Issue#655604: Ubuntu - [SOLVED] I've just fixed several UEFI installation issues

  • If you're installing (single OS boot) on two disks (SSD 60GiB for Linux, HDD for /home), you may face the same problems I've had on my ASUS H81 motherboard. I used an Ubuntu 16.04 DVD on the front of LinuxFormat to install (Live USBs can be very painful to get right). I hope this helps:

    1. My SSD was mounting as /dev/sdb, the Ubuntu install will only work on /dev/sda. This may have generated the error "grub-efi-amd64-signed package-failed to install". Fix: I swapped the SATA cables around on the motherboard.
    2. Having failed for months to get Ubuntu 14.04 to boot in UEFI mode (despite USBs happily booting that way), I realised today that the old 14.04 had installed in legacy (BIOS) mode and that therefore my SSD was formatted in old-style MBR partition mode. Now Rod has an excellent guide to using his utility to repartition as a GPT disk. Rod is a really great guy to have supplied all this stuff, but wow, it needs an "idiot's guide!"
    So, the fix is, boot off a Rescue CD/DVD (this was helpfully on the same LinuxFormat DVD) that has cgdisk and use it to delete all the existing partitions on the SSD, then allocate the first as a 2GiB UEFI (type ef00) one; the second as a 30GiB Linux filesystem (type 8300); thirdly, the rest as Linux Swap (type 8200). Note that this is DIFFERENT from Rod's page above, because he's setting up a legacy (BIOS style) boot.
    3. Use the commands:

    mkdosfs /dev/sda1
    mkfs -t ext2 /dev/sda1

    where /dev/sda is my SSD.
    4. Then I'm ready to install Ubuntu and use the "do something else" option which gives you gparted where you can use the "change" button to assign uefi, /, swap and /home to the 3 SSD and 1 HDD partitions.

    It installs perfectly, just took many hours of reading and fiddling!

    I hope this helps,


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    Goal: I needed to have a standard disk image that we can use on many endpoints. We'll use dd to install it and then expand the partitions to fit. It has to work on HDDs/SSDs/USBsticks. Problem: I was unable to get a bootable UEFI disk using the 16.04 installer, even after following much advice from experts. Bootable MBR was easy. Note: this recipe may not work with your BIOS. After many experiments I succeeded with this recipe: Set BIOS to UEFI only. This changes the way the installer works. This was the key breakthrough for me YMMV. Option 1: you need a multi-partition, multi-boot setup. Using a 16.04 installation, ( might work on 14.04, but safer to use Xenial) run gparted ( or parted)Insert your target drive or flashdrive, reboot as neededandMake the target disk gptcreate a Fat32 partition at the beginning of the disk, recommendations vary from 200-500Mb.Make your other partitions as you wish, even if they are root they won't be bootable.The EFI partition must be bootable, an

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    If you are using (or testing) a Linux operating system and you don't have a convenient internet connection, you can still download your files from an internet-ready computer elsewhere and store the files on a flash drive. The easiest way to do this is explained here: And if you don't already have Synaptic Package Manager, from a Command Line Interface Console/Terminal, type this: sudo apt-get --install-suggests --install-recommends --download-only install synaptic (the "--download-only" part is optional for the offline storage part explained below) It's also worth knowing that you can do stuff like: sudo apt-get clean sudo apt-get --install-suggests --install-recommends --download-only install gdebi This will clear out the download cache, and then download gdebi package manager without actually installing it. On Ubuntu Studio, you can find the downloaded debian archives here: /var/cache/apt/archives/ You can then sele

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    Hello, I use Slackware64 14.1 in dual boot with Windows 10. Windows is installed on ssd, partitioned using GPT. Slackware is installed on a hard disk, partitioned using MBR. The boot manager is grub 2, installed on the EFI partition. Today I tried to install Slackware64 14.2. And here the problems begin. I burned the ISO to DVD. When I boot from dvd, I get a black screen that says "Welcome to grub!". After about a minute I get the following error: “error: can not find the command 'setup'”. So I decide to create a bootable flash drive with GPT partition scheme for UEFI with Rufus ( Thanks to this great program, I finally manage to start the installation of Slackware. The strange thing is that in the target partition, the installer does not see the partition with Windows 10 on ssd, it only sees other old NTFS partitions on the hard disk with Slackware 14.1. At one point, he asks me to install ELILO, which I do. Then he asks me if I want to put a new EFI

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    After new install of 16.04 in UEFI mode, can't get Virtualbox to load. A conflict is stated in error msg. No issue in BIOS mode with 16.04. Anyone have this issue, and if so, please help me out. Thanks you!

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    Hi, I have a G501VW that I want preferably dual boot on, but, I can also completely get rid of Windows 10 and have it a pure Linux machine. Has anyone had any experience with it? I have already disabled fast boot, secure boot control, and disabled CSM (I don't know how I did this last one, but I somehow did)! I've used the tutorials online for other ASUS laptops to achieve these results, but there seem to be something missing!! But I can't install Ubuntu or any other distos! For example, on Ubuntu I get to Grub screen, but choosing Ubuntu will not get me anywhere, or Manjaro and Astergos fail to boot after the initial post-install restart. Can anyone help? Thanks.