Issue#8677: Fairphone - I need urgent feedback to some maps for a university course

  • @Stefan wrote:

    I'm taking a course called "thematic cartography" at university and the professor asked us to create two maps. I chose the Fairphone community as target group and now would like to ask you for your feedback:

    1. Are the maps understandable?
    2. Do you see space for improvement?

    Map (A)

    Active SIM-cards in the EU-28: SIM-cards in millions | deviation from the EU-28-average (Index 100)

    Map (B)

    Active Mobile broadband subscriptions in the EU-28 (minus Croatia): Active broadband subs. in thousands | deviation from the EU-28-average (Index 100)

    Thank you!

    PS.: Both maps are Cartograms.
    PPS.: Here are the SVG-files:

    • (A) (CC BY-SA 3.0)
    • (B) (CC BY-SA 4.0)

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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

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    First off, this was my first time playing this game and I really haven't followed this game. But I will say that I had a TON of fun playing this game, as did my brother and his wife. As for my two suggestions see below. Enemy spawn point: Please make the enemy's that are not part of the story line or side quests have random spawn points in the map, including the dark zone. I am not sure how difficult this task would be, but it just makes the game feel a bit fresher when you don't have to feel like you are camping spawn points to collect rewards, I foresee these spawn points being camped by numerous players which would make it easy to take out the elite mobs which leaves players feel less satisfied with their progress. Rogue Status: Please implement the option to turn friendly fire off in the DZ, but only it allowed to be on when someone is in rogue status. This eliminates the accidental shootings on other players due to groups of people hunting down a group of rogue players. This hap

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    I am currently experiencing an issue where when trying to apply multiple values to countrys in a Map Chart it moves one of the values to "color saturation". The values in the data source (Excel) are formatted the same (currency). Can anyone help? I am trying to create the "Classic small pie charts on each Country".

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     hi i bought y50-70 touch from usa to indiathere is a mantufacturing defect in hindge here the statementThe solution was released as a confidential Service TIP, SF15-I0004/ HT102761. As all call centers, depots, and servicers world-wide have access to all confidential service tips, the service center you visted should also have access to this document. It is located on Lenovo's eSupport site:" but on lenovo phone support they dont know how to open it what it is called ?kindly help me  and please dont merge this post with old post

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    Hi Guys We have a 30km PtP link, one end is using an AC620 dish and the other end is using an AC400-ISO dish. We have been having stability problems with the link, and the signal levels were also pretty average (-81dBm) and chain spread of 5+ dB. Initially we thought there must be fresnel incursion or some other kind of alignment issue, but a huge amount of hours re-aligning later and we were no better off. What we found though is that if we swapped out the AC400-ISO dish for a standard 400 dish & RF Armour shield kit, we saw much a better quality connection, chain spread dropped to ~2dB and signal strength increased up to -65dBm.  We thought that was a little strange, so we did the same thing on another slightly shorter link that we were also having issues with (AC620 to AC400-ISO, 24km) and again, we saw a massive increase in the quality of the connection. Has anyone else noticed this kind of behaviour with the ISO dishes? Or is there something else

  • Issue#448059: Feedback/Potential Bug Issue

    I have been playing this game since day one and have completed every mission, encounter, side mission, story missions (100%) completed however today before the server maintenance/upgrade to include incursions, all the leveling up crap has appeared again :mad: I DON'T WANT TO REPLAY QUESTS THAT I HAVE ALREADY COMPLETED AND SHOULDN'T SHOW UP AGAIN!!! Can Ubisoft please fix this against my account my username is the same as this forum post and it is against my only character. I want to focus on Phoenix Credits, Challenges, The Incursions and Dark Zone. I don't want to clear my map AGAIN. :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad: :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad: :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad: :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad: :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad: :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:


    I'm on the autistic spectrum and have been trying to set up a printer but have found out that we have some very complicated compatibility issues They've been complicated by the fact that shortly after purchasing it, lengthy ill health prevented it being set up Any help - short of suggesting replacing it - would be appreciated

  • Issue#510276: EA - My feedback in Maps, game modes, balance change and others

    This i just my feedback consider my experience in these months.  I play mostly Team Vanquish and Garden Ops.   Matchmaking and generally speaking Even if i don't think the Level matters really much i wish matchmaking could eventually balance the teams at the start of every match. is not funny when a teams of full veterans is against newbies. Is not fun for those veterans who can play Yolo, Up classes and still win, and is not fun for those newbies, creating an incredible unfunny experience.When team are even, you should not be able to swap, no matter what, because it will end up to play with 2 people less.Whenever i see my team with 2 people more i would like to swap but then i see a message appear " you will lose coin earned in this session"First, i don't like the fact i don't know how much coins i will eventually lose, but why if i want to help those who really need i should get punished?   I'm not aware of the position of my team-mates. If i want to play around o