrong thanks