Issue#724627: Dell - Laptop lights (power/charging) - Dell Inspiron

  • I have one of the newer model Dell Inspirion laptops. How do I turn off the light that accompanies the power button and the charge light on the front.

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  • Issue#940996: Dell - Dell Inspiron 14R SE charging only when laptop power is off

    RFrom yesterday my laptop stop charging when laptop is power on..... Though It charges when Power is off. I checked the Bios AC adapter type is None. I removed the battery and try to start the laptop only with AC adapter connected but it is not starting ..... What might be the problem.

  • Issue#352819: Dell Inspiron 15-3521: Why is my laptop not charging?

    I have the power cord plugged in and my computer will turn on but when I take it out, the computer shuts off. ⟐ Commented March 26, 2016 at 8:45 am -0700

  • Issue#426087: Dell - power adapter LED indicator light turns off after plugging in to laptop (inspiron 5523)

    I have an Inspiron 5523, and it was running fine, until earlier today. I went to plug the thing in to charge, and it would not charge. Instead, the light on the power adapter brick shut off, or would flicker. This happened with 2 charge cables. Am i looking at a dead motherboard, or something else?

  • Issue#482132: Dell - Inspiron 17R Won't Power up Screen - lights but nobody's home,,,,

    Press the power button, and the power button lights up. The quickset buttons light up one at a time, then all come on, as normal, but the screen stays totally black. No backlight, nothing. So far, I have tried:

  • Issue#484707: Dell Inspiron 14z: un able to start laptop while pressing power button

    There is no response by pressing power button it starts when it want to start but when tuned off it looks like its dead ⟐ Commented April 18, 2016 at 1:23 pm -0700

  • Issue#583552: Dell Laptop: Dell Inspiron, Win7, Battery not charging (62% plugged in, charging)

    I have an Inspiron 15R and my battery is not charging. I have the genuine Windows 7 that came pre-installed and Windows, the battery icon in the task bar, reports a constant battery level of 62% (plugged in, charging.) The adapter is the original that came with the laptop and when I remove it, the laptop looses power and it simply dies. I have run a diagnostic from the BIOS and it says that the battery is working fine, but even with the adapter plugged in it reported an idle state. I saw on a windows forum that i should: - turn off the laptop, - remove the battery, - start up with the adapter, - open the device manager, - under batteries uninstall "Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery" - shut down the laptop, - re-insert the battery, - start up again. Even that didn't change the state. Any advice or help would be very much appreciated. Thank you. -Tharindu Wijayasekara. ⟐ Commented May 7, 2016 at 7:25 am -0700

  • Issue#723844: Dell Inspiron 1525: Laptop not turning On when pressing power Button

    When I press on Power Button only the media player touch LED blinks once and the light for caps and numlock continuously blinks even I can see power on DVDROM and fan too moves . But none of the LED in front blinks and no power on monitor is there. Could you please suggest me what should I do. ⟐ Commented June 3, 2016 at 8:24 pm -0700

  • Issue#742107: Dell - Power Issue - Dell Inspiron 3737 (help?)

    I am having a problem every time I try to START the machine (whether from battery or mains). I have to hold down the POWER button until all of the (front) LED's turn off (which takes about 5 x seconds), and the press/hold the POWER button again until it boots up.

  • Issue#742360: Dell - RE: Power Issue - Dell Inspiron 3737 (help?)

    Just to be clear, I only ever POWER OFF the PC by clicking on the RED POWER BUTTON ICON ('shortcut' on my desktop). I never use the physical POWER BUTTON. The only time I use the latter is to turn ON the PC. This issue started around 5 x days ago and has never occurred before.

  • Issue#806859: Dell - Inspiron 1545. No power at all, no lights, nada

    I am going through the same experience and the issue still persists even after trying all the basic troubleshooting steps. Looks like an issue with the motherboard or charger board. So can you please tell me how can i get this fixed??? Thanks.

  • Issue#834767: Dell - DELL Inspiron 5547 - Start Button Issue (won't turn on after power button shutdown)

    I am not the individual who initiated this query but I did have the same issue with my Dell Inspiron 5547, where it wouldn't turn on after a power button shut down.

  • Issue#896470: Dell - Inspiron 5759 flickering power/charging light

    1 Power and battery-status light/hard-drive activity light NOTE: Press Fn+H to toggle this light between power and battery-status light and hard-drive activity light. Hard-drive activity light Turns on when the computer reads from or writes to the hard drive.

  • Issue#904422: Dell Inspiron 15-7537: Laptop won't turn on, no lights.

    Hey there! So, I know the standard answer is remove the battery and such, but bare with me here. My Dell Inspiron 15-7537 has had a broken hinge (left side) for .. I don't know, a long time. I finally decided to replace it. I had to order an entire new back cover for the laptop as the hinges are fused into it, or at least the female threading for the hinges is. I began dismantling my 7537 and found out I had to take a bit more apart than I had thought, I had to take off the bottom case and unhook a couple wires to switch over. It didn't turn out to be too complicated, just more than I had anticipated. While putting it all back together, I routed the wires where I could best remember them being. Don't worry, I plugged everything into the correct spot, I just didn't know the exact location of where every single wire was supposed to lay. I tried my best, but there were a couple wires that didn't seem to lay quite right seeing as that I couldn't get the hinge cover to click all the way

  • Issue#955966: Dell - Inspiron 15z 5523 Ultrabook not turning on, Not Charging,No lights,No sound

    I shut down my laptop the other day...while it was shutting down I closed the lid and placed it in my bag(the battery was around 35 maybe)... Charged my iPhone while the laptop was off and after some time the charging stopped. I ignored this and after sometime tried to turn on the laptop ...

  • Issue#972657: Dell Inspiron P07T: Power Jack and 7 Beep issue.

    After resoldering the power jack together I'm getting 7 beeps sometimes.. the other times I get nothing. Does anyone have this power jack inside for me to see if maybe I soldered it wrong? Basically the two black cables broke loose (or it might have only been 1 of the 2 cables, as one of them looked much shorter and possibly not connected at all. However I did solder the two black cables together onto the lead on the Power Jack. After putting it all back together I turned it on and I got 7 beeps. After looking around on the web I've come to the conclusion that it's either the video or the motherboard. I never unplugged the video from the mb but my concern is maybe I shorted out the mb when soldering the two black grounds together on the power jack lead. When the battery is installed, and I turn on the laptop the battery light on the front comes on, but no fans or hdd active. This is also true with the power adapter without the battery attached. Whereas before the power adapter wouldn'

  • Issue#1050625: Dell - Old Inspiron 537 no power issue

    I have an old Inspiron 537 desktop. A few months ago we have a bad storm and lost power briefly. Since then Ive been having a issue with the power. If the computer gets turned off for any reason it wouldnt turn back on with out at least unplugging it for a bit.

  • Issue#1071725: Dell Inspiron 1545: Why is my power adapter not charging the battery

    my power adapter which i have used since i bought the lap top is not charging the battery anymore but is able to power the laptop. ⟐ Answered August 14, 2016 at 9:14 pm -0700

  • Issue#1111635: Dell - Dell Inspiron 15r power button light wont turn off after shutdown laptop

    Also, this way you can check if your system is compatible with windows 10. If your system is compatible, please update the BIOS firmware and the chipset drivers. This should ideally fix the issue.

  • Issue#1139768: Dell - Dell Inspiron 5040N AC adapter Lost Power once plugged into Laptop

    I have a Dell Inspiron 5040N Laptop that now has a Dead Battery due to lack of charging. Once the AC adapter is plugged into the Laptop the AC Module stops charging (green light goes off. I have tried another Ac Adapter and have even replaced the AC Power Plug on the laptop with the same results.

  • Issue#4112: Dell Inspiron 1564: How can I factory reset my laptop without a disc?

    I received a laptop from a friend who recently got another one. She still had a lot of things on this computer like programs and pictures. The computer runs really slow and the internet does not go to every site like it has parental controls on it so i wanted to put it back to factory but i dont have the discs for it. How can i get this done cause i know its a good computer.

  • Issue#39699: Dell Inspiron Zino HD: My device won't power on

    I can't get the device to power on. . Tried unplugging everything and still nothing. ... help please

  • Issue#50291: Dell Optiplex 9020 Power issue

    You have to hold in the power supply test switch and the power button to get the computer to turn on. I have replaced the power supply with no change.,

  • Issue#53516: Ubuntu - Super slow graphics on a fresh install. Inspiron 1501 Dell laptop.

    I am a small step above a Linux newbie but far from an expert. I just installed a fresh copy of Ubuntu 15.10. I had a widely experienced issue of colorful bars filling the screen after booting to the disk during install. The fix mentioned online worked perfectly for that. Then I had the issue of the wireless card not working, and once again the fix I found worked. The problem I cannot fix is the graphics in the GUI are incredibly slow. A good 10 seconds to minimize a window or open a new one. It is like it is in slow motion. It acts like as if there isnt a video driver loaded, but im not sure how to determine that. I think it is an ATI chipset but when I go to about this computer the graphics are listed as Gallium 0.4 on llvmpipe (LLVM 3.6, 128 bits) Any help is appreciated.

  • Issue#55042: Dell Inspiron 6000: Forgot password and unable to log into the laptop

    Dell has a hardware lock but I have forgotten the password for my log in. Any1 know how to bypass this? Update Not possible, without passing this, I cannot even access the BIOS screen to select boot to CD or such. Thanks for the response, still. Update Thks... still not able to resolve, it ok, I think I send it back to Dell... ⟐ Comment deleted February 3, 2016 at 2:56 am -0700

  • Issue#67603: AMD Radeon HD 8730M Graphics Driver for Dell Inspiron 15R 5521 Laptop.

    I Need AMD Radeon HD 8730M graphics card Driver. Please recommend the corresponding sites where I can get the driver.

  • Issue#72651: Dell Inspiron: Why my laptop doesn't shut down properly?

    Hi I have Dell Inspirion I3 3537 laptop.While I charge my battery from low percent to full charge and when I try to shut down it,it doesnt shut down.Any help will be greatful.

  • Issue#91001: Dell PowerEdge T610 Power Issue

    Hi allI have an issue with a Dell PowerEdge T610. After the server did not boot I bought a new power supply from the Dell agents in South Africa (via India call centre). That was the initial diagnosis from the call centre agent. The server boot up and ran for one day. The server was bought in 2010, so the company decided to replace the T610 with a new one (not the same model though). I managed to extract as much data from the server as I could in the time it was running, and the next day I would have started with exchange exports. Most users had ost files I could recover, which weren't big. Some I could not recover.The company also decided to move to Office365. So most accounts are synced in the cloud, but I still need to recover some mail boxes. I was wondering if anybody could help me with a power supply, which I suspect is the...

  • Issue#105844: Dell Inspiron 15R: Can I replace my laptop's hinge cover without disassembling it?

    I have a Dell Inspiron 15R 5537 with broken hinge covers, and i saw online in a video that in order to replace these hinge covers, i have to disassemble my laptop to the display screen part off in order to replace the hinge covers, now is it possible to just insert these hinges into their places, without breaking them? the laptop's hinges are exposed, and someone told to just pop them in, but I'm afraid ill break them which will lead me to wait another whole month, so is it possible? ⟐ Answered February 11, 2016 at 8:46 pm -0700

  • Issue#142375: Dell Inspiron 15-7537: Why my laptop doesn't start? The led remain even off...

    Two weeks after the end of the guarantee, my laptop refused to start (while I was using it normally few hours before) Refuse to start means : nothing... really nothing... not even the power leds. I tried of course to press the power button a while to empty the electricity... noting.., I have disassembled the laptop, I have removed the battery and CMOS battery. And, when I plug the cable, I see one led flashing once very fast HELP!!!! ⟐ Commented February 18, 2016 at 1:31 pm -0700