Issue#567611: iPhone 5s: Charging but % doesn't go up, UNLESS bump my phone. (Still-Not-Solved)

  • This is a repost, since I've come down to a much more narrow diagnosis, I've made a new one.

    Old: iPhone NOT increasing charge percentage unless 'Condition'

    Anyhow, my iPhone says it's charging, but the % doesn't go up.

    When I bump my phone (hit the bottom of it with the ball of my palm) it may start to charge again.

    I check if it's charging properly by an input amperage meter, so I can always tell if it's a false positive, or truly charging when I plug it in.

    Thus, the issue is physical / hardware. (NOT IC charging chip)

    Does anyone have an idea what exactly might be my problem?

    How I can fix it?

    Has anyone had this before?

    I built the iPhone myself and it worked for a year no problem.

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  • Issue#557006: iPhone 5s: Charging but % doesn't go up, UNLESS I bump my phone.

    This is a repost, since I've come down to a much more narrow diagnosis, I've made a new one. Old: iPhone NOT increasing charge percentage unless 'Condition' Anyhow, my iPhone says it's charging, but the % doesn't go up. When I bump my phone (hit the bottom of it with the ball of my palm) it may start to charge again. I check if it's charging properly by an input amperage meter, so I can always tell if it's a false positive, or truly charging when I plug it in. Thus, the issue is physical / hardware. (NOT IC charging chip) Does anyone have an idea what exactly might be my problem? How I can fix it? Has anyone had this before? I built the iPhone myself and it worked for a year no problem.

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    Hi! So, I have an iphone 5. I took it with me to kayaking in the lake and wanted to take pictures with it. Unfortunately the sealed bag I put the phone in was not perfectly sealed so water went it and the phone got water damaged. I dried it immediately when I took the phone out and then put in rice. After 24 hours, I bought some tools and opened the phone, brushed the logic board and all connections with 91% alcohol. The logic board does not look corroded at all. It looks pretty. After that, the phone worked perfectly! I also had an incoming phone call right after that and it worked just perfect. All apps seemed working fine as well. However, then I was too excited and was stupid enough to plug the phone into the charger... After 2 minutes est, the phone shut down and I immediately unplugged the phone. After all that, the phone won't turn on and whenever connected to charger, it starts flashing screen with apple logo. When I connect it to my Mac, the screen starts to flash and iTune

  • Issue#787646: iPhone 6: Phone doesn't charge after replacing screen, battery, charging port

    Hello, I found an iPhone 6 laying in the back of our shop with a ed screen. I replaced the screen. I turned the phone on and saw a couple of icons. A battery with a red line on the left side and what looked like a charging cable. I left the phone on a charger for a few hours, but phone still had no charge. I temporarily put new battery in (just laid new one on top of existing one). The phone booted up. Battery showed 39%. I plugged phone back into the charger, but the new battery wouldn't charge, either. I replaced the charging port assy, but still no luck charging either battery. Any ideas? Also, after installing the new charging port assy., I got an error message about 'cable may not work in phone'. This message went away after a couple of re-boots, but I'm not convinced it will stay gone.

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    I recently replaced the battery of my iPhone 5S. It has been working very well since than and i had no issues. Last time I dropped my phone from around 1-2 feet. It seemed to me as though the display came out a little bit on the right up corner. I decided to open the phone again, to place the screen in the corrected position. I only disconnnected the touch ID sensor flex cabel and other than that closed it again after correcting the screen position and reconnectig the touch ID sensor. The phone booted normally everything was working as expected. It was even connecting and sharing data to the PC. But it will not charge despite that the iphone shows the charging icon in the status bar. I recognized that when i dont use the phone to much (3G off, batter-saver mode) and being connected to usb that the battery wont be drained even after hours. I guess that the logic board gets power from the usb conncetion. But it somehow wont charge the battery. I even replaced the battery with anot

  • Issue#148517: iPhone 5s: I replaced my charging IC but the phone is still not charging.Why?

    Guys around 1 week ago I connected my iphone to a faulty charging head and immediately my phone went dead,turned out that the phone had a broken charging IC,so after giving it for service they installed a new charging IC ,now although the phone powered up and is working just fine but the service guy says that it isn't charging and despite a lot of effort he couldn't get it to charge so basically that phone is good as dead to me now unless someone knows how to fix that.Anyone here knows how to fix this problem so I can convey it to my service guy?

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    I am in the middle of replacing my screen on my phone and it isn't showing anything on the screen so I plugged it in to see if anything comes on the screen but it just stays black and after a couple of minutes I guess collecting a charge it keeps making the charging sound but when I switch it to viberate it does viberate except when it's the charging viberate and it makes the sound every 5 seconds. Please help

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    Previous to purchase of the goody bay I was using a basic top up, I was able to connect to data roaming and connect to a 3G service no problems, anyone got any Ideas, why I now don't get the phone to connect to 3G?? 

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    I have to position the power cord just right in order for my phone to charge. Is there anyway to clean the power port to make easier for it to charge, or does the power port need replaced? ⟐ Answered March 14, 2016 at 9:33 am -0700

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    My HTC one max doesn't want to charge it only shows a battery mark but it doesn't want to charge.... Anyone to help me please...

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    Hi Everyone! Couple of weeks ago I noticed that my iphone 6s won't charged to 100%. The battery indicator stucks at around 77%. I updated to ios 9.3. but it didn't help. Last time I plugged it in at 30% for the whole night, but in the morning the charging indicator was at 77%. Other occasions I noticed that when I disconnect the phone from charging, the indicator would update like 2 or 3% without plugged in. What shall I do about it? Any advice would be much appreciated!

  • Issue#393732: iPhone 5c: I phone 5c not charging

    I changed the battery and changed the lighting plug. But phone still will not charge. When I changed the battery the phone worked fine. Just will not charge. Getting antenna to reconnect took a lot of time as well. Still not sure it's secure. Any help or advice would be appreciated. ⟐ Answered April 2, 2016 at 8:13 am -0700

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    I recently was given an iPhone 5 from a friend of mine that had a destroyed screen. She said she dropped it while getting into her car. The screen and digitizer were destroyed so i replaced it with a new assembly. Before and after the repair the phone won't display anything on the screen but it continues to make the charging tone every few seconds when plugged into an outlet. In addition the phone gets really warm while plugged into an outlet, especially the camera module. The outside of the phone is in pretty good condition aside from the screen so i can't think that she damaged it that much. The contacts for the LCD and digitizer looked fine through a 10x loupe and the screen works well on other devices. The phone is occasionally recognized by iTunes and I have hard reseted the device 6-7 times. I'm very familiar with the inner workings on any generation iphone but this one has me very perplexed. The inside of the device looks immaculate and I've inspected most areas of contact. Im g

  • Issue#412936: iPhone 5: My phone isn't turning on but it's charging?

    First, my lock button is broken. So, my phone has been dead for 8 hours and it's been charging ever since. I've even unplugged it a few times to give it a break but it's typically charged for an hour and a half at one time before unplugging it. When I plug it in it comes up with the empty battery symbol on the front, so it is charging and responding, and when I unplug it, it shows me the connect to power symbol. I can't hold the power button and the home button at the same time because my lock button doesn't work so can I have some advise on what I could do please?!:)

  • Issue#413169: iPhone 5: Why is my phone charging and not turning on?

    My lock button is broken so I can't restore it by holding down the lock and home button. It's been dead for 8 hours and been plugged in for most of that time. Is there an advise on how I could get it to turn back on? I have no money to get a new one or buy a new battery and get that installed. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!

  • Issue#431321: iPhone 4S: No battery meter when the phone is charging w/ power off

    I replaced the original iPhone 4s battery with the new battery bought from iFixit. I shut off the power of the phone and started to charge it. But there is no battery meter showing up on the screen as the phone normally does. Why is that? How to solve this problem?

  • Issue#455743: iphone 6s why does turning Personal Hotspot ON stop my phone charging from computer?

    It charges ok from mains charger.

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    My husband's phone had pocket lint built up in charging port and stopped being able to be plugged in.  He tried to clean it out with a nail file and now it's completely broken - probably hurt the contacts is my guess.  My question is what we

  • Issue#561130: iPhone 6: What is causing the issue of the charging not working properly?

    Now, I have somewhat isolated the issue and have a solution. The part I don't understand is, what part of the front display frame specifically is causing this weird ground issue? One solution was to lift up the screen and just put it back on. The other solution was to change the screen. I just had to lift up the screen and put it back on (Only need to lift up the bottom part) for my mums phone like literally an hour ago and it fixed the charging issue where the battery % would not go up and it kept saying 'This lightning cable is not a certified blah blah' which disappeared when I did the solution. A few other users on iFixit have had this issue with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus specifically. Bonus question: How does one get moderator? ⟐ Edited by author May 2, 2016 at 10:33 pm -0700

  • Issue#571217: iPhone 5s: I replaced my dock and now my phone isnt charging

    Recently I ordered the dock replacement from ifixit for my phone, due to my phone not charging. Before it would not even recognize a cable that was damaged and wouldn’t charge at all. I think one of the pins in the connector was damaged. I replaced the part and plugged it in, and now it recognizes the cable and says that it is charging, but after 30 minutes it still hasn’t restarted.

  • Issue#583110: iPhone 4S: Why doesn't my phone have airdrop?

    Well my friend disabled an iPhone 4s and she gave it to me because I know how to recover it and I got it working and I look at the bottom and there's no airdrop. Do iPhone 4s's have airdrop? I thought they did I don't know.

  • Issue#619574: iPhone 5c: iPhone 5c time issue (time doesn't change)

    Hey hopping someone can help, I recently got a iphone 5c that was dead, I replaced the battery and the screen and i got it working again. The problem is the time doesn't set automatically even though the setting is on and when I lock the screen the time stops counting. Can anyone help?

  • Issue#652602: iPhone 4S: Replaced the battery, now iTunes doesn't see phone when hardwired

    In addition to the titled problem, the phone will only charge when powered off, and its battery usage tends to drop like a brick after 40%. This is actually the 2nd "replacement" battery, because I assumed the 1st replacement was faulty, but I doubt that it's 2 faulty ones in a row. Currently iOS 9.3.2. When I searched Apple Support for this problem, I got many hits that were iOS security related. Could this be a new "security" feature? One that isolates the phone from the account when the phone senses that the battery has been disconnected? Any suggestions out there?

  • Issue#654820: iPhone 4S: Phone doesn't turn off

    My son 18 months old dropped my iPhone into soup bowl.. I was not able to turn on my phone.. But o left it for sometime and it turned on.. And was working normal.. But now I am unable to turn off my phone.. Everytime I turn it off the phone keeps restarting on its own.. I tried to reset my iPhone.. Still it's not resolved.. Phone's software is up to date .. Please help me fix this problem Thanks in advance!

  • Issue#717827: iPhone 5: Touch screen works only when touching the phone or charging

    Hi, I have problem with my iPhone 5. After replacing the screen the touch works normally only when I hold it, touch the housing or when it's connected to the charger. It doesn't respond to touch when the phone lies on table and I try to operate just with the finger touching the screen. I guess that this is some kind of problem with grounding but i'm not sure about it. Did anybody encouter this kind of problem? The pins on the connector look perfectly fine, i've tried different battery and blowing connectors with compressed air. It has to be the screen's fault because everything works fine when I connect the old screen. Unfortunately I can't send it for replacement because i have already taken off the protectors. If anybody has any idea what might be the problem, I would be greatful if you could tell me something about this. Sorry for my bad english and thanks in advance.

  • Issue#726601: iPhone 4: Hard reset doesn't work. Not charging & not responding to Itunes.

    Iphone 4 went dead on battery level: 65%. Hard reset: not responding. Charged for hours but Iphone doesn't charge, not dissipating any heat, no noise. Connect to Itunes: Itunes doesn't recognised and not communicating with Iphone. Cleaned both 40 pin socket and jack. Tried putting the phone to DFU mode but not responding. Please help. I last backup the phone was 6 months ago. ⟐ Commented June 4, 2016 at 11:03 am -0700

  • Issue#734605: iphone charging port issue

    Hello, people, I have an issue with my phone port I see these two black spots in charging port I tried to use air compressor to clear it out no luck and also used my sim tool to take it no luck at all but I think the lighting port not aligned correctly I might be wrong I posted photos of the issue

  • Issue#742640: iPhone 4: ringer/vibrator quit. R&R cable. reassembled phone, makes charging bee

    makes charging beep every 12 seconds, won't turn on, won't sync